Sunday, January 29, 2012

Better then Christmas

Ok, so we only got 2 inches, it was ice before the kids even got up, and it was gone by the next day. But boy, what a FUN day that was :) And if its the ONLY snow we get all year, Im ok with that too. We came house hunting in March last year and it was already 80 and full on leaves on the trees, Im expecting a repeat.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lots of Charts

My friend sent me these fantastic charts. We've been using them all over and the kids have really responded to them. They get to put a dot on the giraffes when they put thier own dishes in the sink. (VERY helpful). And they get an icecream scoop whenever they brush and floss thier teeth. And Claire's potty chart is going great! Guess who's icecream cone is the chocolate one :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maxie Mooms

Max is 2. My perfect baby turned two. Turned into a TERRIBLE two. Max is throwing tantrums. Throws himself on the floor. Flails his body, throws his arms around, hits things but only makes sure you are watching first. But when he's not doing that...
The only word Max can say clearly and knows what it means is "Tickle Tickle". Which is something he is VERY and LOVES to do. He also love "go high" and likes to touch the ceiling, and "again" for just about everything else he loves.
Max loves peek-a-boo.
Max LOVES to wrestle. If Im on the floor for any reason, he's usually dog piling on top of me. Makes my workouts a little difficult, doing push-ups with 30 lbs sitting on top of me.
Max is also a cuddler but not as frequent as Jack. But when he does want to, he makes good and sure that you know it. He wont let you get up and sits very very still. He'll sit there for an hour and not wiggle at all.
Max's favorite thing to do is be chased. He runs crazy all over the house. And loves it most when Daddy chases him and he hides behind me.
Max is happy. ALWAYS happy. Great big grin and curly hair, and those big blue eyes, who doesnt love him.
He doesnt give kisses very often, but when he does they are so sweet.
Max is very content to play by himself and usually on a different level of the house. He does get excited when Tangled comes on though. He doesnt watch the TV hardly at all. He loves cars and TRAINS. LOVES TRAINS. And balls.
Any food is his favorite food and he is ALWAYS hungry. The twins will finish first and then Max will stand up and move to Jacks seat and finish his dinner and sometimes Claires as well. No wonder he is as big as they are (does not bode well for the body flailing.) If I cant get dinner on the table fast enough he's usually pushing on my legs or he goes straight for the fridge and will eat anything he can find. Usually grapes or some fruit in a bowl I dont mind him grazing. The other day he brought me the carton of eggs downstairs. Crazy boy.
Max LOVES being outside. Nothing makes him happier then when he can escape. He loves running and throwing balls and LOVES the sidewalk chalk. But his all time favorite is the Lake. That boy comes alive at the lake. He cant get out of his carseat fast enough and we have to take him kicking and screaming when we leave. Nor can he stay out of the water. His feet inevitably get wet. Throwing rocks into the water is his favorite. And while we arent at the lake, he either plays in my plants outside after it rains and they are full of water, or inside he'll stand on the toilet in the bathroom and play in the sink.
Max also likes teeth. Im convinced he'll be a dentist. He giggles when I brush his, he likes to look in my mouth and he says "awwww" while I do it and he runs his fingers along my teeth and likes to feel the retainer I have. Odd obsession but it makes him happy.
Most of all, Max is sweet.


