Friday, December 23, 2011

Miracle on 34th Street

34th Street in Hampden MD. There's a neighborhood close to downtown that is 34th street and every year they make a light show that MUST be visable from space. These houses are decorated Griswald style (if you dont get that reference, go rent National Lampoons Christmas Vacation) . So to start another MD tradition we loaded the kids up and went. Pretty cool! Note to self, next year get out and walk. The kids really like going to see the lights. They get especially excited about Candy Canes and there's a blowup santa in a Helicopter that couldnt be cooler.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ok, I know its almost Christmas. Im sorry, but thats my excuse. Getting ready for Christmas takes a lot of time. But we had a Wonderful Thanksgiving with Jake and Allie Townsend and Baby Liv. They drove up from VA to spend the weekend. We had it all, a beautiful turkey and all e good stuff that goes with it. The best part? All 4 babies slept while the adults actually were able to share a nice meal on my good china and everything. Claire is my little helper and HAD to baste the turkey every time. She was so careful to not touch the hot oven and she figured out the baster real quick. I give her credit for the perfect bird. CT carved the turkey while Jake held the Ipad with a youtube video of how to carve a turkey! What happened to fathers and sons teaching the special craft of carving the bird? I dont know, but how would we live without the internet? :) After Dinner we went to the Loch Raven Res to feed the geese. Max was so excited that he started running and slipped several times in the mud. Poor kid, wet and muddy, but about as Happy as he could be. Thanks Jake and Allie for coming up.

Aunt Ashy and Unc-Peter's Visit

Temple Christmas Lights
We were so lucky to have Ash and Peter come visit us too this weekend and we loaded up the van to head down to the DC temple to see the lights. It was such a fun evening! The kids werent very excited, they had fallen asleep and werent thrilled to get out into the cold, but then they saw purple trees and that suddenly made it all ok :) The kids LOVED the lights but even more LOVED LOVED having Ash here. I think Jack has a special place for Unc-Peter in his tender little heart. Jake and Allie met us there too. We are so grateful we have so much family so close.

Christmas Houses
Then on Sunday after Church we made graham crackers houses. Lets be honest, the kids ate most of the candy, but they thought it was really fun. The left the houses alone for a few days but then the draw of the candy on them couldnt be resisted anymoe.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buddy the Elf

We have an elf. His name is Buddy. He comes and stays with us all of December and runs back at night to give Santa his report and then is in a new place in the morning. The kids LOVE looking for him again. And last night he took our letters to Santa just
in time. Phew, thanks Buddy