Monday, June 3, 2013

Practicing for Sun Valley


First movie ever.

Although I've wanted to for a long time we havent dared take the kids to a movie yet.  Its actually been a few months but we made our first voyage to the theater.   3D none the less .   It was at the dollar theater and a matinee at that but it was a HUGE success!  Im so excited to be able to take them during hot summer afternoons!

Memorial Day

Annual BBQ at the church, CT is once again in charge of cooking the 160 burgers, 100 dogs, and who knows how much chicken.   Mass producing machine.   But the kids had so much fun playing the water games and everyone got in on the tug of war action.   CT won, and a self declared Daddy's girl, Claire followed suit.   She was WAY into the tug of war.   And she won against everyone but the Mommies against the primary.   Sorry kids... Mommy wins.  A little snow cone action to top it off..  Super fun day.

I promise he was having fun.

Totally random, but Jack is just such a singer.   LOUD and animated.  All the time.   He's scrubbing the sink singing.   Random, but just shows a little bit of the Jack I get to play with every day.   Love him.

Kids Spring Program

ts a little shaky.  Just what I could get on my iphone between trying hard to not laugh so hard because Jackson was one of those super loud and animated singers.  I took the camcorder and it was dead.  Boo.   And the iphone didnt have any space so I was trying to hurry and delete photos and then record some more.   But you get the gist.  

Mommy and Me

All year I have been the director of a program at the community center down the road called Mommy and Me.   If anyone's a fan, I worked for the Parks and Rec department.   Gotta love that show.   Anyways, every Friday morning for a couple hours we would come to the gym where I was in charge of setting up all these awesome toys for the kids to play with.    The last day I decided to hire a balloon artist for our last party.   Turned out to be a huge hit and Claire made out like a bandit. :)  

Dont they wish!


We took a long weekend to go visit our cousins Allie and Jake who live near Pittsburgh.   We really miss having them around.   We drove into the city and rode the Dusquesne Incline.   We spent the next day and 1/2 just playing with Liv.   Miss them!

Easter Fun


Destroying Easter Eggs

I still have things to post... (sigh).   We spent all that time coloring easter eggs but theres no funner thing then rolling and smashing them up!   So we headed to the beach.   The sand was no good for rolling them so we decided to roll them down this lifeguard ramp instead.  It did the trick.  :)

The minute we got there Max ran out and started making sand angels :)

Summer Fun with Conner and Stella!

Our favorite little friends...  The Zoo and the Beach...