Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jacks new trick

After about 10 minutes of me pushing him and pushing on his knees saying "move your little legs, push push" he finally got it! He still has a hard time starting and turning, but the boy can peddle! He was so proud of himself! And we are super proud of him too. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boogie Game

I taught Claire how to pick her nose. I know, awesome parenting. But the little darling, all winter had the hugest hard boogies in her nose and I would see them every time I changed her diaper. So we would play this game, I would let her "get my boogies" or pinch my nose and in return she would let me pick them out. Which she really didnt like so I started showing them to her and saying "See, arent you glad that isnt in there any more." Now that its spring and they are feeling better, no more boogies. We havent played it in a while. Until 2 days ago, we were in public, and I saw her fiddling with her nose. Then she turned around and handed me the dried boogie she had just fished out. Awesome. Apparently I need to redefine the rules of the game.

Monday, March 21, 2011

St Patricks Day

Came and went, just like Valentines Day... without my kids even knowing it existed. I need to be better.

Sweet Relief

So after this long winter we had the most amazing chance to go home to Orange County and thaw out. We couldnt have been happier to go and the Good Lord knew we were coming and ordered PERFECT weather for us. Not to mention the most amazing company ever. We were able to see and do so many things Im not even sure where to start. We got to have Aunt Ash come for a long weekend too which was so fun to see her and give her a chance to snuggle with the babes--we made "cacorn".
We visited the hospital and all our loved ones there, and then my office and my wonderful co-workers. They shut down the office early and ordered pizza for us. It was like we never left.

We had our wonderful babysitter and friend Lydwina and her sister Lizzy and friend Sheryl come a couple times so we could go out as adults and let them have a chance to see the babes.
(this is Jack sh'shing the terra cotta horses :) And Claire pouting because we left.)
We had a wonderful dinner with Tiffany, Zaylin, and Bram. Too bad that darling baby girl of hers couldnt make an appearance. We just missed her by a few weeks.

We set up a play date with the girls from our old ward as well. Lisa, Goldie, Lynelle, I miss you girls more then you know. Thank you for taking the time to come play.

Max's sad face about breaks my heart. I think he was just thirsty, but he just looks devestated. And Claire doesnt believe in shirts. Often we have to have the "we are in public, you need a shirt" discussion.
We tried to go to the park every day. Did I mention shopping? We shopped a lot. :)
Claire hasnt stopped asking for the "Pak" since we came home. Every day.

We had to hit the beach a couple of times of course.
But we really liked just hanging at Grandma's.

Max's favorite was to play in the quilt rack. We thought he kept getting stuck, but he liked it in there--quilt jail. And we did our best to keep him from eating the plants! HAHA
Jack took his watering duties very serious!
We did have some sickness while we were there. In fact, all three threw up, and 2 got blessings from Daddy and Grandpa. But the worst was Jack. We were all ready to go to the symphony, just minutes before walking out the door... Jack came over on my lap and I had about .5 seconds warning before he threw up all over me. Then again. And then again. 3 awesome waves of chocolate milk and grapes all down my front, down my sequins and heels, all over the floor... Lydwina walked in right in the middle of it and ran upstairs to start the bath. I took a quick shower and CT and I went anyway while Grandma and Grandpa stayed home. Lydwina stayed anyway to watch the kids while they cleaned up. I was so torn, it was hard to concentrate when I just wanted to be at home holding Jack. He was so sick, fevers, aweful. But Im glad I went.
More then anything or anybody we were so happy to go visit Grandma and Grandpa and thank you so much for letting us come. 11 days is a long time, but we enjoyed every busy minute. We miss having you so close. So thank you for the sweet relief. We left winter and came home to spring. I think we survived.