Friday, January 21, 2011

More flour

Who doesnt like playing in Flour?

I guess every kid has to do it sometime right? I must confess sometimes I still like running my fingers through it, it is really soft and usually cold. And I must also confess that I thought it easier to clean up the mess they made then deal with the screaming and fighting that would have commenced after. And after all that, they didnt even eat the pizza!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Warm Weather, sort of.

And I love it. Who said 50 degrees is warm? It was 76 in Santa Ana today. But enough about that. Friday we went out and built a snowman before the snow all melted (which it did, including our cute guy by the end of the next day). And today was stake conference, no way I was even going to attempt it. (Judge if you like.) So we packed a picnic and went to the park in Cd'A for some much needed fresh air. It was chillier there next to the lake, but the kids had a great time anyways. Then nothing better then a little cuddle time on the couch this evening.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moms of multiples are freaks of nature

I've had this conversation verbatim. Multiple times. I almost cried the first time I saw it (after a long day). But really, just hilarious. Just had to share.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who are these people?

I dont even recognize them! Such funny babes. We went on a date last night just to dinner and when we got home, they were still up 2 hours past thier bed time. Our wonderful baby sitter Hazel said there was a mas revolt and Max was the ring leader! MAX! Poor Hazel had a cold even, I was hoping they would give her a break. No dice. This is what Claire looked like when we walked in and she was in their closet getting out a bag of 100 balls like it was going to be a totally fun time. Hazel was holding Jack, and Max was over in the rocking chair jumping up and down with a big grin on his face. I love it when he squints at the camera. :)

Yeah for Ipads.

Christopher wont play board games with me.  Atleast he wouldnt until now.  We play on our iPads over the Wi-Fi.   Who needs a board?  Atleast he'll play with me now.  Maybe I'll get him to play Phase 10 with me after all....  ;)  Thank you Apple.  You just made my marriage happier. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party

Overly ambitious? Probably. Exhausted? Yes. Totally fun day? Yes. Worth it? yes. I've spent the last month planning a birthday party for the kids and thier little friends. Monday is usually play group for the resident wives so I thought I'd just invite the normal people who are on the list for that. Most dont come, there's only 3 girls plus myself, so I figured they would be the only ones who came. Nope. EVERYONE came. I thought I had a pretty good little group until last minute 8 more people RSVPd! I had 25 people not including us! There were so many kids running around it kind of felt like Where's Waldo except, Where's my Kids... Everyone was so generous with thier presents and I think the kids had a blast. Except Max. He slept through it. :)

We did lots of fun things, we threw bees in honey pots and make honey comb necklaces. They brought thier own teddy bear friends so we used a parachute to pop the bears up in the air. We had a hot dog picnic with chips and pasta salad and everyone ate on the floor on blankets.

(I finally found Claire to get her pic) They got thier hands stamped like little bear paws and a bear ear headband when they came in. I made the pinata myself, it was supposed to be our "sun" since it never comes out here. But I made it too good and they kids never could bust it. Christopher finally just had to cut it open and dump the candy out on the floor. Christopher had kind of a stomach bug this morning and called in sick so we were so lucky to have him join our party. He couldnt have had the day off otherwise. We had bee cupcakes and they turned out to be a hit. I put up the tent and tunnels down the hall and we called it the "bear cave". The kids had such a fun time crawling up and down the hallway. Although it did make it a little difficult to gain access to the bathroom, and Im afriad one little boy didnt make it in time. I dont know, his mom said that wasnt it, but I would feel really bad if that was why. They had to leave early. :(

The kids had bear cakes again but Max's didnt make it. So he got a bee cupcake. Everyone said they had a great time and we got lots of compliments on everything. When they left they got thier own little picnic baskets as party favors with teddy grahams, gummy bears, and a little toy and the moms got Brown Sugar Bears. So I think it went well. So now its past midnight, the house is cleaned up, and thankfully I have a year to recover before I get to do it again.

Birthdays Anyone? Ok, Everyone!

Max and I brought in the new year with our Birthdays. Christopher and I went out for my birthday, nothing much, just mall walking and a movie, but it was a wonderfully quiet evening. We saw True Grit, which was awesome. But I confess, every country anything, movies, rodeos, the National Anthem (which I understand isnt country but it has the same effect)... It makes me think about growing up in the country and makes me go down the "what would have been road..." Its ok. Christopher bought me a pocket knife for my birthday. He knows the way to my heart. And one day maybe he'll let me buy a horse :)

But Maxie boy--He turned one! We opened his little presents Sunday night. Since day 1, he has been the sweetest, best baby EVER. E v e r. He's always so happy. He gets really excited to see me in the morning, he starts jumping and laughing when I come in . The twins love him too and thats the first thing they do when they get up is run to his door, and now that they can open it, run in to say good morning. He has 7 teeth.  32 inches, (just 1 1/2 inch shorter then the other two) and 25 lbs. Yes, he weighs more then Jack and they wear the same size clothes. He loves to play patty cake and with Balloons. He loves to wrestle and will put his mouth on my cheek and blow which is halarious. I assume they are kisses, but he practically will try to eat my face.  Bathtime is his favorite. Any time we walk down the hall he gets really excited.  But not as excited as when I open the door.  I have to be really careful because hel'l be out the door and in the garage in like 7 seconds.  Its so cold, I cant wait for it to warm up so I can open the screen door and just let him go.  Whenever I do pick him up to go outside, he practically jumps out of my arms excited to leave.   He has the biggest blue eyes. He has been a delightful surprise since day 1. We just love our Maxie Moos.