Saturday, May 25, 2013

A little cherry spitting contest off the front porch.

Its not the back of the house boat where we really like to do it, but it will do for now.  We're just practicing.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The things kids say...

Almost every Sunday Jack and Claires CTR4 teachers, Brother and Sister Lee,  stop me to tell me what little things my children are talking about in their class.   One of the first classes they had was something about Heavenly Father and Jesus creating this world for us.   Jackson went OFF about the planets and space.  Something he loves and actually knows quite a bit about.    A few weeks ago their lesson was about Lehi fleeing into the dessert (a scripture story out of the Book of Mormon).   Jackson again knew everything there was to do about CAMPING.   Then tonight I got this message from their teacher:   "You're daughter is hysterical. In primary yesterday she observed how the tendons in my neck really stick out when I'm excited- she kept asking me to "do it again" (and because I'm a sucker for stupid human tricks I gladly obliged) and she would GIGGLE and then she goes "you look dead!" HAHAHA I love it! :)"

Gotta love these kids!

Friday, May 10, 2013


I love it.   It just does my soul good.   The quiet.   The excitement.   Dang its fun.    I REALLY wanted the kids to like it to.   I havent felt like I could take them and have it be a worth while experience yet.   Until now.   They saved and saved their pennies and bought themselves these little fishing poles.   For weeks we practiced casting in the river, down the stairs, in the back yard, anywhere I would let them.   They got to be pretty good at it.  Especially Jack.   So as part of our "camping" trip I promised we could go fishing.   At Turkey Point they have  a "pond" a really good sized pond that we could hike to and fish out of.   Boy we were not disappointed.   I was expecting a hole with water in it.   But no, we had to hike to his one, find a place among the reeds, and fish for real.   Great surprise.   The kids were being so patient.   Trying their best to be quiet.   But, especially with Jack, if he doesnt have a good experience the first time, chances of him wanting to do it again is almost nothing.   He HAD TO HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE.   We had been there a while and they were sitting so patiently, we had gotten a couple nibbles, we knew there were fish.   So I said a little prayer, that we could catch some fish.   That those kids could catch some fish.   Not even me, for my own selfish I love to catch fish desires.    And not 1 minute after I finished that little prayer, Jack caught his first fish!  A pretty good sized blue gill.   Big enough to tug at his line but not big enough to yank it out of his hands.  Oh... How thrilled he was!   HOW THRILLED I WAS!   We fished for a couple hours more until each of them had caught and reeled in a fish.   Max's was last and it didnt make it.   So we each had a little bite of grilled blue gill for dinner.   Oh so grateful my kids love to fish.  

So focused.  

Love Max's face when it flips!


Turkey Point

Daddy took a week off for a little R&R.   Well, he forgot that Robinsons dont actually R when they R.   We run as hard and fast and as fun as we possibly can.   So part of the week I had decided we were going to go camping.   But it turned out to be a little chilly, so we did everything except the actual sleeping.   We went to Turkey Point State Park, the very top of the Chesapeake Bay.   There was a mile hike to the light house.  Really neat to see.  The kids knocked and knocked but no one was home.   Only on weekends could you go in it.   We went fishing, (a whole different post) and then to the beach for a BBQ and playing in the sand that night.   Of course we couldnt keep Max out of the water, cold was it was, and Claire just had to join him.   We're going to have to go back.   They kids really loved it.  

Garden Round 2

We loved our little garden last year, so we are doubling it.  But that also meant doubling the work.  Its ok though, its worth it.   Heres our spot.   We had to dig out all the grass.  No, the kids were not helpful, but atleast they werent a distraction either.   They did help us plant seeds and were super excited when the "pickle" plant popped up so big  :) 


So they arent as good as Mom and Dads in Holland, but we did plant our own tulips.   The kids waited and waited and watched and were so patient and thrilled when they finally bloomed.  

Easter Loot

The easter bunny brought the kids new bikes for Easter.   They have been a huge hit!  The only glitch is that Jackson crashed quite a few times that first day and now refuses to ride his.   I know he's scared, but its to the point Im going to have to buy him a different bike.   He'll ride other bikes, just not his.   (sigh).  

Cherry Blossom Festival 2013

Daddy had never seen the Cherry Blossoms so one day he was post call (means he worked a 24 hr shift the day before and had the day off to recover).  So we headed down.   The kids loved running and playing through the fairy leaves.    Such a fun thing to see every year.   

Coloring Easter Eggs

Out of the 18 eggs I boiled, only 8 or 9 made it through this process.