Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Handy Men

Did I tell you Christopher passed his Board exam?   I know, he's taken a half dozen tests already and they are all more important then the last.   He took it a few months ago and we just got the results back.  He passed.   Big surprise.  He always does.   Even though he's devastated after he takes them.   But he's not just a smarty pants, he comes in pretty handy around the house too.    Last winter was rough on our side walk.   And the county wont replace it.   Its our job.  Ok, his.   :)   I would have called a guy months ago.  But he said, wait till after the boards and I will do it myself.   That day finally came.  And with the help of Jared our neighbor and good friends Dave Rueckert and Nyall London, they actually did it!   Im so impressed!  After we were done I went and threw them in the river.   We floated the gunpowder that evening to cool off.  If you ask CT he'll tell you that wasnt as relaxing as I had hoped it would be.  I think he would have rather just gone to bed.   But it was fun!  

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