Friday, August 29, 2014


The kids and I went to Monticello for a few days with G&G Trimble and the Dansies.   On the drive home we decided to drive through the Shenendoah Valley.   Super Beautiful!  About the closest things to mountains Ive seen anywhere on the east coast.   They are acceptable.  

Yes, they were both peeing off the mountain :)


We call Max Oedipus and tell him its a story about a boy who loved his mommy.   He seems ok with that.  But seriously, he's a little bit possessive.  But how can I NOT just love this boy to bits?!





These both happened this summer... geez.

Got one off just in time for the next one to be put on.   Kind of a crappy summer.   

Going to the beach is really hard work.

Summer is fun.


Tonsils no more!

Boy, this boys tonsils were enormous.   Like golf balls in his throat.   They were usually kissing his uvula.   Like all the time.   Serious gag issues...  I finally decided enough was enough and got him in to see an ENT.   At first I think the doc just wrote me off as a crazy mom, like "yeah, they are big..."  but not a big deal.   I think he did the sleep study just to appease me.

Turns out he has borderline sever sleep apnea.   Those honkin tonsils were closing up his throat entirely all night long.   The good doc had a change of heart when we went back in.   Suddenly very attentive and oh, happened to notice the GERD that Jackson has had since infancy that "suddenly appeared".   So I got what I wanted and got those suckers taken out, adnoids too.   He's had a rough couple weeks.  We're almost 2 weeks out and he's just now feeling better.   Just in time for school to start on Tuesday.   Hasta Luego Tonsils and Adnoids!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Handy Men

Did I tell you Christopher passed his Board exam?   I know, he's taken a half dozen tests already and they are all more important then the last.   He took it a few months ago and we just got the results back.  He passed.   Big surprise.  He always does.   Even though he's devastated after he takes them.   But he's not just a smarty pants, he comes in pretty handy around the house too.    Last winter was rough on our side walk.   And the county wont replace it.   Its our job.  Ok, his.   :)   I would have called a guy months ago.  But he said, wait till after the boards and I will do it myself.   That day finally came.  And with the help of Jared our neighbor and good friends Dave Rueckert and Nyall London, they actually did it!   Im so impressed!  After we were done I went and threw them in the river.   We floated the gunpowder that evening to cool off.  If you ask CT he'll tell you that wasnt as relaxing as I had hoped it would be.  I think he would have rather just gone to bed.   But it was fun!  

Once upon a time there was a mommy.

This is how I start this story that I tell the kids often.   They ask about when they were little and babies a lot.   I made up this little story one day and they ask for it often.  It goes mas o menos like this.  

Once upon a time there was a mommy, I this mommy wanted a baby really, really bad.  And she would pray to heavenly father and say "Please let me have a baby." Heavenly Father said no. He said "You need to wait five years."  So that mommy waited, and waited, and waited. And then finally almost when five years was over it was Christmas and the mommy said "Heavenly Father, can I have a baby for Christmas?"  But again Heavenly Father said no, you can't have these babies for Christmas. You need to wait just a little bit longer. You can have them in the spring.  So after five years, in the spring, Heavenly Father finally said okay. "You have waited long enough you've been very patient you can now have a baby." But then he said "I'm not going to give you one baby, because you were so patient and waited so long I'm going to be two babies!"  So Heavenly Father gave that mommy a little boy and a little girl baby. And while they were in the mommy's tummy those little kids played and they would punch each other and play with each other and push on the mommy and she would have to get after them.  Then one night  Heavenly Father told that mommy "You're not done yet" and that there was another little boy who wanted to join the party. Up in heaven he said "Please, please, please, can I go down and join the party?" So Heavenly Father told that mommy he said "Because you were so patient and waited so long, I'm going to give you a special surprise. You get one more baby! You get three babies. SURPRISE!"  So He sent down one more little baby boy to join in the fun. He was a special surprise baby. And the mommy and the babies lived happily ever after.

You should hear them respond to each part.   They know who they are in this story and especially Max, I think he really likes being my special surprise baby at the end.   And what a surprise he was, boy.   

Start with today.

Well, hello blog.   Gosh, does anyone do this anymore?   I apparently dont.   For almost a year.   Tonight I was looking at an old video really grateful I had posted on here.   And I thought... If I dont write it down, I will forget.   I have all pics from the last year but no stories to go along with them.   Maybe I'll do a mass upload one day... Call the post 2013-2014 or something.   Im no good at FB or Instagram or all these other things either.   I just need to pick one and stick to it.   I say I like this one.   And if anyone still cares to read, Im going to try to be back.   It all started last year when the kids went to school.   I thought I'd have more time to do this while they are in school.   Turns out I'd much rather to other stuff.   This year the twins will be in Kindergarten.   KINDERGARTEN!   I know.  And its all day.   Max will be in PreK every morning till noon.   SO maybe I'll have more time?   Bwahaha.   I still have a whole list of other things I'd like to do instead.   Go to the gym, run?  Bike?  Go to the shooting range?  See?   Blog is not on there.   Play the piano?  Yeah, that doesnt happen either.  Except when Im really really mad.

So, I think to get back to it, I just need to start with today.   Today its raining all day.   Like flash flood super high tide people stranded raining that makes AMAZING puddles raining.   How could we stay in on a day like today?   So out we went.   So the science center, which was surprisingly very busy.  A little rain never scared me away!   Although it was raining so hard I could barely see to feed the meter.   The kids laid on a bed of nails, played with all sorts of stuff... the dinosaurs and tornado are musts.   And then back to more puddles.   I decided these umbrellas are ridiculously small (since my kids wont listen to me and stop growing).   So we went school shopping at walmart after and added new rain boots and bigger umbrellas to the list.

Then tonight, Claire, being the thoughtful fun girl she is, decided she wanted to have a popcorn party in her room.   She laid out the blanket, blew up the balloons, got the ipad, and then even helped the boys with their chores so they could come (because they were in BIG trouble for the bubble mess they made in the bathroom).   Claire is one of the most kind, generous, thoughtful, sensitive girls I know.  I mean that, out of everyone I know, she beats them all.   She is very aware of other people.   Bless her little heart.  She is such a pleaser and wants to do everything exactly just right the way its supposed to be done.   She needs no punishment, a stern look will reduce her to devastated tears.    Just love her.