Jack is 3. I know! So cliche, where does the time go.
Jack is love. Thats the only word for him.
Jack is my snuggler. He will come and climb in bed with me every morning and stick his little cold feet between my knees. He would be happy to lay there with me all day.
Jack is tenderhearted.
Jack is sensitive.
Jack doesnt respond to anger or yelling. Jack HATES timeout and comes back to me seconds later bawling broken hearted. If he's whining, the only way to deal with him is to pick him up and hug him for a minute. Then he forgets whatever was so upsetting.
Jack whines alot and when I ask him to not, it turns into mumbling.
Jack LOVES CHOCOLATE. ANYTHING CHOCOLATE. Its kind of a problem. He is my sweet tooth but is skin and bones.
Jack loves running. He'll sit and do laps around the dining room table. "I run FAST."
Jack is ALL BOY. Trucks, airplanes, dinosaurs, dragons, Buzz and Woody, firetrucks, rocks, digging in dirt, shooting hoops, ROCKETS AND THE MOON. These are his current obsessions.
Jackson is ticklish, Claire, not so much.
Jack gives kisses freely and often.
Jacks favorite food would be yogurt, favorite movie probably Toy Story or maybe the Princess and the Frog. His favorite TV show right now is Spiderman from the 1960's (Thank you netflix).
Jackson also likes to clean. Thinks the vacuum is hilarious and loves to play tag with it and suck his fingers up the hose. Loves to sweep and mop and will often get those two things down on his own and just start. I'll often find puddles of swiffer soap where he tried to mop for me. He also likes doing windows.
Jack has some social issues. Not as outgoing as Claire, crys when I take him to sunbeams. A little concerned about preschool later this year. NO interest in potty training right now.
Jack also loves his big boy bed and needs more sleep then Claire. Naps dont happen very often with them anymore. Mommy is going nuts.
Jackson has very good manners. Always says please and thank you and good morning and have a nice day. Especially when we are out and about. People are THRILLED when leaving the store and they all pipe up with "Have a nice day."
Jack has NO FEAR. He loves to jump off of things and those things are getting higher and higher. The latest is the stage at the church. Walked right up and bailed off. Geez.
Jack is love.


"Mommy, I just a kid."

Claire is 3. THREE. This pic is of our special outing to buy her minnie mouse big girl undies. I know she looks pained, buts she's trying to give me her biggest "cheese". Potty training round 2 is about to commence.

Claire is hilarious.

Claire is kind.

Claire loves her big girl bed but also still loves her blanket and is kind of a packrat. There are more toys in her bed then anywhere else and she "needs" them all. We're working on that.

Claire is compassionate. Today we went to the doctor and she got a 2 shots. She bawled and cried but then got over it. The real fit came when it was Jackie's turn. "JACKIE DOESNT WANT A SHOT. And just bawled out of compassion for Jack. "NO JACK, NO SHOTS FOR JACK." Inconsolable that I had given Jack a shot too.

Claire is concerned.

Claire is bossy. Claire is the enforcer, espeically with Max. But she's also very concerned about "The Boys." "Where are the boys? What are the boys doing? Let's go boys."

Claire is a negotiator. "Just a little bit mommy." "Just 1 minute" "Just 1 more" "This is almost over".

Claire hates timeouts and even the threat of it works wonders.

Claire is loving. She loves holding Jackie's hand and giving hugs and kisses when saying sorry.

Claire is mommy's helper. She loves to unload the silverware, put her dishes in the sink, she can make her own sandwhich and help me cut pineapple with her dull knife. Anything done in the kitchen isnt down without her help. She likes to clean and wipe things up, wash windows, but HATES the vacuum.

Claire is smart. I only have to say things to her once and she remembers forever. She knows her colors and we're working on numbers. She mixes them up. "One, two, three, six, eight, nine, ten."

Claire bounces back and forth between being Mommy's or Daddy's girl but loves them both "THIS MUCH".

"Babies" make her happy and is sad when she "gets hurt" but LOVES playing with bandaids. "Babies" make her laugh.

Caillou is her favorite show. (She's my worst TV bug). Her favorite color is pink. Mary Poppins is her favorite movie. Our friend Ellie Christensen is her favorite person. Her favorite food is either corn dogs or pizza. Claire loves playing with dolls and Jessie and her kitchen but doesnt mind driving a desiel here or there.

Claire is perfect.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paintings # .... I forget already

Papa Ryan and Grandma Becky Visit, Birthdays, New Years, and so much more!

