Friday, November 26, 2010

First real snow day....

Black Friday

Im not a hater. Im just not a lover. I thought I'd give it a try this year, so I can say I did it. It is what I thought, not worth my time to fight and freeze and push and shove, not when from the convenience of my own home I can log in, buy, ship for free.... Maybe Im not doing it right. But I dont think I'll try it again. Im more of a CyberMonday kinda gal. Best part about it though... spinning donuts in the end of our culs de' sac when I got home. I have to admit, I take 10 minutes every time I come home to go spin a few for old times sake. Makes me laugh out loud.

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was pretty good this year even though we didnt go anywhere. We invited Doug and Serena Heiner, another resident family, to join us. It was pretty fun and we had lots and lots of food. The kids sat at the kid table for all of like 30 seconds before they got down and were running around.
We spent the morning playing in the snow while the Tom baked. Jack whined the whole time, but Claire, my dolly, she really got into it. She loves it. And did you know that sand toys work great as snow toys too? Neither were impressed with the sled though... The Heiners left around 4, I think thier kids had had it. So we split the pie and ate it on our own.
We skyped with our parents, then the kids just played until bedtime when we let them open thier Christmas PJ's now. I figure this way they'll have the whole month to wear them and be excited about them. And it was so funny, they WERE excited about them. Such sweet things. We are grateful for many things, but to be honest, this day I was grateful that my kids were more well behaved then the Heiners... :O There, I said it. HAHA. What a thing to be grateful for, but I am. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


As in Snow? What a pleasant surprise. It wasnt much, and it only lasted till later that afternoon, but the kids just stood in front of the slider and said "No? No? No? No? No?" For like 10 minutes. We put on our boots and made footprints all over the back yard and after I threw the first snowball, Jack thought that was pretty fun. He is my thrower after all. Whenever he gets mad (which is often) he grabs the closest thing to him and hucks it. Finally, something he can actually throw and not get yelled at for it. :) Welcome No.

Just another fun day at the Mobius

Kids woke up 2 hours early from thier naps on Wednesday. I had a knot in my stomach, what was I supposed to do with the 3 of them for the LONG afternoon till dinner time? I get so tired of thier screaming and fighting over toys and being cooped up inside. So we went back to the childrens museum and there were maybe 3 other kids there total. It was nice to be able to let the kids run around and actually play with everything without fear of them getting stolen or who they were bothering or who was bothering them or who's toy they had just taken or other parents giving me dirty looks for not being able to manage them all, or me having to depend on a friend to take one for me (which I appreciate greatly when they do, but it doesnt come without feeling guilty)... We had a really fun day! They played for like 2 1/2 hours and were totally entertained the whole time. Even Moomies was able to get down and play and not be bothered or pushed over or stepped on. We could have stayed longer had it not been almost closing and dinner time.

Christmas Tree Lighting at Riverfront Square

So these people dont even wait until after Thanksgiving, apparently the Christmas season started Friday night! We took the kids down to the Riverfront Square Mall to the tree lighting and to see Santa. We got there early and fed the kids hotdogs in the food court and tried to get a good enough seat when these two older gentlemen sitting at the best table possible told us when they were through we could have thier seats. It was so kind of them! And another couple who was impressed with how CT had gotten down on his hands and knees to pick up all the food the kids threw on the floor had offered us to sit with them also next to the railing. We were front row and right above the stage so we could see everything and we could block the kids in which was awesome. After they left they came back a few minutes later, they had gone over to buy our kids icecream. Can you believe that?! Total strangers being so kind, letting us have the good seats for the kids, and them buying us icecream. (This is me almost crying when they brought it over. ) They couldnt have been kinder. But we got there so early that by the time it started, we were just about ready to get outta there! The kids were running around nuts because it was past thier bedtime and we had kept them in the corner so long! Jack hung his legs through the bars of the railing and sent his snowboot falling 3 stories into the crowd below! Thank heavens it hit the sound booth and the guys just hid it in the corner until after when I went down to retrieve it and appologize to whoever it nailed! The tree was enourmous and beautiful when lit, but in all I think we would both vote it wasnt worth the effort. Santa only stayed about 15 seconds to light the tree then he was gone again... I dont know. It was an experience I guess... best part of the night was the kindness of strangers. In this world where we are mostly stopped, pointed at, judged, talked about, mocked, bothered, and commented to because of the crazy that we are with these three in tow, it was so touching to be offered a little kindness, thier words and actions from both tables that night, that, I will never forget. So yes, worth it. Plus Max looks cute in his raindeer hat.

