Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We LOVE Visitors

A few weeks ago we got a last minute email that Scott and Allison Parson and their triplets and John and Dottie Parson and Cooper were coming to DC. YES WE'LL COME MEET YOU! NEVER question that! We met them at Arlington Cemetary for the afternoon and then headed to CPK for dinner. THANK YOU THANK YOU for calling us. We loved seeing you all. We need family. The kids were thrilled to see the older kids and Claire just thought Dottie aka "The Yellow Grandma" (because of Dotties neon yellow jacket) was just wonderful. Probably because she had treats in her purse :) Bribery never hurts. Anyways, just thought I'd post a few pics we took of the day.

Jacks New Trick

Claire's Animals

Max may know his ABC's. But Claire... Claire knows her animals. She has a love affair with Diego. I dont mind. She says she's gonna marry him. She used to say that about Caillou (a short, bald, whiny, Canadian cartoon that drove me nuts). She's upgraded to a handsome, adventurous, brown eyed, latin, animal rescuer with GREAT hair. HAHA. Anyway, its pretty informative about the animals he rescues. And she amazes me she remembers everything. One night at dinner with my parents my Dad said something about his recent trip to China. Claire piped up that Pandas live in China and eat "Pampoo" for dinner. She'll tell you they are black and white. If you ask her what her favorite whale is she'll tell you its a humpback whale. She'll also tell you that a whale shark is both stripped and polkadotted. Her favorite turtle is the Leatherback Sea Turtle and its black and white NOT green--mind you. And they eat Jellyfish. "Jellies." She will tell you that river dolphins are pink but only when they are grown up. She'll tell you that llamas are very strong and can climb mountains. The other day at the playground she looked like she was carrying something around very carefully in her hands. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was playing with her pygmy marmosets. She'll tell you they eat tree sap. She knows where elephants live and that red eyed frogs live in trees. I like Diego. He can stick around.

Strawberry Day

The thing I miss most about Spokane are the farms.   I LOVE U-Pick farms.   There are some here, we just have to drive farther.   But worth it.   We went last week to a strawberry farm with some friends.   The kids got the hang of it in an instant (except Max.  Rocks are way more cool.  But he eventually got the idea.)  Jack mostly just stuffed his face.  We stayed and played on thier big toy train.  We stopped and had lunch at Blooms Dairy just down the road.  "Quaint" is a good way of describing it.  Best grilled cheese and homemade direct from the cow strawberry direct from the garden icecream EVER.   Then came home.   But since it had rained a few days before it was essential that I do something with all those strawberries ASAP.   So we made strawberry jelly, strawberry pie, strawberry salad, strawberry and honey chicken marinade, strawberry icecream sauce, strawberry lemonade, ate them plain out of the bucket.  

We lost Max

Literally. Last Thursday.  It was one of those super scary moments in life and a tender mercy ending.   The kids and I were at the church making copies of the program.   Normally we are there alone.  I bring balls, the kids bikes, and they play in the gym while I go back and forth between the gym and the library.   They know not to leave.  But today was different.   There was a facilites maintenence guy there.   Kind of threw off our game for the day.   The kids were more hyper then normal.   Anyways, I started talking to the man.   And he must be lonely because he just kept talking.   The kids were running around the halls and I was trying to keep a head count.   I could hear them playing with the foyer door but then they came back and went in and started "playing primary."    I finally had to just end the conversation because I think he would have talked about the good ol days forever.   I dont have time for that.   I hollared for the kids and the twins came out.   Wheres max?   They didnt know!   WHAT?!   MAX...   How long had I been talking?  Normally when I holler, he pokes his head out of where ever or atleast yells back.  No sound.   Holy crap.  The church is HUGE and all those classrooms...   I did a quick hall and gym check.  No one.   A little panic, the kids could feel it too, Claire started crying.   Quick yell outside, not there either.   Another facility guy came.   They decided to go through all classrooms one by one and sent me and the kids outside.   By this time the kids were crazy crying Max was gone, wouldnt listen to me or follow me.  The church is surrounded by 3 busy streets and a River.   We all know how Max feels about RIVERS.   Water in general.   He LOVES it.   My heart sank and images of the evening news was flashing through my mind.   It had been maybe 20 minutes?   He could be ANYWHERE!   Serious panic mode but trying to keep it together so the kids dont see but hurry up but go slow enough that the kids could follow me...   Cant I just lock them in the car for a minute?!   I start walking the bank of the river.   Thank heavens the water is low, but there are pools, and a pretty steep bush covered enbankment, probably 8 feet deep.  Visability isnt great and Im kind of trying to hurry.   I walk from one end yelling his name and just as I was getting to the other end where is goes under the road when I see a little face pop up just over the bushes with those big blue eyes.  I almost missed him.  He had somehow made it down the enbankment through the bushes and was sitting right on a little rock by a BIG HOLE and was just happy as a clam throwing rocks in the river.   "A RIVER"  He yells at me SO excited!   They hadnt known about the river.  He just happened to discover it and was thrilled with himself.   I didnt know whether to hug or shake him.   But what I am grateful is for the angels that helped him down the ledge and helped him sit so nicely on the one little rock and helped keep him there until I could find him.   There are angels among us.   And this day they truly saved Maxs life in my moment of distraction.   We went back Monday and had a ward Memorial Day picnic, of course, right by the river.   This time I went with him.   Embrace the river.   Teach him he cant go without me.   And of course I warned his nursery leaders because children have a habit of escaping their class without their knowledge.  Max included.     

