Friday, November 18, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes...

When I get after the kids I usually get down on their level, look them straight in the eye, tell them what I want, and then seems I always add "You got that?" Jack looks up at me with the most sincere face and most matter of factly and replies "Yes Mom, I got that. " How can I be stern when that is his answer?!

Today we were having ramen noodles for lunch. But in an instant Jack declared "Look! Noodle snakes!" And now they are "crawling" all over my table.

Claire can be dyslexic when she talks sometimes, switching up letters and words. A lemon is an Emel. A shopping cart a "copping shart." "Puk it." Thats another one. "Puk it back." "I have pockets in my crackers." And she has a problem with me. Look what Me got. Daddy's coming to me house. "Give to me back it." That one made me chuckle. Oh, and if Jack is crying, its 99% probably Claire's fault. But like I said before, she'll tattle on herself. Come and tell me that he's crying and what she did to him. Or if I ask her what happens, she always tells the exact truth. Which is really nice and wont last. But for now, if ANYTHING happens, she'll tell me exactly what, even if that means she gets time out.

And Max... poor max... He still hasn't said a word. He says No and Go. And Yeah, and sometimes Daddy. But I dont think those count. As for real words, names of things, not a peep. Lots of babble and blowing raspberries at me, and fake coughing (something Claire taught him...) Other then that? Not a word.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Williamsburg Day 2 Afternoon

We spent a little bit of time in Jamestown. Its mostly museums now, even though it was the first town ever in America, no one lives there now. So we mostly just stopped for a snack and potty break and then back in the car back to Williamburg. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Williamsburg again before we met Uncle Peter for Pizza.

I have to insert here that these are definetly my children. See those ropes that are supposed to keep them out from where those cannons are? And notice in this picture of me on my mission standing on the edge of a water fall and that sign that says "keep out, Dangerous..." We dont listen to little signs like that. And apparently my children dont either.
Then since the babies had the hardest time going to bed the night before we thought for sure if we went swimming after a day like today that they would just crash. But wouldn't that be our luck that they wouldn't. They were still wide awake at 11 that night. Dang babies. Ashley works at the Marriott and with her employee discount we had a really nice room with a kitchenette that made everything so much nicer. Jack and Claire slept (or didn't) sleep together in the hide-a-bed and Max was in a crib. But I think its the last he'll stay there. He kept getting out and wanted to be in bed with the other two. Part of why they wouldn't go to sleep. They slept horizontal in the bed, there would have been room... Poor Max. We had such a wonderful time and the next morning we had to load up and just come home. The Verdict? Amazing vacation to see family and some of the oldest historical sites in the nation. We are so glad to have Ash and Peter so close to us. We need to go back maybe when the kids are older so we can do Jamestown again and some of the museums in Williamsburg. Good thing we all still have 4 more years to be together here.

Williamsburg Day 2 Picnic

After the fun morning at the beach we drove up the road a little bit and found these awesome cannons still aiming out over the river. This place is just full of historic sites and plaques everywhere talking about the wars both Revolutionary and Civil wars. Amazing stuff. We had a picnic, climbed trees, played on the cannons and then decided to try to make the babes nap in the car while we took the ferry across the James river over to Jamestown while we took a driving tour of the area. While driving we read of Wikipedia all about the area and John Smith and Pocahantas. These people actually lived there!
These three are Battling the Union Army as they come up the York River to attack Richmond...