Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Once upon a time there was a mommy.

This is how I start this story that I tell the kids often.   They ask about when they were little and babies a lot.   I made up this little story one day and they ask for it often.  It goes mas o menos like this.  

Once upon a time there was a mommy, I this mommy wanted a baby really, really bad.  And she would pray to heavenly father and say "Please let me have a baby." Heavenly Father said no. He said "You need to wait five years."  So that mommy waited, and waited, and waited. And then finally almost when five years was over it was Christmas and the mommy said "Heavenly Father, can I have a baby for Christmas?"  But again Heavenly Father said no, you can't have these babies for Christmas. You need to wait just a little bit longer. You can have them in the spring.  So after five years, in the spring, Heavenly Father finally said okay. "You have waited long enough you've been very patient you can now have a baby." But then he said "I'm not going to give you one baby, because you were so patient and waited so long I'm going to be two babies!"  So Heavenly Father gave that mommy a little boy and a little girl baby. And while they were in the mommy's tummy those little kids played and they would punch each other and play with each other and push on the mommy and she would have to get after them.  Then one night  Heavenly Father told that mommy "You're not done yet" and that there was another little boy who wanted to join the party. Up in heaven he said "Please, please, please, can I go down and join the party?" So Heavenly Father told that mommy he said "Because you were so patient and waited so long, I'm going to give you a special surprise. You get one more baby! You get three babies. SURPRISE!"  So He sent down one more little baby boy to join in the fun. He was a special surprise baby. And the mommy and the babies lived happily ever after.

You should hear them respond to each part.   They know who they are in this story and especially Max, I think he really likes being my special surprise baby at the end.   And what a surprise he was, boy.   

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