Friday, November 19, 2010

We eat cheetos for dinner...

It was my bribe so they wouldnt scream at me in Walmart... lovey ate the whole bag. (It was a little bag...) But they are good little helpers. They push the cart for me and love it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another awesome outfit

She's been really excited about these hat and gloves the last couple days. She's so funny! And oddly enough she matches today with the same pj bottoms that she wore last time. I guess she just really likes those ones. Little pixie all ready for winter I guess. Maybe she's just cold?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Earn your keep!

And Max, that's all you have to do since you're such a good babe.

Cafeteria Food

We went for the first time tonight to the hospital to eat dinner with Daddy. The kids were really good and the staff enjoyed seeing the kids. They were really excited to see him and ate thier food so good. Good thing it wasnt very busy. This will be the first of many trips to the hospital cafeteria over our lifetime I think.... And if you look closely, yes, baby is sitting in the chair with Claire and Piggy is strapped into the stroller just in case he tries to fall out. And Jack said French Fry tonight. HAHA.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Proof they actually eat thier vegetables... sometimes :)


People often dont believe me also when I say that these darlings sleep from 6:45 pm to 9am and then often nap from 12:30 to 4. The insanity may be 3 fold, but so are the blessings in some areas.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thomas, I love you.

What is the deal with this train? It doesnt do anything, in some of the movies its face doesnt even move. But suddenly in 1 day Jack decided to become obsessed with it. OBSESSED! We were in Walmart and he spied a Thomas pinata and we almost had world war 3 trying to get out of there. So yup, Im a push over and walked straight to the toy aisle and bought him the cheapest Thomas toy I could find and trust me it hasnt left his hands since. Its a hard little toy and he sleeps hugging it. And if I say "where's Thomas" and he doesnt know, the world ends until we find him again. (sigh) Good part? Keeps him occupied for a while while I deal with the other two. I guess I'll let him stick around a while longer. But I should have kept the $5 toy for Christmas. Its all I would have had to get him.

Happy Halloween

Besides the obligatory Christmas, I think this is my next favorite funnest holiday. When else do you get to dress up however you want, run around, have parties, decorate, and eat candy??? I swear Im still 10 years old. And these 4 are just going to have to bare with me because I force them to do it too! We went to our wards trunk or treat on Sat night. I decided to keep it simple (or not) and just put the kids in thier skeleton PJs and paint thier faces. They were sooo good while I painted thier faces and sprayed thier little heads. Jack didnt like looking in the mirror when they were done, but they did get a kick out of looking at each other! Max looks kind of like a racoon! And yes, the water was BLACK when we scrubbed them. It took two days to get it all off, and even today I found black patches all over Claires scalp. Guess she gets another good scrubbing tonight! We decorated the trunk with my new additions this year, the paper mache spiders and a strobe light that made thier bedazzled eyes glitter. We took turns walking the kids up and down the aisle, they didnt get it, and didnt really want to get close to the cars, and were freezing even though they had several layers on... So we ended up just putting them back in and starting the car while we finished handing out the candy. Its a good thing someone tipped us off, because the whole thing only lasted like 30 minutes, had we been late we would have missed the whole thing... But I think they had fun. They liked looking at all the interesting people but didnt want to get close to any of them. :) Then Sunday we just stayed home and only a handful of people even came to our door. I guess thats what happens when Halloween is on a Sunday. Im glad there are people out there who still keep the Sabbath Day holy. Anyways, CT and I were indians, and he's such a good sport to put up with me painting his face and everything. I know he really doesnt like it, but he does it cause he loves me anyway. Hope you all had as fun as weekend as we did!

These were our pumpkins this year. Ct's was eating a smaller pumpkin, and the middle one, well, if you look closely, its of my face. He made a stencil of one of our wedding pics and yes, my loving husband made me a jack-o-lantern. I dont know what he's trying to say with that.... I might be mad if it didnt actually look like me, but it kind of does... Talented boy.