Monday, April 23, 2012

More helping


 Thanks to a rainy day and my stack of scrap wood, I was able, with the help of my darlings, to finally build this planter for the basement.   Been wanting to do it since we moved in...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I had an older woman who doesnt have kids ask me what I do with my kids while Im building things.   She didnt understand how anyone with kids gets anything done.   The painful truth is that they help me.   It takes longer, they mess things up, I have to redo a lot of what they do, but they learn, and enjoy it, and we spend time together.   These kids know how to dig, plant flowers, water plants without killing them, measure, how to cut (unfortunatly) with a saw, how to nail and screw, they can hold things for me, they hand me things, they can sand, and paint and are all around good little builders. Here's a few of our latest projects.   A headboard for Daddy for Christmas and a new planter box for the back yard (to keep them out from under the stairs)  :) 
Yes, this is stain.  Yes, I should have thought that one through better.   Yes, I had to sand it nearly all off and yes, you can still see where they painted.  Gives it "character."  

Grammy and Pop

Notice the magazine, is Successful Farming, a gift from Grandpa and their favorite magazine. And a good one too since when Grandpa asked if Jack wanted to ride a horse--he said "yeah, lets go to the mall" (the Carousel) or when they get excited that they see the big stone horses at PF Changs. Im not sure they remember ever seeing a real horse in real life. We'd have to go to the zoo for something like that. Its disgraceful.

We lucked out and had my parents come for a quick weekend. With Jack being sick with a 103 fever all weekend, we just hung out, shopped for Mom, went to the Lake, and then spent a little time in DC when we took Dad down for his conference. Jack rallied when he needed to. Poor kid, he's on the mend now. The kids were so thrilled to have them come and the time was too short. Looking forward to June!


 The kids were so excited to have the Easter Bunny come.   He brought them a few eggs, but most fun of all, Soccor Balls.   They each have their own and LOVE kicking them in the nets at the park just a block away.  Smart Easter Bunny.  :)

Dinosaurs Have Big Teeth

Thats what we came away with when we spent last weekend at the Natural History Museum in DC.   We are so fortunate to live so close to get to get down anytime we want.   Its probably crazy for us to attempt it, my stress level goes through the roof.   But I think they maybe learned something right?   The Hope Diamond?  Thats just a big rock right?   :)   

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Williamsburg Family Reunion

We love that Ash and Peter live so close and will live here the whole time we're here too. And we LOVE that Ash works at the Marriott and can get us killer deals. Bring on the Family Reunion! Ryan and Becky came out, Lindsey and Forrest and Davis and Sarah came out, and even Aunt Philly decided to join the fun. And WHAT FUN we had! Oh the kids sure loved Davis and Sarah. We went back to Colonial Williamsburg, we did Jamestown again for reals this time, we hung out, we swam, we played at the park, we had a birthday party... we just had lots and lots of fun. Thank you everyone who came.