Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our First Broken Anything

This is Jackie's arm. See the red arrow pointing to the dent? Its not really broken is the normal way, its just sort of dented. Its supposed to be smooth and straight like the other side. Stinkers were climbing thier dresser and the whole thing tipped over on them. The fish tank came crashing down and shattered everywhere (supringingly the fish didnt die. Its like no matter what I do it wont die.) Im torn because I've taken all other furniture out of thier room because they climb. I took the end table out. Then I bolted the bookshelf to the wall because they were tipping that over, but then that just made it more stable for them to climb. But eventually they just pulled those bolts out too. So to bolt or not to bolt. I dont know, but I think they learned that lesson anyway. Claire thinks the dresser is scary now anyway. Anyways, he had a scratch and some swelling higher up on his arm but we didnt think it was broken. Until the next day, he was still kind of babying it. And with UMD we dont have to go through the normal hassle, CT is a radiologist for heavens sakes. So I just took him down and straight back to radiology, CT wrote the order himself and took him back to take the scans. Then he read them and called the Ortho guys who stayed late to put a cast on him. Sometimes there are perks. Jackie is a trooper and if you ask him whats on his arm he'll say "a cast to make it feel better." What a boy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teeth Doctor

The kids had thier first visit to the "teeth doctor" today. We had lots of pep talks before we went in. I showed them pics of the office and we talked about how Daddy's a doctor and we want people to be nice to daddy so they need to be nice to this doctor and let him look in thier mouths. Claire did wonderful, as always, and Jack did not, as always. Max did surprisingly well, too, no fits. And no place to park the stroller to strap someone down, thats my security blanket. So just me against the three of them. But I sure appreciate Claire and her willingness to just be a big girl and be so brave. It opened me up to help the other two. Jack wouldnt open his mouth. Period. Chocolate toothpaste helped a little... (sigh). I get so wound up about these things, I probably wasnt the nicest to them this morning, trying to get out the door on time. But in all, I didnt leave crying, Claire only cried for a second, and then was the best one. Anyways. Another first down. Maybe next time will be easier on everyone since I know what we are in for now. Oh, and yes, Claire had to wear her butterfly wings to the dentist. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Belgium Brussels Netherlands

This week something incredible that has happened to my family. My parents have been called to serve as mission presidents in the Belgium Brussels Netherlands Mission. Saying that I couldnt be more happy for them is an understatement. There truly are no words to describe the burning in my heart and my joy for them. Not only for the experiences they are about to have, but because of the circumstances surrounding their call. The Lord truly knows our deepest desires and loves us so much and unconditionally that he even spoils us a little. I cant wait to visit them there and see these beautiful places in person. They leave in June and will be gone for 3 years. Im so proud of their faith and acceptance and willingness to walk away from the next few very busy years of their lives to go serve. My dad served his mission when he was young in the same place and has kept up on his Dutch. Mom will learn it in a flash. They have been back several times just to visit and I just am about bouncing out of my seat excited for them to get started. I love you Mom and Dad. The Netherlands has no idea what Giants are coming to them.

Valentines Day Ball

Christopher didnt take me to homecoming at BYU the year we dated. He's never gonna live it down. So he got us tickets to the Hospitals Valentines Day Ball at the B&O Railroad. (Yup, think Monopoly. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.) Very fun. But he sprung it on my just a few days before and then asked if I happened to have a formal dress just hanging around my closet waiting to be worn. :) In a frenzy of shopping I finally found something that would be acceptable, but now Im on the prowl for one to keep in my closet. ! We dined on prime rib, shrimp, crab cakes, chocolate fountains, all the diet coke I can drink (open bar doesnt mean much to me). Then we danced. It was really fun to see all the ladies from the hospital all gussied up and the dance was held in the turnabout for the trains. The tables were all set up in between the trains that are housed there and the dance floor in the middle. There were tracks all over. The drunker people got, the funnier it was to watch girls trying to walk in their heels over the tracks. More then 1 girl went down and more drinks were spilled the necessary. None the less, we got our groove on and had a wonderful night! Thank you darling.
Makes me think about 10 years ago, we have a similar pic from when we we
re dating and went to the nutcracker. :) Hopefully in 10 more years we'll still be having such fun nights out.

Whole lotta not much

Been kinda boring around here with the kids. Just keepin to our daily, play dates, outings to Target, playing around the house. So here's a few pics, "enjoy for your life." :)

One down two to go

Guess who's potty trained? Im so proud of her and she's so proud of herself. She tells everyone about it. Her special undies, her prizes... What a big girl!

Dont Kiss This Face

Max plays in the toilet. He is by far the worst, flushes things, whole rolls of TP. And gets drinks because he can reach it. I really try to catch him and keep them shut and him locked out, but without 6 sets of eyes... the other day I caught him in the bathroom drinking the water out of the toilet, but using the insert for the kids training toilet as his cup. So basically double toilet. Double gross. One of my finer moments as a mother.