Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Claire-isms

Claire is CT's informant.   The minute he walks in the door she starts dishing about our whole day.  But especially if there is something I said to keep a secret... you know it, the first thing out of her mouth.

Mommy paints Claire and Jacks nails blue because its blue week in preschool.   All of their toes, all of Claires fingers and only one of Jacks fingers on his hand.  I said "We're only doing one finger Jack because Daddy will be mad that we painted it anyway.  So just one, and its blue. But dont tell him about your toes..."

Daddy walks in the door.

Claire:  Daddy...  Mommy painted our toes and fingers and Jackies too even though you are going to be mad now.

Thanks Claire

I painted the inside of a bookshelf green.  I've been thinking about painting Claires dresser the same color.  She was helping me so I asked her if she would like her dresser green, if she thought it was pretty.   A little disheartened she said "Yeah, I guess.   I guess its pretty enough."   Me:  "Pretty enough?"   Claire:  "But Mommy, its not very sparkly."   Got it.  After Im done painting I must bust out the bedazzler.