Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The other night was our work Christmas party. I got all dressed up, sequins, I curled my hair, fresh makeup and shower even. (Yes, thats saying something). When all done I asked my kids how I looked and they laughed at me, said I looked funny, and that my hair looked like candy canes. (sigh). And this is why I dont bother.

I cant deal with this.

Today I was sitting on the floor in the kitchen with Jack when he noticed that it suddenly got darker.   I explained to him how sometimes the clouds cover the sun, but its kind of windy so they are moving fast and it will come back out...I thought maybe by explaining this phenomenon we could have a moment sitting there on the floor watching the clouds together--have a moment.   But that was not in the cards.   He started with some serious whining and complaining as to why the sun had gone away again.   Every time it did it he would start up again.   I asked him to stop whining about something I cant do anything about.   I cant stop the clouds, the wind, or the sun.  Im sorry.  I just stopped talking after that, and after a few seconds he got up, turned and gave me the dirtiest whiniest look, like I had just completely offended him and then he stomped off.  Now I can tolerate crying, I can even understand some whining sometimes, but THIS?  THIS I cant deal with useless whining that I cant do anything about.   ARGHHH!!!!!!!  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

These little people have been so funny lately.  Jack and Claire were standing on a table the other morning playing with these Christmas trees they're not supposed to touch. Singing Christmas carols, hanging stuff on them. When I got after them and told them to get down, Jack turned around and very frustratingly said "But MOM! Im trying to DECK!"   Yesterday while filling out their letters to Santa I asked Jack where he lives and without hesitation or thought he stated firmly "Africa". Then today at the park jack wanted to roll down the hill so he took off without Claire. Deciding to join him Claire went running after yelling "wait up, sweetheart!" Hahaha!  She also has the Baltimore "Hon" down pat.  Claire is also such a thoughtful little girl, truly wants to please us.   Today she told me she wanted to make a card for daddy and asked if I had any pictures of bones.  What the heck?  "Mommy, Daddy really likes bones."   So I had to dig out some radiology journals that she could cut up and she practiced writing his name.  Then she glued it closed but then it ripped while she was trying to open it.  That was pretty sad, but nothing a little tape couldn't handle.   She was so proud of herself and I was pretty proud about how thoughtful she is too. 


RSNA--Chicago 2012

Radiological Society of North America...  Christopher goes every year.  Every year I get ditched for 4 days with these babies in the middle of winter and the hardest most stressful time of the year.   But NOT THIS YEAR!   Ryan and Becky were so nice to come and stay with the kids for a few days while I escaped with him.   I dont know about the babysitting, but for sure Im not staying home again.   It was so refreshing to have a few days and I wasnt ready to come home.  But Im sure Ry and Beck were ready to have us back.  On the way there we were bumped from our plane, which made me miss seeing a mission companion, BUT we scored first class tickets (something we havent done since our honeymoon) and $700 in flight vouchers.  Which rocks.  But while there Christopher did his presentation, not just a poster, but an oral presentation.  In a group of 200 other doctors and physicists.   There was a Q&A after and a few people got up but to our surprise, instead of questions, they congratulated him on his work and said they looked forward to hearing more from him in the future.   His mentor (who is the director of Radiology for the VA hospital in Baltimore) leaned over and said that in his entire career, he has NEVER seen someone stand and congratulate someone on their work instead of actually asking a question.   I asked Christopher what comes next to continue the research and he shrugged.  He admitted that honesty that it was just a way to get to the meeting...  I about passed out. He gets applauded for something he took so casual, I just wondered what would happen if he really brought his A game to something.   Watch out world...  

yes, that is a bone, cut in half.  You scoop it out and butter toast with it.  Not delicious.