"We have a problem"

My parents came to visit a few weeks ago. Probably their last visit with us in Baltimore. When they return in July in 3 years we will be done with Residency. We may stay here for fellowship or we may be moving that summer as well. I digress... My father made a very astute observation. He asked Jackson if he wanted to ride horses and Jacks answer was "YEAH! Lets go to the MALL!" (sigh, shaking my head). I was raised on a RANCH. RIDING REAL HORSES every summer since I could get on a horse. Shortly after the kids got up one morning begging to go to the beach. I was so impressed. I tried to explain to them that we used to live by the beach and that Grandma Becky still does. They were thrilled and wanted to go that day and were sorely disappointed when I said they couldn't. So to make them happy I got out our swimming pool to set it up for them. Jack just about jumped out of his skin screaming and laughing and clapping with excitement and yelling "The OCEAN the OCEAN!!! YOU GOT OUT THE OCEAN!." Oh dear. We really need to come back to the west coast where horses are really horses and not just a carousel at the mall or the giant horses at PF Changs and the Ocean is truly the ocean and not the blow up pool in the back yard. How many more years do we have left?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Max is a Genius

The other day we were playing with the alphabet mat.  Max brought me an R and then said it.   I was shocked but thought it was a coincidence.  So I picked up another one and asked him what it was.   K.   He knew it.   I asked him to go find a T.   He walked all over the mat, I had about given up when he found it.  He squatted down, pointed to it and said "T".   He KNEW it.   W is apparently his favorite.  He knows the difference between a b and d and M and W.  He knows the song and the letters independently of each other.   He cant say 5 words but he knows his alphabet.   Claire cant stand it.   When I tell people or start drawing letters for him to identify, she always comes busting in and starts singing the song.  Which she does know.  But She doesnt know her letters separately.  If I point to one, she doesnt know it.   She guesses.   But Max.   Good ol Max.   Now, he has a thing.   He shouts the alphabet all day.   When he cries, he cries the alphabet ( I really need to get that on tape because its hilarious).   "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeee,  B, C, Deeeeeeeeeee"   sniffle, "Quuuuuuuu, Rrrrrrrrr"  R usually turns into kissy lips.   SO darling.   How can anyone not comfort the darling baby crying his alphabet?   My boy.   How did he learn it?  Super Why on PBS.   And an alphabet fishy game on my phone.   The only games I have for them on my phone are education games, mostly sight words and letters to help with their vocabulary.  Max makes his mommy proud.

A Tight Ship

I've been festering lately. Have you heard of a tight ship? As in, "She runs a tight ship"?  My friend Jodi who has 4 children including a set of twins just weeks older then mine apparently "runs a tight ship" (according to a mutual friend).  My neighbors sister with 5 under the age of 7 apparently runs a tight ship (according to her mother).  I have never been told that I run a tight ship.  At least not to my face and probably not behind my back either.  I've been told Im the fun mom. Or people say they dont know how I do it.  I dont know, apparently not very well.   I, myself, dont feel like I run a tight ship.   Most days are like today when I wish I'd rather just start the day over again.  Or I feel like Im playing it minute by minute.  Ive tried daily schedules, they NEVER stick.   I do try to have something planned for every day.  We are all happier when we have something to do, someplace to go, a project of some sort.   I try to teach them manners,  we are working on tone of voice and interrupting, but there are 3 of them at once with these issues.   I dont know.   I dont run a tight ship, my ship is barely afloat.   Not totally sure what to do different.   I guess Im just not that mom.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What time is it?

I never knew outside.  And I didnt like taking my phone outside... and who wears a watch anymore anyways?  So I built a clock.   A big one.  So the whole neighborhood could see it.   I like it--I busted apart some pallets that my good buddy at home depot hooked me up with.  The only thing I had to buy were the hands.  But I think I may need to take a break from woodworking for a while and maybe blog a little more, eh?  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Im a good mommy!

See how cool I am?   Blue pancakes for dinner.   Not only after they showed me thier blue tongues did I think about the results in the morning.   Yes, they all had blue poop today.   All day.   And it stained thier little bums blue too.   Blue pancakes, blue tongues, blue poop, blue bums.   They thought it was awesome.   (sigh)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Its Ok Mommy, Im a Doctor

HAHA.  Only Claire.   This week I rolled my ankle.   I was sitting on the steps on our front porch right after it happened and Claire came over and asked what was wrong.   I told her I tripped and hurt my ankle.   She patted me on the should and said "Its ok Mommy, Im a Doctor."   And with that she ran off in the house.   A few minutes later she emerged with her toy doctor bag.   She first took out the blood pressure cuff and after attaching it to my ankle and pressing the airhose several time to pump it she declared "Hmmm,  5 pounds. "   Oh dear.   The she took out the tool to look into ears, and after looking into both of mine she declared them just fine.  That was followed by the shot.   With another comforting pat she told me several times that "Its ok, shots dont hurt."   Haha.  Wonder where she heard that.   She gave me a few shots in the ankle.  She asked me if I needed medicine and I said maybe.   She said "Ok, but Mom, you'll have to go in the house to get it because I cant reach it.   Will you go get your medicine now?  You need it."   What a darling.   The few days after that I had it wrapped in an ace bandage she was pretty concerned and asked me often if I felt better.   I once made the slip of calling her my nurse, but I was quickly corrected that she was indeed a doctor, just like her daddy.   What a doll.  

Just more Paintings

This is my art teacher. He's 80 and has no degree in anything art, just 50 years experience. These are his self portraits. He still takes classes himself and is quite the guy. Looking forward to Fall for the next class. Even though its a beginners class still, I feel like he has plenty to offer.

This one is mine

This one is the one I copied it from
I took my class again and these are the two I did this time. "Ode to Office Space" (which is a movie and the red stapler is classic) and cherries are my fav fruit.