The festivities in our house dont end with Christmas. Not even close. We were so lucky that Ryan and Becky came to visit after thier Christmas in New York. The kids were over the moon to see them and I think G&G were maybe just as excited. We got to have them for almost a week. And boy did we try to pack in the fun. Date nights out, days playing with the kids. The twins turned 3 on this visit. We took G&G on a tour of the hospital and then we were treated to a day at the aquarium. The kids love it there. Its hard, no strollers (!!!) and we unfortunatly went on the busiest day of the year. The dolphin show was the best until we got sprayed, they didnt think that was very fun. For New Years Eve we sent the kids to bed and we feasted on Prime Rib and creme brulee to celebrate my birthday and Ryan's 60th birthday and the new year. We had a crab feast with Jake and Allie, and then just a movie night with us. Another favorite was Claire's belly dancing outfit that G&G brought her from Turkey and they took her down to Target and let her pick out her very own new baby. Baby Boos. She told me she liked that one because it has pink lips. But its a darling doll, it dances and talks to her and she'll sing back to it. Cute. Mommies Birthday was on the 3rd and Daddy had the day off and let me take the whole day and get a pedicure and see a movie with the friend and just shop and run errands and not come home until I was good and ready and then he took me out again that Friday for dinner and a movie. He gave me the best present ever. A Garbage Disposal. A friend told me thats when you know you are an adult, when your birthday presents are responsible. HAHA. Made my every day life so much easier. Then... a week later, Max had his birthday. Although he already opened all of his presents, we couldnt let the day go unnoticed so we made cupcakes and let him blow out candles again. The kids were surprisingly ok with it just being Max's birthday this time. And now, only NOW can I say the festivities are finally over. We start partying in Oct and dont stop till now. We need some quiet normal time around this house I think. :)
Like Claire's play glasses? On upside down. Almost :)

Christmas Day 2011

So I know some people think its a wonderful thing to have Christmas on Sunday. And yes in theory it is. But not when I have these 3 and they just now are getting it. We talked for weeks about what to do about presents in the morning. Well, Santa decided to leave the kids a letter saying that they could go peak at thier presents but then they had to go to just a "little bit" of church before they could open them. It was, after all, Jesus' birthday and thats where he would want us to be. Lets just say we didnt make it to the end of sacrament. And it, to be honest, made everyone mad and cranky, and stressed out and put NOT a wonderful christmas spirit in our home. We should have just stayed home. And I thank heavens that the next time christmas falls on a Sunday wont be for 6 or 7 more years. But the kids were excited to see the presents. Buddy and Santa moved them all downstairs. Thank you everyone for the gifts you sent the kids, they were indeed spoiled. Jack indeed got a dinosaur from Santa which he LOVES. Max got a firetruck from Grandma which is what he wanted, but Claire, I think her kitchen wins. Santa Elves must have worked very hard, because it turned out really cute. They finished under the stairs into a hide out. Claires kitchen and high chair were under there, and a chalk board for Max, and a pirate ship with a flag they can change and glow in the dark stars. It turned out really cute and I dont think they came out of it until 4 days later and would have slept in there if we would have let them. Santa also made them a table and chairs so there is room enough for everyone plus a friend to color and eat and play without running into each other. We spent the rest of the day playing and opening more presents, and then napping, and then more presents, and then mommy made a delicious ham with potatos and the works. Daddy was impressed. :) It was a good day.

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve we spent just here at home. We played and got ready and were excited all day. That evening we watched together the church movie "Joy to the World". And then we let them open thier Christmas PJ's that Buddy brought us from Santa. It was kinda sad, Buddy was sitting in the tree above the presents and the kids started playing with him and knocked him out of the tree. It was VERY sad. Buddy almost lost his magic. But they kissed him better and told him sorry and we had to write a note to Santa saying that we didnt mean to. Good thing that Santa was coming tonight and could take him home and help him get his magic back. Then when we went to bed, it was so sweet, the kids were more interested in looking out of thier window to see "Jesus' new star" then if Santa was out there or not. And true to excited kid fashion, they were still awake at like 11 pm bouncing around thier rooms looking out the window. We voted and decided that we would leave icecream and carrots for Santa and Rudolph. Jack REALLY REALLY wanted that icecream. He cried for a while, but then decided that it would be a good idea to share it with Santa.