Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving on...

The other day I took my car in to get the battery checked. Jack about had a melt down when he saw the other guy come out with the keys and get in the car to drive it away. He just started BAWLING "Mommies car! Mommies car!" Tears streaming. He thought that guy was taking my car. I guess they know something is going down. They did ok at the yard sale yesterday too. But I was nervous for last night and today. I sold thier cribs. My babes will be in twin beds when we move. And the lady came today to pick them up. Jack didnt see them go, but was ok while I was taking them down. He helped. And Claire even helped us haul it out to the lady's car. Such a good helper. Maybe they will do better with this move then I thought. Every once in a while Claire will ask where Daddy's car is. I just tell her I dont know and suggest we buy him a new one. She gets excited about that. And I ask them all the time if they want a new house and try to get them excited. I think they are doing great. So until we move and get settled, the twins will be sleeping in pack n plays. Maxie boy does still have his crib though. Thought I'd better keep atleast 1. :)

We hosted a yard sale yesterday. Several other residents who are living in apartments brought thier stuff and we had pretty good success. Here is Jen Sunseri, Becky Schleisser, and a very prego Michelle Guyette. It was the first sunny day in weeks and lots of people were out and about. We made over $100 on random stuff which is awesome! At noon we had several more residents come and we had a huge steak fry. We needed to finish off the steak and hamburger before we move and that did the trick! It was so fun to have one last informal get together with everyone. People stayed all day and we just chatted and hung out. What a fun day!


My darling Max is officially in Nursery. Today was his first day and they said he did just wonderfully. No surprise. He was so excited to bring me his homework after class. What a darling. Poor baby even has 4 teeth on top coming in, and he was still an angel. It was weird to sit all through sunday school and relief society without him. So quiet. Now what am I gonna do with myself!