Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get back on the horse.

Originally this post was called "How am I really." Also appropriate. So this blog used to be about CT and I. Not so much anymore. Its been taken over by 3 little crazies. And as it should be anyways, they are much more fun, and Grandma's like to see thier pics more then us. But today, Im gonna talk a little bit about me. Because although most of what I post here are our comings and goings and all things pleasant, some days just arent like those days. Today is one of those days. Today Im the mom who walked out of Walmart leaving behind the cart full of intended purchases with all 3 children bawling and me nearly doing so as well. Every day starts with good intentions, we got up, got ready, I even got a shower, went to the park with a friend. It happens to be pretty windy today so I thought of the dollar kites I saw at Walmart. They love Mary Poppins, why not get them each a kite to play with today. So off to Walmart we went. Once arriving at the store it all started with fighting over the cool cart and who gets to sit in the front fun chairs and who has to stand in the basket. (at one time I thought these carts were genious, but they should be made for 3). Once in the store Claire and Jack started hitting each other just for fun then crying and laughing all at the same time. Max had a serious stinky bum and me with diapers but no wipes, so first stop was the baby area to get wipes, more yelling at me because we are delaying getting kites. Once in the bathroom, Jack was trying to break down the door of a stall with a woman inside and the woman was complaining from in there to make him stop. Lady, Im trying, but I have one kid on the changing table and another one that keeps running out of the restroom. Once thats done back to the cart where we trade for the front chairs and another round of chaos and bawling because its just not fair and another completely oblivious old lady who wants to know all about my triplets and what their names are and why Jack is naughty. Lady, your not helping, cant you see Im in the middle of threatening Jack with timeout? Then off to the kite rack. I get there and hand them each a kite, but then find the cheapest ones so I try to trade. Fits and "no mommies" and stomping feet all around. More threats from me that they'd better knock it off or no kites. Meanwhile, Max is in the basket with one leg hanging over crying because he wants to get out. And a probably well meaning employee comes up and trys to inform me of the dangers of children falling out of thier baskets. How they've had a couple kids get hurt. How I shoudl really watch my kids. Not helping. Listen mister, did you SEE that I have TWO OTHERS who are currently throwing fits and do you THINK that IM not AWARE of the what will happen if he falls out of the cart? My kids have never falled out. Today is not going to be the first day. But thanks for the lecture. So now on top of being frustrated and Im now officially totally embarassed. Max still wont sit. He never does. Off to the registers as fast as I can around people who are taking thier time, its ok, its just the looks as I rush past them with atleast 2 crying souls. Then Claire starts with her smart mouth. So I grab her little face and tell her she cannot talk to mommy that way or no kites. And that starts the third bawling. And then more tantrums, and thats when I put the kites on the nearest shelf and keep walking... turn up the volumn. Pass the 3 old ladies in line laughing hysterically at me (I know, arent they SO DAMN CUTE.) Standing in the shortest line as possible to pay for the stupid WIPES I had gotten to pay for Maxs bum. A shelf stocker just loitering around the register starts mock crying too adding a 4th voice to the comotion. I actually look him in the face and in my most try not to just burst out bawling myself and not rip your head off tell you that "youre not helping, thank you." Pay the buck fifty for the wipes and get the hell outa there. Claire gets right in the car, Jack being the sensitive one just wants to be held, and Max, apparently oblivious to his part in this disaster is now throwing another fit because he doesnt want to get strapped in. It takes the whole 25 minutes driving home for us to all calm down. Thank heavens its nap time. They might be in thier room till tomorrow. Most days have some part if not all of this kind of behavior. We have good parts of our days and we have horrific parts of our days. I think today was extra bad because people were watching. I feel like when the kids throw fits in the house I respond one way but in public, if someone is watching I feel like sometimes I respond a different way. Its embarassing to have the naughty kids and people expect you to act. But how do I act? Well, lets just say today none of us were on our best behavior. So after I put the kids down I called my mom. Moms do wonders. She told me to get back on the horse. To march those babies BACK to walmart and do it all over again. So I did. We did a few things different (starting with a different Walmart of coruse). Pep talks before, during, and after. They knew exactly what was expected from them and what exactly would happen if things didnt go right. And what a marvalous thing. Lots of pleases, thank you, yes mommies, they did exactly what I asked and when I asked, and I was more then happy to buy them those kites. They were more then thrilled to have them and all agreed the second trip to Walmart went much better. We went home, got Daddy, packed some sandwhiches and spent the rest of the evening at the park flying our kites. It couldnt have been a more pleasant evening all things considered. If you get bucked off, swear, and then get back on the horse.

Cherry Blossoms in DC

So this is such a cool thing. 100 yrs ago Japan gave the US 3000 cherry trees. They are planted all over DC but mostly near the mall. Several girls from the ward decided to take a trip down to see them. I'll save you the details of how insane it was trying to park, and about how they kids were more interested in playing in the waterfalls at the Roosevelt memorial. (Again with the water, and the sign does say No Wading. They werent, technically. And they cared more about Roosevelts dog then Roosevelt himself) The point of the day was to go experience it and enjoy it and that we did. After lunch on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial we walked part way around the tital basin. Here's just a few pics from the day.

More Water

The fountains are the best bribery ever. When we go to the mall, any mall, they are so good because they KNOW I have rolls of pennies in my purse just waiting to be thrown into the fountain. They love it and it only costs be .50 a trip.

Kids paint too

They understand that mommy likes to paint. Well, they've decided that they like it too. So we went to the craft store and got some. Made for a perfectly pleasant if not messy afternoon. They were so proud of thier little stars and other treasures.

The River

I cant keep these kids out of the water. Max is the worst, but the other two are close behind. And with such warm weather, why would I want to? I've decided that just because I live in a big city doesnt mean my kids cant still play in the dirt. Other kids moms in the neighborhood would be mortified. Who cares. So we went to the river. And off came the shoes and in they went.

Sparkles are Magical

This girl has discovered what happens when the sunlight hits sequins and the flash of relfections it throws everywhere. She stood and twirled in my kitchen for 20 minutes the other day totally amazed.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I NEED one of these in my life. If I can just zone out in front of a fire... So in our effort to redo our back yard a little, this was absolutely my first purchase. And the kids love it and are surprisingly careful seeing the've never really been around fire before. But they understand HOT and were really good about it. Max was kicking his little legs just as fast as he could. He couldnt have been more excited about it. My outdoor boy. Makes me happy.

Oh Claire

This girl cracks me up every day.

Valentines Month

Valentines Day seemed to last all month at our house, in fact, I just took down our hearts. They loved the hearts and all the cards in the mail we got, any time a new one came they were overjoyed. They called the cards themselves Valentines "Day" (i.e. [screamin] Jackie! Give me back my Valentines Day!") But the day itself was really fun too. We spent the morning making sugar cookies and deciding who we loved most so we could give them to them. We didnt make enough to hit everyone on thier list but we did get the neighbors and thier little friends Bennett and Micah and Peter. Poor Claire needs some girlfriends. We gave them these animal valentines with crackers in them and then we spent the afternoon delivering cookies. We finished off with heart shaped pink pancakes and strawberries and happily off to bed they went. CT and I then relaxed and downed some take out sushi and watched a movie. Perfect ending to a really nice day.