Thursday, October 28, 2010

More grandparent fun

A few days after Ry and Beck left, my parents flew in for the next weekend. It was the deer hunt in Utah. (I just have to shout out to Shelby who bagged this awesome deer with one shot, blew its heart in half from 300 yards... ok, makes me a little mad since in all my years of hunting as a kid I never did get one... Shown up by a 13 year old! GRRR. )

But we had fun here on our own. Since it was cold and rainy we decided to try out the Mobius Kids Museum. It was so fun for the kids and we ended up getting season passes because A) they were cheap and B) its gonna be a long cold winter!

Then on Monday we took a day trip out to see the Grand Coulee Dam. The largest source of energy in North America. There were security guards everywhere, and we are among the few who were able to drive across the top since 9/11... But amazing. Makes electricity for 11 states and is only running at 30%. The kids were cute at the visitors center making energy and playing with the jack hammer and giant wrench. We watched a movie about how the region was formed and during the ice age there were a series of enormous floods that carved the land scape around here. Who knew but that these rolling hills that make for beautiful wheat fields are really rippes 30 stories high, miles long, and 200 yards between... can you imagine the size of the "puddle" that would create ripples so large? The theory was only proven after arial photos made it possible to see them for what they are... Really makes one feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things, and makes Al Gore laughable when he thinks my SUV is causing major damage to anything. I would have never thought to go see it but am grateful for the expirience. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun weekend.

Grandma and Grandpa Trimble

We were so lucky to have Ryan and Becky drive up for a visit last weekend. Claire remembered right away who they were and went running up to the car, but Jack, (ok, he didnt feel so well) stayed back a little bit. But he warmed right up. We all know Grandpa is his favorite guy! It was a quick trip so we tried to pack it full of all of our favorite stuff. We headed off to the farms to pick apples and pick out our pumpkins, we played at the park and fed the ducks, we dined at McD's... We just hung out here, and then went on a double date like we used to almost every weekend before the kids... We had such a fun time and we cant wait till the next. Here's just a few picks of the fun.

(Grandma Parson, Max was the only one who would leave his beanie on for more then 15 seconds... we're working on it. Maybe one day they'll figure out they dont have to have cold ears! )

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The other night we had two different people bring up treats and knock on the door and run. It was really cute. I didnt know who until Sunday one darling little girl named Anya told me that "We boo'd you and left you purple and orange cookies but it's a secret and I'll never tell you." HAHA. I guess its our turn to return the favor to some unsuspecting ward members :)

Just because its funny when kids smash their face against the screen.

Words... Finally.

I was beginning to worry. But they are finally starting to say things that I can sort of understand. Here's the list...

Ball= bawl
Tractor = toto
Truck = Tuck (said with much gusto)
Shoes = shuz
Up = up, open, and down
water = wawa
Sippie = ipay
cheese = chiz
color= ca
Bird = beez
Tickle = ticaticatica (but kind of with a lisp, if thats possible.)
Aunt Ashley = Ash
Dad = Da
Dad's car = Da
Anywho, cutie pies.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I went to Albertsons today to rent the Rug Doctor because we've had sick kids and throw up on carpet. So I went in with shoeless kids (because I cant find them, and its only 50 outside anyway... ) hair in a pony tail, (I did shower and atleast put on mascara) the closest dirty clothes that were on the floor... While signing out Max threw up all over the customer service counter. I finally got out with my machine, sitting in the car embarassed, thanking heavens that was over and looked down at my jeans and saw that these were the jeans that had poop all down the leg. Yup, Im THAT mom. :) Im having popcorn for dinner.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The latest fashions

Claire is my daughter and pretty opinionated. She seems to have issues with her clothing. Often she will bring me what she wants to wear for the day. Last night she was not pleased with the PJ's I put on her and she yelled at me the whole time I was putting them on, then this morning I went in to get her up and she didnt have them on anymore. I dont know when she took them off, but she threw them at me. Jack had taken off his shorts too. Today we put some shorts on her and she was ok with that until she saw the PJ bottoms. She wanted them on over the shorts... not instead... OVER. She wore them all day and even to dinner at our friends house. What a dolly. :)

A mouse problem?

Something is eating our cheese... oh wait... It's just Claire. :) They were helping me "rearrange" the fridge today and I guess some cheese sounded pretty good. She even shared with Max and gave Jack his own chunk. She is a true Trimble... they are addicted to cheese, or maybe just diary products because icecream is in that catagory too. :)