Monday, January 28, 2013

Palm Springs Party

After Christmas was over we packed our bags and headed west to Palm Springs CA for a little sun and a whole lotta fun with family and cousins.   The ride there is a blog post worthy all by itself.   But once we were there, the pools, the palm trees, and family.   So much fun.   The kids were just thrilled the whole time.  Ran all day long with Davis.   We had our annual cousin birthday party where they were all stocked up on pirate gear and legos to help entertain for the week.   We went to the zoo, many walks just around the hotel, about as much swimming as we could fit in.   The best part was that we were all in the same building, so every night after the kids were asleep we would all go back to Mom and Dad's unit and have some great grown up talk time.   (With monitors of course :) )   But who's kidding, those kids were so exhausted by the end of the day, stirring in their sleep was never an option :)   The week was too short.   We celebrated New Years together with a toast at 9 or midnight EST.   (Are we getting old?)   We were there for my birthday and it was spent shopping with the girls and a fabulous dinner out with CT and his mentor from UCI, Dr Anton Hasso, a very dear dear friend.  Couldnt have been a better birthday.   Isnt family about the best thing ever?