 After his presentation, we hit one other session but then ditched the rest of the meetings. I was on vacation.  So in the few days that followed we tried to do everything touristy in Chicago.  We rode the elevator to the Sears Tower SkyDeck (now Willis Tower).   Stepping out onto that glass floor made even me want to throw up and jump back in the building for heavens sakes.   We walked the navy pier out onto lake Michigan,  saw the big bean, went to see Buckingham Fountain (made famous by Married with Children), we dined on deep dish pizza pie, Italian beef sandwiches from the Billy Goat Tavern (see SNL, 1978).  We at at the famous Purple Pig (10 best restaurants in america)... Pigs ears, bone marrow, and a toss up between pigs tails and pig jowel sandwich.  We went with the sandwich    The ears were the best, the marrow about made me want to throw up, and the jowl, it was fine I guess.   I can say I did it but probably wont be doing it again.   We had the BEST sushi Chicago has to offer, and we shopped Michigan Avenue like we didnt have anything else to do.  Super fun, sans kids, vacation.

We came home Sat night so we could spend Sunday and Monday morning with Ryan and Becky.  Sunday we went to see the Miracle on 34th Street with the kids, and Monday we took Ry and Becky to Ft McHenry.  A favorite of the kids.   What kid doesnt love a good fort anyways?  :)   Going was fun, coming home was fun, and now back to the grind gearing up for Christmas.  

Thanksgiving 2012

Came and went.   I felt like Halloween was such a big drawn out deal this year that afterwards it took me a few weeks to recover and then suddenly I was looking at my calendar and saw Thanksgiving was only a week away and I thought, HOLY CRAP!  We had company coming and then a trip just days after... I had to get my act together.   So a crazy few days got everything ready.  Then 2 days before we got a phone call from Allie Townsend (CTs cousin) and they had had an accident and their baby boy fell down the stairs and broke his temporal bone and they wouldnt be coming.  They had to life flight him to Pittsburg!  Hes fine.  Thank heavens for modern medicine.  But that left us alone.  With all that food.... but wouldnt you know just the very next morning I got an email from a sister in the ward about a few families who didnt have the means for a meal!  One, a family of 7, who the grandfather and patriarch all living in the same home just passed and they were planning the funeral instead of Thanksgiving.   The sister missionaries were acting as the delivery people for these families, and my kids are kind of enamored with this set of sisters, so we loaded up plates of food, extra food, cinnamon rolls, etc... and headed the morning of to the sisters house to drop it off.   I think the kids really understood and it made for a very pleasant day.   That week we had done our "thank you tree" where the kids wrote every day something on a leave, usually things like "purple cars" and "dinosaurs".  And that made for our centerpeice.   As I said I didnt even remember thanksgiving until just a week before and a RS activity on Sat gave me the idea for the tree.  I was surprised and amazed about how well they took to it.   They LOVED doing the tree every night.   These little people are growing too fast.  I feel like I dont have enough time to teach them everything.   Or I feel like Im missing it...  I need to step up my game for sure.   They arent babies.  These are little people.  And thats what I call them now... My "Little People" instead of my "crazy."  


Is literally less then an hour away.  You dont even get on a freeway, just drive through the MD countryside till just across the PA border.   We took Aunt Cole after church during her visit.   What a wonderful place.  To be able to drive and see and run where this battle took place.  To stand on the top of Little Round Top and look out over where the battalions marched.   Inspiring.  Truly.   Still no takers on visitors???  
This is Jack telling us how the cannons work.  It was truly so funny but this is about all I could catch.  

Aunt Cole

Is my best friend's from high schools little sister :)   Her name is Nicole, but I've called her Aunt Cole for probably 15 ish years now.   We always tell people to come and visit, our door is always open, but she is only the 2nd (non-family)  in the last 10 years to actually take me up on it.  She just called one day and said she'd bought her ticket and was coming.   We were thrilled.  She was here for 8 days and in those 8 days we  were the worlds best tourists in this area where there's too much to see in that amount of time.  But we did a killer job and saw 28 museums, monuments  and famous places.   3 trips to DC, Gettysburg, everything in Baltimore, oh and did I mention that we lived normal life too like field trips, church and the kids had school?   We were busy but it was super fun.   Thanks Cole, for actually taking us up on the offer... now, anyone else game???  

Washington Memorial

We dont know who the little kid was in the pic trying to steal Jacks helicopter  but thats about how our day went :) 


Timeouts because of the running below.

We got a babysitter for a day and went just as adults to DC on the metro.  We were efficient adults :)


White House

FD Roosevelt, a favorite as you can see why.

The new Martin Luther King.

Fort McHenry, another Favorite.