Friday, June 29, 2012

I guess its official...

President and Sister Brubaker, meet President and Sister Robinson :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My little spot to plant a garden is at the church across the street. It started out as a grass patch. I think it looks ok. Little. Im hoping to get the spot next to it too and plant a few more things. But for now a couple tomato, pepper, onion plants, and 1 cucumber and squash. The frog and mushroom are the kids contributions. Now my hope is that Christopher wont kill it while Im in Utah and he's home... :o

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy UnBirthday and Father's Day Daddy

Because we'll be in Utah for fathers day and Christopher's birthday, I thought we'd celebrate before we came. We prepared all day for our pirate night with Daddy. We made a map of our house, made his cake, and the kids were THRILLED to put "SOOOO many" candles in the cake. We wrapped his presents and of course the minute he walked in the door they spilled the beans about everything we got him. Little stinks cant keep a secret to save thier lives. I finally pulled out our awesome pirate gear and as soon as Daddy walked in the door he was swarmed. He put on his gear too and had to follow the treasure map through the pirate cove, around the jungle, through the arch of the unknown into the galley for dinner. They then dared to go down to the dungeon of doom where a huge sword fight commenced. Daddy pirate won and he followed the map to his treasure hidden under the coffee table and then finally to the cake at the end. The kids were beyond thrilled with the whole evening. Daddy was a good sport too. They havent put thier pirate gear down and I even had to bring it to Utah with me. they were fighting over the map so we made new ones, Claire's had to be pink. of course. Happy 31 Daddy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A little R and R

So grateful to Christopher for working so hard for our family. He's been doing a little (alot) of research and presenting that research and papers at conferences all year. Well, I finally put my foot down, I needed to go to the next one. So we pawned the kids off on a naive cousin (haha, thanks Allie!) and I went with him this time to Orlando Florida. The conference was held at the Marriott Resort next to Disneyworld. But me? I sat by the pool rain or shine. At one point I wondered if I was bored... then I thought... Nah. Im good right here. Quiet. I could sleep in. Then lay in bed for another hour and watch the Today show. Something I havent done in a LONG time. So nice. 4 days. I cant say that I was really ready to come home yet. But I know Allie and Jake were grateful to have us come home and save them. What a wonderful quiet time. Not to mention fun to go with CT and see all the other smartie pants's at work. Especially when those other vendors take us out to fancy dinners. Nuthin wrong with that right? A good reason to look pretty and wear high heels. Havent done THAT in years either. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Airplane Day

Its been a long, fun month waiting for Airplane Day. But it has finally arrived. We cant wait to come home! And never again will I tell the kids so early that we are going on a trip. They actually did remarkably well. I was having MUCH anxiety about not bringing all three car seats. We just did one and used the stroller in the airport. Turned out ok. I've been using my stroller less and less and my anxiety about that has been going up and up too. But this day atleast, all turned out ok. Thank heavens for that. I brought lots of fun new things to do, playdough, pipcleaners, and a few new books. Claire was so happy to have the stewardess come and bring snacks and to have thier own little tables was SO cool.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My kids drink out of the hose...

First time camping and other happenings a few weekends back

Didnt pan out. Its been 9 years since I've been for reals camping in a tent. Lets just say I was WAY excited. New tent, got the kids all excited about it. They asked every day for a week if it was camping day yet. The weather said 30% ish chance of rain. Disclaimer: It ALWAYS says chance of rain. With so much humidity here there's the chance of a thunderstorm every day. So I didnt let that stop me. The weather had been marvelous. We woke up that morning however to 80% chance of rain, hail, tornados, and severe winds. But still in my mind I thought... really? But the storm hit the entire east coast. We decided to take advantage of the morning and get out in nature atleast a little bit. We went to Rock State Park and hiked to Kilgore Falls. The 2nd tallest natural water falls in MD. The kids LOVED LOVED the hike and playing in the water. We packed our lunch and had a picnic. Then after Daddy and Jack fell in we decided to head home. Just an hour or two later it started raining.
So we played a furious game of Hungry Hippos and ate our trailmix. Another first for the kids. The storm didnt disappoint. The next day we found downed trees, power outages, flooded homes, 6--S.I.X tornados... But the camper in me still feels deep down that "we could have weathered it in the tent..." But probably not the best "first time" for the kids. So better we stayed home I guess.
Sat after the storm cleared into a glorious rest of the weekend we decided to head to Annapolis and check out the states capital. Beautiful old buildings... we talked the board walk, saw the yachts, played at the park. Really fun day.

Sunday was even better though, we again jumped in the car and headed to Virginia to support Jake and Allie in the blessing of sweet Reed. Im so grateful to be close enough to be able to just run down there and participate in these family events. It was such a good example to the kids too to watch Daddy perform a preisthood blessing. They were listening for the name (even though they already knew it). Im so grateful Christopher is a worthy holder of the preisthood and was able to stand up with Jake and bless Reed. To those of you who arent members, since as LDS people baptize at the age of 8, giving an infant a blessing after they are born is common. They give him thier name and pronounce special blessings on them. Mostly things like health and wisdom and faith. Its such a special day. Thanks Allie for letting us come and be part of your special day.