Monday, April 25, 2011

About the Happiest Baby Ever

He's so busy. We love Max.

Duct Tape

Yup, halarious thing taking off thier diapers. Im tired of cleaning up poop all over when they do it. So we busted out the tape, I even got pretty turquoise tape. And this was Claire's response. She hates it. I dont care. Sorry Dolly, Mommy wins.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dollar Store Balloon

Tonight I took the kids to the dollar store to stock up on summer things like frizbees, toy boats, kites and bubble blowers. I let them each pick out a helium balloon before we left. I had Max in my arms, and I was trying to scurry them to the car, Jacks arms were filled with his loot, it was a busy parking lot and I was just trying to get all three kids to the car without incident. Jack wasnt watching and tripped over a speed bump. Fell face first it into the asphault. And even though I tied his balloon to his hand, somehow we sat there and watched it fly away. He was devastated and crying and I scooped him up to get him out of the road as quickly as possible. Claire was standing by the car like a good girl. And I don't even know where Max was by this point. I was loading them as quickly as I could to just get out of there when a man and his daughter appeared right in front of me out of no where with another balloon. He gave it to Jack and said "here's your balloon" but it wasn't his. I was sitting there perplexed wondering how he had gotten it when I had just seen it fly away. I was so frenzied that it took me a minute to even realize that that man and his daughter were giving Jack thiers. He disappeared just as quickly as he appeared. And all I could do was stand there and cry. He was my angel today. The Lord loves us and is aware.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Working Nights

Daddy has been working nights again so I've been trying to keep the kids busy in the late afternoon so they will crash early. Night time routine is not easy by myself. So Im resorting to icecream bribery, picnics in the park, and playing at the mall. Can you blame me?


Its been raining alot, so I bought them umbrellas... Really it was just to make them stop screaming in Walmart, whatever, I caved. But they LOVED the umbrellas and it turned into entertainment all day. I finally had to hide them, but only after thier naps :)

Spokane Valley Bounce House

All winter we've tried to find things to do with these babes. One of our favs has been the bounce house! They LOVE it of course but its pretty hard to go by myself. So on our last day on the punch card, we saved it for when Daddy could come see us be crazy too! Claire and Jack LOVE LOVE LOVE the big slides. Claire will do that the entire time she's there. Jack loves the balls they have, and it frankly scares Max a little. But this time he seemed to warm up to it. Maybe because it Daddy's help I could actually get in and play with him.

One of the nicests things someone did for me this winter happened here. I went by myself one morning when the kids were exceptionally crazy and I was having a hard time watching all three by myself. Jack was in a different bouncy, I was holding Max (who weighs a ton) and Claire was doing the slide. I was running back and forth between the two kids trying to watch them both. There were several little kids on this particular slide, all about 2, and they were sliding and running into each other at the bottom. Most of the time it ended in giggles and we tried to clear them out as quick as possible. I turned to look at Jack and Claire came flying down and she bonked heads with another little girl. Claire was just fine, but apparently the little girl had bit her lip and it was bleeding. The mom kind of freaked out. She rushed her to the office and made them get some ice for her. With Max in one arm and Claire bawling in the other, I left Jack to go see if that little girl was ok and appoligize to the other mom. It took me a minute to find her. She said it was ok and that it happened but then she left immediatly. Apparently it was not ok. But what was I supposed to do? So I ran back to check on Jack, who was still jumping with his basketball simply oblivious. But for the rest of the hour Claire nor Max would leave my side but I still had to try to play with Jack. It was all I could do to just not sit down and cry my eyes out right there in the jump house. I looked up and there was another mom standing by the slide still watching her boys and she winked at me. A few minutes later I went back to the slide with Claire and she started talking to me. She had been standing right there watching the whole thing go down. She had 3 year old twin boys who were going nuts on the slide and she was just so kind to talk to me and not judge me for the madness that I was that day. We had the same pediatrician and she gave me some advice on thier talking... We didnt talk about anything of any importance really. But instead of judging me or looking at me like I was nuts, she understood. She made me feel less like a freak and that accidents happen, and it was ok. It makes me almost cry even now just typing it. Bless that woman forever for her kindness to me that day. I'll never forget her.

Easter will not be forgotten!

I'm determined to make Easter fun and so they know it exists... I got out thier eggs and baskets from last year. This is what they turned in to... Hats. I guess we need to have a few practice runs with finding the eggs. :)

We Love Daddy

And his guitar!