Monday, October 22, 2012

So happy to help make their bookbags for school.   We're still going strong with our pirate theme.   They had fun helping me iron them on too.   Also fun that the ironing board can be set so low its perfect for their height.  Now maybe they'll iron Daddy's shirts and I can stop taking them to the cleaners :)

Disastrous First Day of School

Don't these kids look happy?   They were.  Really Happy.  We had been several times to the school to see it, to meet the teachers, to meet the other kids, to drop off papers, for about a hundred different reasons it seems.   They were familiar with all of it.  Happy to go, me happy to send them.   It was a Thursday.   After a blissful 2 1/2 hours with Max we went back to get them.   My bliss bubble popped.   When the kids came out the teacher told me that she needed to see me.   I had been sent to the principles office on the FIRST DAY.   She started with Claire.  Claire is an angel.  She is the first to line up, clean up, raise her hand, perfectly obedient and brilliant.  Yes I know.   I depend on her so much at home because she is this way.  Jackson however had a different sort of day.  Screaming, crying, yelling no and stop it to the teachers, correcting the teachers, not participating...  She told me that it needed to be taken care of.  I need to make sure that that behavior didnt happen again.    I was devastated.   We were making behavioral plans on the FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL.   I cried.   I cried all weekend.   I needed this.   I NEED THIS.   Christopher's schedule is terrible this year.   No family close, this is almost my only time to run errands, and with only one baby is so fantastic.  WE ALL NEEDED THIS.  The twins are bored at home.  They need more stimulation then I am able to provide for them.   And now... it was being threatened.  If his behavior doesnt stop they will have to ask him to not come back.   Cried some more.   (oh, and that same week I was told Max was the "pusher" in nursery, just to add to my woes).   I was distressed all weekend.  We talked and talked and talked and hashed over and over again what was acceptable behavior at school.   I tried to get clarification from the teacher about rules and schedules and cues to help him and I told her more about Jack so she understands how he works.  He is sensitive, he is my home body, he responds well to counting to 3...   We called parents for reinforcements.   We made a behavior plan from Grandma's brilliance and 25 years of teaching experience.  We made a plan. And then Tuesday came again... off to school again... I was TERRIFIED.   Not a blissful 2 1/2 hours while I ran errands with Max.   I went to pick them up so nervous.  Claire came out first all smiles and hugs like normal.   Then there was Jack.   HE JUST BEAMED.   He had just been given his good behavior sticker and he ran out and just fell on me and gave me the biggest hug ever.   He leaned over and whispered in my ear "Mommy, I had a good day.  I love you."   Could this boy melt my heart any more?   The teacher came out and confirmed that he had had a wonderful day.  Obedient, cheerful, participated.   Night and day difference.   I made the BIGGEST almost embarrassingly deal out of it in the hallway.   I didnt care who saw me praise the pants off that boy, I wanted him to know I was SO PROUD of him for being so much better.   Positive reinforcements right?   We went for ice cream to celebrate.   The best part of it all is that HE KNEW he had done better and was proud of himself for it.  A huge lesson I think for him.   Maybe I over reacted.  The feelings were so real.   I now understand that they pull a couple parents in every week for behavioral issues.  I just happened to be the first.  And I havent been pulled back since.   I also immediately signed up to be the helper in the classroom for two days,   they get to be the special helper the day Im there so I get to go twice so they both can have a day.   I now better understand the schedule and requirements during the day.   I also better understand the other children.  This is going to sound terrible, but I like playgroups because when I leave I leave feeling better about myself and my kids because atleast my kids dont act like that.  And Im sure other people think that about me and my kids.  Thats ok.   But some of those kids have real behavior problems.  Things are better now though.  We all really enjoy school.   These kids sure make me proud. 

Seven Peaks

I know I blogged about this before, but I just found these darling pics of the boys at Seven Peaks this summer.   They were so happy to see their Dad!

Free Fall Baltimore Day at the Zoo

All October Baltimore has free days everywhere.   We took full advantage of the free day at the zoo.   A great zoo, super kid friendly, and not so big you want to kill someone by the end of the day, but big enough to have elephants, polar bears, and all sorts of other super cool creatures. 


Go Ravens!

We were asked when we first moved here if we were Ravens fans.  Not really, we're not really fans of anything.   That answer was acceptable and only because it was better then us saying we were Steelers fans. We may be been kicked out of the neighborhood.   CT scored us a pair of the hospitals season club seat tickets.   It was such a fun loud game.  We've been to NBA, professional baseball, minor league baseball, hockey games, and now an NFL game too.   We might need to be Ravens fans afterall.   I need to buy more purple.  

SeaDog Cruises

We had a good friend give us tickets for a SeaDog harbor cruise one night.   I have to say normally I hate these big jet boats, especially on Lake Powell, but this was actually really really fun.  Jammin to 80's rock cruisin the bay super fast.  Thats my kind of Harbor Cruise.   Thanks Liz for the night out!

"Mommy, my name is Cinderella, now leave me alone while I mop your floor!"

All we need around here is a cardboard box and we can think up some pretty fun stuff.   Here, we have shields to go with the .25 swords I bought at a yard sale.   Days of fun I tell you!

Snow Bird and Sun Valley 2012

Old news... I know.  It happened in July like always.  And the best time was had by everyone, as always.  So grateful to have all of us together.  We missed Ash and Peter, they were stuck on the east coast, but we were happy Daddy could come back out and join us.