Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daddy has an Owie

So says Claire. Its true though. This week CT went in and had a septoplasty and an epidermoid cyst removed from his chest. Ashley had a septoplasty earlier this year and it got CT thinking. So he called up a surgeon buddy and went and got checked out. Turns out his septum was severaly deviated. And guess what? Covered 100% by insurance so why the heck not? Just a few days later he was under the knife. And while he was there he had the doc check out a little bump that has been on his chest for like forever. We always thought it was a lypoma or a little fat lump. But its been getting bigger over the years and the doc thought maybe it was this other epi-whatever. Which it was. Not serious, but would have just kept getting bigger and bigger and eventually needed to be removed. Why not now? I always called it his button. We thought it was about the size of a ping pong ball maybe? But the Doc said after it was really the size of a baseball. A BASEBALL was in his chest! Holy cow! Poor guy though... it got infected and he got the flu on top of it all. Hasnt been a very good week. But the kids have liked having Daddy here all week. At first they wouldnt go near him with that bandaid under his nose. Espeically Claire, but they warmed back up to him and was gentle with him. He shaved his goatee for the first time in 7 years. People say he looks younger. I dont know... I miss it. :) Sometimes people say funny things when they wake up from surgery. Not this guy. Nope, he was all business. Grilling the nurse wanting to know every detail about everything... what kind of drugs he was on, why they intibated instead of some other thing, how much blood he had lost, things the nurse had no idea and had to scour his charts to find out. And then he would ask the same questions over and over again. All while eating a blue raspberry popcicle she was so nice to crush for him. I peeked out to ask them another question and all the nurses at the desk chuckled and said that Doctors make the worst patients. It was pretty funny. Who asks all those questions? Who cares? I would just want to know if A: I was still alive and B: if they fixed it. Then Yeah! But not him... All business. Even when drugged. He must truly be a doctor. :) We love you honey. We hope this helps you breath better.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

More of Easter Vacation

Im so glad Ashley took these pics of the Parson Pizza Factory party :) Twice now when we have driven through, Grandma and Grandpa have rented a room out and the whole fam has come to see us. Well, not us, I guess we just give everyone another reason to get together :) It was so fun to see everyone, especially since it will be years before we see most of them again. Ash took Claire and Grandma Becky... well she just cant help but spoil Jack. All he ate that night was a massive cookie!

And these darling pics were taken and Lindsey and Forrests new house. Baby Sarah was born just days before and we were so happy to go love on her a little before we move. The kids had so much fun playing with Davis. You can tell they were happy to have thier picture taken (Jack...) :) Jack was so TENDER with Sarah. He kept giving her kisses on the top of her head and patting her hand. I know what a brute he can be, so to see him be so soft with her was pretty cute. Dang boy, I know he has it in him.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Many goodbyes as of late... First and foremost: Our Tahoe. Affectionatly known as the Beast. This is a 96 Tahoe and Ryan and Becky were the original owners. CT has had this car since he was 13. He learned to drive in it, drove it all through high school, college, and our goal was hopefully it would survive Med school. Which is did, plus a year for the MBA. Then on a half thought, maybe it would survive internship too. And it did. But sadly, the Beast cannot join us on the East Coast. We are happy to sell him here, he will die with his boots on, here in the dirt and mountains where a 4X4 can truly be appreciated. Christopher is suprisingly sad. Sharp looking rig after all these years. Guy called us tonight and drove off with it 30 minutes later. Cash in our hand.

A very nice man came and bought the BEST anniversary present I EVER recieved, which was my portable air conditioner. We almost died in Irvine during the summer on the 3rd and 4th floor of the student housing. The summer CT lived in Philly's extra cold basement doing an externship at Amersis I boiled in our apartment. So for our anniversary that we spent apart, he bought an AC and had it delivered to me. Better then any flowers he could have ever sent.

Last but in no way least--The Farmers. Rose Ellen, Tyler, Natalie, and Becca. They have been our good friends and neighbors this last year. The day we flew in with the kids moving here, not an hour after arriving, Rose Ellen was on my door with a pan of fresh baked cinnimon rolls. It was the nicest thing EVER. It was such a help to not have to worry about breakfast for the next few days while we tried to quickly unpack and get settled. Tyler just graduated from law school and they are moving to Yacuma WA. Rose Ellen, however is from Arlington VA, close to Baltimore, so we are hoping to see her again when she comes out to visit.

