Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring is Here!

And really, thats all I have to say about that.  We've been hunkered down.   Valentines Day came and went, cards were exchanged, CT and I went to the hospital's Ball.   St Pattys Day went about the same.  The naughty leprechaun made an appearance, messed up the house a little, turned the milk green, the toilet water blue (so when you go, it turns green, which totally amazed the kids).   We had a "record breaking snow" storm of all of 3 inches but enough to shut down school and all of DC.   So here we sit, in one of the coldest springs just WAITING for the sun to come out.   We did take a day and say to heck with it and went to the beach.   It was deserted so we could run and play and draw and cast our fishing poles to our hearts content. The fishing pole is Jacks newest treasure.  He saved up his pennies in his jar and bought it himself.   SO SO HAPPY with it and truly, talented.   The boy can cast.   Now we just need another sort of warm day so we can go.

Preschool is going well, they had PJ day which was really fun.   I got to stay and help that day.   Then a few days later they were having a "health" day and Daddy went to be the helper, took his white coat and iPad and gave the kids a safety lesson and showed them a bunch of gruesome pics of shattered skulls of kids who dont wear helmets or broken bones...  The kids at school are STILL talking about it.   Message received.   And now Easter is upon us.   Here's crossing my fingers that warm weather comes with it.  :)