Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Car Smell

Look what Mama got! For Christopher's 30th Birthday we went car shopping for me. Since we told the Tahoe I have been carless and its been kind of rough being so homebound since we've been here. There are plenty of things within walking distance, but with 95 degrees and 80% humidity... who wants to?! And I guess this is my prize for cleaning up poop all day. These babies have officially pooped on every floor and surface in this house! 3 times yesterday alone. But the worst was Jack pooped at the top of the stairs and then slide down the whole stairs on his bum leaving a poop streak down the stairs. Awesome. This is a Hona Odyssey. Its bran spankin new (we leased it, surprisingly cheaper then buying used). It had just come off the truck when we test drove it. It had .7 miles on it! HAHA. New car smell. Love it. But really, getting a minivan has been a little bit of a pride issue for me. I swore Id NEVER get one. NOT ME. Im not that mom. (but as you know from other posts, I am exactly that mom.) This is what I would prefer... one day.... When we got married CT promised me he would never make me get one. And he didnt. It was my decision. Reluctantly. nd trust me, I LOOKED at other SUVs. The Acadia... I need 8 seats, I could have got it. But the determining factor is that the stroller wouldnt fit in anything else. And we all KNOW how much I NEED that stroller. But today after running errands all morning, I can see why the automatic doors are convenient. And the space. This is how they should let people test drive them. Take them for 4 hours with kids to run errands. Not the little predetermined route around the block. I appreciate it more this morning. I think it looks like a beetle though. It should just grow black hairy legs and crawl away. So maybe thats what I'll call it. The Beetle . :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

From Sea to Shining Sea

In Iowa we couldnt get out to take the pic because the whole place was under water. We had just passed a bridge and the off ramp near the sign was underwater.
Indiana didnt work because we were trying to not die in a tornado. We were outrunning the storm and that night there were 40 different tornados from that same storm. Thank heavens we just missed it! And the closer we got to Maryland and the bigger the freeways the more difficult and dangerous it was to stop, but we did our best.
And Finally, after 4 days in the car we arrived in Maryland on Wed June 22.

The Moving Truck Came

Yup, we rented a whole diesel. The kids were pretty excited when a "Tschruck" actually came to our house. They were able to play in it for the short while it was empty. My parents flew out and helped up load along with our amazing neighbors and friends the Beans. Hazel was our faithful babysitter. They were from England. Anways, with Pete's help he saved us 4 feet in the truck which ended up saving us $500! WaHoo!!!
Without our furniture we did what we could... the kids were so tired they both fell asleep in one bed. And we used the tool box as a table and sat on floor to eat breakfast. Such little troopers!
Once we were done my parents took the kids and flew home so CT and I could start the crazy drive across the nation. We figured they would have more fun playing with the cousins and we figured we couldnt do Barney for 4 days straight. :)

Transitional Year Graduation

At the end of this whole experience in Spokane, CT had his "graduation" from the internship or transitional year. It was one final night that we were all able to get together and have dinner and talk and celebrate before everyone scattered across the country again. Kids were invited but just to save everyone we left ours home. There was a wonderful dinner and the Docs got their certificates but it was mostly fun to just see everyone again. We made some really great friends this year that I hope we will be able to stay in touch with. Congrats my darling on finishing this year. We survived it!

The transitional year spouses
The Good Docs
Our Table with the Heiners and Schleissers
The Whole Group!!!

Last TY Ladies playgroup

We had the most amazing group of transitional year resident wives. Lots of members of the church and everyone with little kids. And with all of us in the same boat--only there for a year-- it kind of made for instant friends. We had play group every monday and for me it was a life saver. The kids just LOVED the other little kids... Kody and Kaia, Josie and Anya and baby Gracie, Taft and Lukie, Ben, Ashley, and Jamie... these were the regulars every week. But there were so many more that came when they could. Thank you ladies for keeping me sane. We miss you all! It was quite the task getting all of these wiggly darlings to hold still to take this pic. It was the best we could do ;)