Lots of sad good byes.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sleep Habits

For some reason, I dont do well when they are transitioning thier sleeping habits. When they were newborns, it stressed me out when they stayed awake after a feeding. Then it stressed me out when they went from sleeping all day to just two 3-hr naps a day. Then when we moved here we went from 2 naps to 1 3 hour nap. EVERY DAY. I know, Im lucky. But now that they have learned to climb out of thier cribs nap time has become a fight. It stresses me out so much when I hear them back there playing. Isnt that dumb? They are fine, happy, apparently not sleepy. But they do things like destroy thier bedroom, or last night with the babysitter, Jack fell asleep right here in front of his door and I nearly nailed him when I went in to check on him. Most days they still do eventually fall asleep, but the days they dont are always bad days. By the end of thier "naptime" Im so wound up because they didnt nap that I just want to kill them. So today, they are not asleep, jumping and giggling, I just need to relax and tell myself they are still quarentined in thier bedroom and out of my hair and just let them be for an hour.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

My darlings came bopping in this morning, each with the plastic flower that they couldnt destroy (and Claire quickly claimed them all to be hers). So when I looked over the foot of the bed I just saw tops of heads and bopping flowers coming running in. Such darlings. CT gave me a gift certificate for another massage (even though I gave myself on yesterday :) A girl cant have too many massages can she?). But then in sacrament first thing this morning, all Jack wanted to do was go to nursery so he could play with the basket ball, I eventually had to take him out and when I got up to walk out the side of my skirt was plastered with fruit loops. Awesome. So my thoughts on this day, as Im sure many moms do, we look at our weaknesses and how terrible of moms we really are. Im find myself lost most days. Am I doing enough? Who needs me most? When Jack slams Claires arm in the door do I take a minute to console her or do I leave her crying while I discipline Jack and take the time to explain to him why it was wrong or why he wasnt listening to mommy. I chose to stop the tears, and by the time I get to Jack, he's so far past that moment that it wouldnt make any sense to him anyway. So how am I ever to discipline them? Or teaching them anything... Im sure if I had lots of 1 on 1 time I could do it. A friends daughter born the day after mine knows her ABC song. Another friend who's child is almost 3 knows his letters and is starting to write them. If I even give my kids crayons they color on the tv, my couch, thir own faces.... I have a hard enough time keeping them on paper, let alone helping them learn WHAT to draw. Reading to them is a joke. Mine will be illiterate. I admire so much mothers who have more then 3. How they do it I dont know.

I swore I'd never complain. And my heart hurts today for those friends of mine who would take my 3 in an instant. And with all my "fails" every day, my darlings are beautiful and wonderful and sweet and Im grateful to be thier Mommi.

Home on the Farm

These pictures make my heart happy. So while we were house hunting the kids had an amazing time on the farm. It makes me sad that they cant experience what I did growing up. Being there, riding all the time, cows... There's just something about it. Mine will be the sad city kids who fly in to spend 2 weeks a summer on Grandpa's farm. NOT THE SAME. Sad. But Im so glad they had this week. Jack apparently really took to it, and Uncle Scott became his favorite. Whenever he came over Jack was ready to go out with him. He LOVED driving the lawn mower and the cows. After we came home, our last day was spent doctoring the new calves. A production that I really miss every year. But this year we were actually there to help and see thier new techniques. We used to run them through the chute to brand them, but now they rope them, a little more classic cowboy. It was fun to watch. And my darling Claire was up on the fence watching the whole thing, loving it. Jack played on the pipes like I used to and Max, well he slept through it. Although he did love the cows... no fear that boy. It loved seeing them out playing in the dirt.

And I, well Dad call me a week before and said he had a horse for me. Its been (Im ashamed to admit) 4 years since I've ridden a horse. And I couldnt have been more happy to be in the saddle. BUT Im even more shamed to admit that I got bucked off for the first time in my life. I knew better, I let his head get away from me and he started hopping around and off I went. In my defense, it was the horses first time out this spring, they are always more jumpy in the Spring then they are in the Fall after they've been ridden all summer. Still, I knew better. So nothing hurt by my pride. My ribs disagreed for a while and my knee still bugs, but dang I was embarassed. I was told, however, that I had good form. If such a thing exists. Tuck and roll. I'll take it I guess.

