Friday, August 29, 2014

Tonsils no more!

Boy, this boys tonsils were enormous.   Like golf balls in his throat.   They were usually kissing his uvula.   Like all the time.   Serious gag issues...  I finally decided enough was enough and got him in to see an ENT.   At first I think the doc just wrote me off as a crazy mom, like "yeah, they are big..."  but not a big deal.   I think he did the sleep study just to appease me.

Turns out he has borderline sever sleep apnea.   Those honkin tonsils were closing up his throat entirely all night long.   The good doc had a change of heart when we went back in.   Suddenly very attentive and oh, happened to notice the GERD that Jackson has had since infancy that "suddenly appeared".   So I got what I wanted and got those suckers taken out, adnoids too.   He's had a rough couple weeks.  We're almost 2 weeks out and he's just now feeling better.   Just in time for school to start on Tuesday.   Hasta Luego Tonsils and Adnoids!

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