Thursday, September 29, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Days

I've missed the orchards in Spokane. So I started digging and turns out there is a really nice one just 2 miles down the road where we can go pick our own produce. They were having Johnny Appleseed Days last weekend so we went. CT was worried they wouldn't be old enough to really have fun with everything they had, but he was WAY WRONG. These kids couldn't have been happier. Hay rides, gunnysack slides, duck races, straw mazes... And apples the size of their heads. They were HAPPY.
Mommy: We are going to the doctor today so Max can get a shot.

Claire: Mommy, I want a shot!!! I want a PINK shot.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little NON-Mommy time

I've decided I need something for me. Something I like to do. Somewhere to go that isnt running errands or church. So when we moved here I decided to look into the community college. Just to see what fun-ness there is out there. And boy, I had a hard time choosing! So for my first class tonight I've decided to take an oil painting class. Sailing sounded too cold and basket weaving too boring. I painted in high school and really liked it but then life happened and in college you dont have much time to take all the fun classes then you have to be a grown up and get a job and then when you have kids who has time to paint? So this is it! I like painting. I havent painted in 15 years. Im going to paint. Come spring who knows... dancing? I was a little jealous of the people walking into the Spanish class. Even though I speak Spanish, it wouldnt kill me to brush up in the advanced class I think. I think this is gonna be fun!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Catch Mommy

Now that these kids are talking, they crack me up. I wish I could have taken a picture of this one... I've been working on the attic floor. Only about 1/3 had flooring so we could walk and use it as storage so I've been putting down more. The kids have been helping a little. They like the climb up the latter and they sit very still or hand me screws. Well, last night while Daddy was bathing them, I was finishing up a few minor things and starting to move boxes over on the new floor. Chris folded the latter back up just half way so he could walk under it but the door was still open so the kids could see me. But I couldn't get down until he folded it back down. So I just sat there and when Claire got out she immediately started crying because Mommy was stuck. Jack came over and with the biggest grin on his face and his big grey eyes and naked little body wet out of the tub said "Jump, I help you". And then held out his arms as if he was gonna catch me. He was so persistent and sincere and just completely believed that indeed he could catch me if I jumped. What a man! I love my little guy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camden Yards

Our wonderful Realtor Lynn was so thoughtful and as a welcome to Baltimore gift got us tickets to this Tuesday nights Orieles game. She said they were good seats... BUT GEEZ! I would be a fan of ANY SPORT if I got to sit THIS CLOSE! We were on the second row just to the side of the visitor dugout. Home plate was maybe 20 feet away. Growing up we had tickets to see the Utah Jazz. I knew they were good tickets because I could smell their sweat and hear the banter on the court. Well, these were those kind of seats. We could hear them talking in the dug out and see the sunflower seed shells they were spitting out. It was AWESOME! Not to mention that we won and no babies were allowed. Home run in the bottom of the 8th made for a very exciting victory. :) Thank you Lynn and Go O's! (Sorry Angels, we dont live in LA anymore. ) We'll have to try Mormon night at Camden Yards next year with the babes. Jack will love it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Air and Space Museum

You would think it would be boring and that who would bring a bunch of 2 year olds to see stuff about space... but it was full of AIRPLANES! And THAT is something that Jack knows a little bit about. He and Claire couldnt have been more excited. We went with Jake and Allie and Olivia Townsend and Max and baby Liv couldnt have cared less I think. But these other two and the rest of us were pretty impressed. We saw the first Boeing. A Concord. Lots of War Planes, an F-14. The Enterprise space shuttle. Oh, cant forget the Helicopters. Yes, Jack was in Heaven.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How about that weather?

What a welcome to the East Coast. Record breaking heat. Ever. In hundreds of years not this hot. Record breaking rain. Ground so saturated mature trees are uprooting themselves even without wind. Easy as pulling weeds in a freshly watered garden. Earthquakes. Did you know the east coast DOESNT HAVE EARTHQUAKES? Of course, not until we move here. I got a few dirty looks when I told people we moved here from SoCal.
I promise I didnt bring it with me. I hate them. Oh, and did I mention a Hurricane? Irene was fun. Actually, really quite unimpressive and boring. Lots of people lost power. We didnt. But what do we do during a hurricane? We make caramel popcorn and cookies. Take extra long bubble baths. Watch movies with the kids and finally turn in at midnight because nothing was happening. We had flash summer thunderstorms WAY worse then Irene. But it did teach me that I was indeed prepared. We had food and water enough for a few weeks if we needed. We had flashlights and lanterns ready to go. Lots of batteries. There was no rushing the store for me. I did get some cash. And I did take the kids to the store the day of to buy more butter for the popcorn and to get out. The store was a madhouse. Probably not worth the butter, but it took up an hour of our day. We did tie everything down and only Christopher would hose off the patio before a hurricane :) Im grateful for a church who teaches us to be self sufficient and prepared. With this storm raging, I felt completely calm. The crazy neighbors felt like it was doomsday and were kind of psyching themselves out. Another neighbor didn't bother doing anything. We were somewhere in the middle. Better safe then sorry, but no need to freak out. I know others had it worse then we did. I was grateful for the dry run.

Nothing funner then a hose on a warm day

Screaming at the Dinner Table

Its normally not ok. EXCEPT when they are yelling "NUUMMMEEEE Mommie! More Peas Please, Kank you!" Yelling. Again and Again. Shoveling them in their little faces as fast as they can. They can have all the peas they want!

A little Target fun

When we have nothing else to do, we go to target to get popcorn and play with thier toys. The kids love it and they havent kicked us out yet and I get a little shopping done. Everyone is happy.

So serious

This girl likes to paint. She has helped me paint almost every room in this house. I just love this pic, she was telling me something so serious, like "stop taking my picture Mommy, Im busy."