Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

My kind of 4th of July

Im a party person, this is a very important holiday to me. And NO ONE does it like Fillmore. Im so grateful I was able to stay all this time and give my kids a true Fillmore 4th experience. We did it all. They were angels all day, took thier naps, dropped into bed dead tired at the end. We started with the parade where the kids fought for thier share of the candy thrown. The rocket float was the BEST and Max kept running out into the road after it. Then we headed to the park for hotdogs, cotton candy, hawaiian ice, games, train rides... you name it, we did it.

Then after naps we swam for a couple hours until it was bath and PJ time when we went directly to the park for fireworks. Not a bad seat anywhere but we happened to be front line, nothing between us and where they light them off. The only downfall, a little ash. And the sound was too loud, the kids, especially Jack needed thier ears covered. After that we headed to a friends house for the traditional home fireworks. the kids liked that much better. We all dropped into bed at Midnight. BEST DAY EVER! Im proud to be an American. A land choice above all other lands.I've complained for the last 7 years about the 4th of July.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So many things happened the first week we were here in Utah. Some deserve thier own posts. But here's a few of the fun things we did...

Almost immediatly Claire had to get on the horse and we had to see and feed the cows. A favorite thing to do... Notice the play cell phone Claire has... 3 going on 15.

Since we wont let Max play in the fountain in Grandma's backyard, we had to take him up the mountain and let the boy play in the river. Couldnt have been happier. We made smores and had dinner and just hung out up the canyon.
Claire went to help Nancy and Scott water the cows we have out in dry fields. That was pretty awesome too...

Seven Peaks

I've never been. But we decided to take the kids today. I talked before about all the anxiety about these kids and them thinking they need more freedom... well, I bought them these new puddle jumper life jackets. I wasnt sure how they were going to handle them or if I could handle all three. So yesterday we did a practice test at the pool here in Fillmore. It was MIRACULOUS for lack of a better word. The moment Max picked up his feet and discovered he could float... the look on his face was priceless. Like the BEST DAY EVER. Claire still hangs close but those boys it was like a whole new world was opened up. They could go down the slide by themselves and I didnt even have to catch them because they would just pop right back up. Anyways... we went to seven peaks. Straight to the lazy river. The boys just took right off like that was about the most amazing thing ever. And around and around we went. Took a short break to have lunch and then right back to the river. After a few more rounds Max suddenly started clawing me and trying to climb up me... I coudlnt figure it out... I kept pushing him off again because he can do it by himself and I still have Claire clinging to me. But I finally gave him and held him for a minute. He laid his head down on my shoulder (we're still going around the lazy river) and the boy DANG NEAR FELL ASLEEP! Who falls asleep while STILL IN THE RIVER?! Poor kid was so tuckered out. Once I got him back to our towels, it didnt take him 10 seconds to fall right asleep. But the boys did good. They figured out how to kick and use thier legs to get to the side and turn around to look at me... to avoid the water falls. Tuckered right out. Anyways... just had to write it down before I forget. Max almost fell asleep while still in the river. Doesnt get much funner then that. No real pics of course... not enough hands to do it all. This is a pic I took when we were first trying them on. He was not thrilled that I took his pic...

July 1

Since 2005 (almost) every July 1 has brought a major lifestyle change to us. Just for a quick run down--
July 1, 2005-- Move to CA for med school.
July 1 2006 --The one exception to nothing major happening unless you count CT ditching me in Utah all summer for an internship.
July 1, 2007, CT stops book work and starts working at the hospital (Much harder schedule).
July 1, 2008, CT stops working at the hospital and does his MBA (much easier schedule, move to Santa Ana, Twins are born)
July 1, 2009, CT goes back to 4th Year at the hospital (harder schedule, leaves me and the twins alone)
July 1, 2010, Graduation and moving to Spokane WA
July 1, 2011, Buy house and move to Baltimore
July 1, 2012.... nothing. HAHAHA. NOTHING. Christopher is now a 3rd year radiology resident and he just keeps right on working at the same hospital like nothing has changed. No move, no serious schedule changes... What a relief!

Happy uneventful 3rd year Honey.