Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome Nixon Lee Sagers

You darling boy, cant wait to meet you! This is Sally and Lance's third boy. I was super hoping for a mistaken ultrasound and they would get their girl. Guess they'll have to try again :)

Zucchini boats

Come on... you HAVE to remember this one right? What else do you do wtih the zucchini that hide and get so huge they arent good to eat anymore? We had a few of those this summer and what else do you do besides make boats? Of course I win the awesome mommy award again with this one. You know it! Complete with sails and planks... In compliance of our newfound and oddly long lasting obsession with pirates. The only fail I get is we only floated them in the back yard. I wasnt fast enough to find a suitable river for floating before they went bad. But I have one now... just too bad the zucchini plant died. Next year, Im ready.

Guess who can ride now?

He's thrilled about it and I'm thrilled I dont have to
strain my back pushing him anymore. Happy boy.

That toyota commercial...

You know, the one where the kids are home on FB and the parents are out at parties and riding mountain bikes. Ive decided that Im going to be those people. Im tired of sitting home. The weather is starting to ease and Im getting out. Im SO MUCH HAPPIER when I do and the kids... they seem to be to and I dont care if they arent, they're coming whether they like it or not. So my adventure last week was hiking to Kilgore Falls, the 2nd highest waterfalls in Maryland. We've been there before. Its about 45 minutes away. And a short maybe 20 minute hike to the falls but its so beautiful. The falls are 200 ft high but the water is shallow except right under the falls. We hiked it and stayed for a couple hours swimming. The kids LOVE it. Its one of our new favorite places. Do these babies look like they are complaining about all of mommies fun new adventures? Oh.. and guess who's getting fishing poles for Christmas.

Tubing the Gunpowder River

Christopher and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month. We took the afternoon and got a sitter and went and floated the gunpowder river on tubes. It was such a relaxing 3 hours on a tube... It was spectacular. It rained while we drove there and we questioned doing it at all, but the rain stopped and made the most beautiful creepy mist on the river. We could only see a few yards ahead but then the sun came out and made the most amazing rays through the trees. It really was something else and completely awe inspiring. And I couldnt help it. Im addicted now and HAD to go back. So I bought the kids a raft and planned it--whether CT
joined us or not. So happens he did join us today and we had a BLAST tubing the river again with the kids. They were so excited to get into thier ship. They've been playing in their boat all week. Near the end of our journey there was a place to pull over that has a rope swing. Jack and Claire were ALL OVER THAT! Too bad I didnt think to take a waterproof camera. Phones stayed in the car of course...we have bad luck with water and iphones. But both of them put their little feet in the loop and CT pushed them and they swung around. Spiderman and FireStar... I guess Max is Iceman by default. It was awesome. My babies make me proud. This is a new family tradition. I love it.

Trains and Giants... it doesnt get better then that!

A few weekends ago we took the kids to ride the DC Metro. That was our destination. Who goes just to ride the metro? The kids thought it was AWESOME. They got to ride a TRAIN! But we wanted a practice run before we actually tried to do it with an agenda or schedule of any sort so we knew what we were getting in to. Like if we could take the stroller or not... I've just found with these three that its better that Im prepared. They usually dont go anywhere with me unless I've been there first to scope it out and how its all gonna go down. Although its more work for me, it has saved me in MANY cases. Claire was cracking us up. She was surfing the train, every time it started or stopped she thought it was so fun to stand up and try to hold her balance. She's her fathers daughter, CT would do the same thing on the buses in Argentina. He called it "colectivando". Buses are called colectivos. Anyways, it was so funny to see her naturally do the exact same thing. The train ride went so remarkebly well that we ended up at the mall and saw several monuments. Many we've seen before like the Washington. But this trip we headed over to the reflection pool, the Lincoln Memorial (aka A big Giant in a big chair in a big house). And then we swung around to see the WW2 and Korean Memorials too. Then back to the metro with some VERY HAPPY babies. They could care less about the mall, the train was the best part.

Anyone else remember doing this?


Christopher thinks Im obsessed with clocks. I cant figure out why. I only have these in my secretary and kitchen and this one on the back of the house and there has to be at least 1 in every room of the house. Just in case. I dont see a problem here! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thank you Ikea

You guys know these people have a play land? They do. And its awesome. It has a ball pit. Like the only one in the universe that I know still exists. But you have to be potty trained. Guess what?! Jack is potty trained! So that means the twins can go in and did you know that its the most amazing experience? To ditch those two in the play land and wander around Ikea with no worries with just Max for a WHOLE HOUR?! I had my first experience this last week. I didnt know whether to cry or laugh out loud. And after the hour I left Ikea almost giddy. School starts in 3 weeks. I was a little nervous about it, but this experience gave me a little glimpse of my future... I'll get 6 hours a week with just Max. I cant even believe my good fortune and I also cant wait for the next trip to Ikea!

Cheese snobs

Macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, PBJ, ham and cheese... my kids wont eat it. Oh no. Wont touch it. But they will devour conch shells stuffed with marscapone, ricotta, Parmesan reggiano, pecorino romano, mozzarella, and chicken baked in marinara sauce. Or a turkey on brie and apple sandwich I cant even keep in the house because it'll be gone. So I've decided it comes down to the cheese, I have cheese snob kids. I think its genetic. Cheese addictions are a Trimble thing. :) OH and did I mention no peas... edamame for my kids. Way funner to pop in your mouth.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A little more Farm in their blood.

I tried really hard to get as much country in their blood in the 6 weeks we were there. Every time we left the house we would drive out by the farm and check on the cows and horses, make sure the tractors were still there... So before we left I had to get a little more in. Claire would NOT get off that horse. And the boys WOULD NOT get out of the tractor. I took them on a little joy ride while Scott took Claire and Brook on the horse. They wouldnt get out until we scooped a little dirt anyway. Only dirt pile even close was the huge pile of grass clippings in the back lot. It was enough. Jack helped me move the bucket up and down, like the best think I could have given him ever. I love how excited they get and how much they love it. I love it too.

Swim Certificates

My babes can SWIM!

So proud of the twins. And poor Max knew he was getting ditched every morning. Thank you Nancy for watching him so much. She was my life saver. These kids have never been afraid of the water, but they wouldn't put their head under... they were still a little timid. So we put them in 2 rounds of swim lessons and the results were INCREDIBLE. They passed round one, but not round 2. I wasn't expecting them too. They need to be a few years older to really pass it, but I wanted the exposure and information and it did just what I wanted it too. Claire almost didnt pass level 1 either until the second to last day when I bought them goggles. That made a HUGE difference for her. Swim lessons in Baltimore would have cost me $1200. So thankful for the Fillmore pool. These little buggers are so comfortable now, they think its SO FUN to put their heads under and hold their breath and look around. They can paddle around by themselves. They LOVE the slides and jumping off the "plank." Since Fillmore is about the only pool left in the world that has a diving board anymore. SO MUCH FUN! Thank you Terri and Jamie and Austin. Between the lessons and the puddle jumpers, it was so fun taking them to Seven Peaks twice and just let them run crazy and feel totally safe and fine about it. A relief I dont feel very often.