We had to leave at noon that day to start the journey back home. We stopped to see Lindsey and her new darling baby Sarah, and we saw the Trimbles, and the Parsons really cam together with a pizza party at the Pizza Factory. We wont see most of these people again for years. Literally. What a wonderful long day. But we spent the night in Idaho Falls and finally made it home the next day.

House Hunting

After a wonderful Easter day we put the kids down and CT and I ditched them with my parents and flew to Baltimore to house hunt. We spent 3 wonderful days with our agent Lynn Plack who had been good to us from a far, but she far surpassed our expectations while we were there. She really took care of us, drove us everywhere, had us to dinner at her house with the most remarkable crab cakes. She is amazing. Her husband is a cardiologist in MD. We appreciated so much that she suffered through residency with a couple small kids too. She understands us completely. Its funny too because she is my height and her husband is 6'7". So as oddly they were us 20 years ago. It was so fun to spend time with them. But this was not a vacation by any means. House hunting was really stressful. How to make the right decision? Which city even to live in? We had 3 options. Catonsville, Owings Mills, and Towson. All wonderful and had pros and cons for each. So surprisingly after a very long first day in Catonsville and Owings Mills we were very confused and upset. Day two was spent in Towson and the very first home we walked in to I almost cried. The neighborhood was wonderful and all thought of the other two cities were gone. Towson and Loch Raven Village was for us. But now where... LR is split in two by a major road, one side a different zip code and less desirable then the other. Home values are less so we could get more for our money, but might be harder to sell. So for the next two days we saw atleast 20 more homes on both sides. And in the end we went back to Utah still just as confused. And with what seemed like no more help from the Lord we were at a loss we to what to do. So we made a list and started making offers with the prayer that if it wasnt right then it would fall through somehow. What a gamble to make. We made our first offer on what was my favorite from the beginning. And they flat out rejected us. We made a second offer $20K higher, not a token raise. And they still declined. Funny since thier house has been on the market for nearly a year and it wasnt that far off thier asking price. So we moved 4 doors up the street to our next favorite and made an offer, with the same prayer. Let something happen... And funny thing: The people fell off the planet. They literally didnt answer thier phone for 3 days. So they didnt even know there was an offer on thier house and it expired before they even knew about it. But even then they declined the offer. Divine intervention. Who just doesnt answer the phone when there was interest in thier house? We couldnt believe it! What were we supposed to do now? We were discussing our options when a new one came on the market. Perfect street, perfect house. It had everything we had asked for. On the better side of town. So amazing that within 2 days of being on the market we had decided to put in an offer but so had another couple. Awesome, a bidding war. This was ridiculous! So we put in our best offer, higher then what we really wanted but because of a wink wink from thier agent, we believed we would get it. AND WE DID! But again, I think a little bit of divine intervention... the other couple had put in a HIGHER bid and more earnest money then us. But the sellers chose us anyway. We were told that it was because of our financing. Our loan is a "doctor loan." Special for residents where they dont take our student loan debt into consideration. I guess they thought that sounded more secure, a better bet then the other couple. So even though our offer was lower, we got it. We couldnt be happier. The other two homes were slightly bigger but this is by far the nicest, especially the basement where if the winters were anything like this one in Spokane, we will be living down there alot. Its equal distance (maybe 1/2 mile) from both the park and the elementary school where the kids will do preschool-1st grade. And probably the same distance from a huge shopping area with Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, Giant Food... just about any other store I use frequently. Great for walking. So here are a few pics of our new house....1637 Cottage Lane, Towson. :) Just needs a little paint to make it ours. I dont think the boys would appreciate the pink and purple bedrooms. Although Claire might put up a stink when she sees them.

And as for that higher asking price... funny thing, yesterday when we actually applied for the loan, we found out rates are dropping so instead of a 4.75% which was our original APR, we are now at 4% which is a $100 decrease in our mortgage every month. Which makes the house even cheaper then the offers we put on the other houses even though it cost more... I cant help but see the hand of the Lord in this even though going through it we felt no direct revelation or direction from him. Isnt it funny how its usually in hindsight. We have a perfect house in a perfect location for a perfect price.