Thursday, September 30, 2010


We have an obsession with airplanes. They can hear them coming and we live pretty close to the airport so they fly low over our house. The kids go running to either the big window in the kitchen or out the back door to see it. We can always see which airline it is and they get excited. If they can hear it and not see it, they can get kind of upset sometimes. Funny ducks. Sometimes they mistake the ambulance for an airplane. They go running for that sound too :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Toot his horn

So my dad has worked his tail off for the last nearly 30 years to make Sunrise Engineering a succesful business. I know he worked hard, but its nice to have someone else see it too. Sunrise just won an international award for Client Satisfaction. We couldnt be prouder of him and everything he's done. We love you Dad.

Music Time

Im trying to have an activity for every day this week. The kids are better when I do and even though its crazy, Im really trying. So today we tried Music Class. A random older lady here in the South Hill decided she really likes music and kids and she has free classes once a week. We sang songs and played with instruments and puppets for 1/2 hour then she just lets the kids loose to play with everything for 1/2 hr. A great way to spend the morning and since CT is working nights, a good way to keep the house quiet so he can sleep all morning. The kids went nuts over the drums. Even Max was down in the mix. Then Jack discovered he could stand in the window and stood there with his face plastered for like 10 minutes. While he was standing there a deer came and stood in the yard not 10 feet from him. Im kind of glad he was there! :)

I lost Max

Now that he's mobile, every time I turn around he's not where I left him! This is where I found him this afternoon. Its like in one day he figured out that he can get places and its way funner and he now has no fear. Things just got a little more complicated. I've been trying to go places like the library and music time... (this week in story time Jack decided instead of picking the glitter off of the crafts on the wall that he just didnt need to stay in the room at all. My friend Becky found him out running a muck down the aisles...) I cant go unless friends go as well who are willing to help take a kid in addition to thier own. Its really nuts, especially since Max is on the go and sometimes I cant take the stroller to keep him strapped. Thank you to those lovely ladies who are so patient with me. 3 babies running in all different directions, no fear, no obedience. They always say its ok and they are happy to help; maybe I need to be better at recieving thier help. My independence and pride stand in the way. But I really couldnt do it without them. (sigh).

Monday, September 27, 2010

All better

So I have to appologize for the previous post. It was a really bad day and now that I re-read it, the post really doesnt describe just how bad it was. But Im all better now. A weekend with Daddy home and realizing that PMS may have had a tiny roll... :) We've all made up. Doesnt mean I still dont cry almost every day, its just a little less traumatizing :) Thanks for all the support and Im SO GLAD Im not alone. We almost walked out of church on Sunday because of the screaming fits in Sacrament Meeting. I was so embarassed I broke down crying in church. The only ones who saw was the bishopric because we were on the front row. Several people after told me they got a good chuckle out of the kids behavior. Im glad someone found it amusing. I was telling a friend about it today and she told me she didnt even notice our MASSIVE fits because hers was doing the same thing. Maybe it wasnt as bad as I thought. Anyways... thanks for all the comments. We may all survive this afterall. ;)

OH, and getting my insurance to pay for bi-weekly massages didnt hurt either ;) HAHA!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adoration vs. A Very Bad Day

This is me venting, so if you dont want to read you dont have to.

When I first came home from my summer trip with the kids... they were so clingy and crazy. I was so annoyed that I couldnt get anything done. Then I had the very distinct impression that "they adored me." I needed to not look at thier clingyness as an irritation but to remember that right now I am thier world, thier friend, thier cook, thier mommy. It really helped for a while. But I think that adoration has turned into a little bit of seperation anxiety. I cant go ANYWHERE without them crying thier heads off. Not to the store, not to the mailbox, not to the bathroom. And forget Nursery. They dont want thier Dad. Its really sad actually (I think it hurts CT's feeling just a little), they will ALWAYS pick me over him and he'll pick them up to hug them or play with them and they dont want anything to do with it. Its all me. Its getting old.

You know its a bad day when the twins are in time out at 9:30 in the morning. Some days are so good, they are good, cute, loving, no fighting... then days like today when they wake up screaming. How do you make a kid stop screaming and use his words? Jack SCREAMS like high pitched hawk scream for EVERYTHING. Even when he's not upset he does it... for his sippy he does it. It grates on my nerves like nothing else in my life and I always thought of myself of being able to keep my cool and keep it under control. But today, and every bad day, which we have been having more bad then good, I just end up in tears. Im not a cryer. But these kids... Im going a little crazy. I kind of feel like they have broken me. Sex offenders, group homes, violent adolescents, mission companions... it took two infants to break me. Then when I tell Jack to stop screaming, Claire starts like its a game. The mommy look doesnt help, talking to them doesnt help, time out just makes them scream more... And the fighting... Toy police is an understatement. We take them to do things because it stimulates them and gives them something to do. And we walk. By 10 AM its like they know its 10 AM and they begin so I strap them down and we walk. We've been walking 3-5 miles a day. A DAY! EVERYDAY! (good for the diet). But its all I can do to strap them down. Which they fight.

And Max. Sweet Max. Loving Max. Growing up WAY TOO FAST MAX. He is my sanity. He doesnt scream. He doesnt steal toys. He doesnt bite. He doesnt run away. He is so pleasant and happy and I pick him up and he nestles his little head into my shoulder. Bless you baby. You were such a surprise but what would I do without you? But Im scared to death because in a few short months he will be thier age and where will they be???? What will I do with 3?

But then I know people who would take them even this way and the drop of a hat. Shame on me. I am sorry to those of you who are trying and want babies so bad. I know you would take my screaming babies in an instant.

By the end of the day we've usually made up. They are so cute and sweet and tired when they finally lay down to watch Barney right before bed. Jack is such a cuddler that he usually ends up on my lap, actually I usually end up with all 3 sitting with me in the chair and they go down so easy, I just take them back and lay them down (bless them all for sleeping through the night) and they are all smiles and hugs and Im terrified to put them down because that means morning will be comming soon and possibly another really bad day.

Spokane Interstate Fair

Last weekend we took the kids to the County Fair to see the animals and just get out of the house for the day. They LOVED LOVED seeing the animals and pointing at them and making the noises they make. Seeing the horses especially made me feel a little nostalic. Growing up on a ranch, I often wonder what life would be like had I married a cowboy? Anyways, I think the kids loved more that we let them get out of the stroller and walk. Normally if we go anywhere they are strapped down pretty good. But we let them out to walk and wander.
It was pretty fun actually but the funniest part was Jack and Claire at dinner. We bought them hotdogs and frenchfries from a stand. Jack ONLY ate the french fries and Claire the hotdog. But she had to eat it with a fork, so she would grab a peice, put it on with her hand, and then eat it with the fork. They were wandering and playing with people. Jack especially made friends with a couple ladies at the next table but the funniest was when a gentleman walked past, looked down at them running crazy and chuckled... Jack looked back up at him and started mocking him with the funniest fake laugh I've ever seen. It was HALARIOUS. Where did these two come from??? Such funny ducks.

This is my kind of salad... Cake. :) And Me and Claire with the horses. One day I"ll own one again.

Jack is giving the sheep his famous side glance stink eye :) Then they decided to be so helpful and push the stroller. We didnt see the monster truck show but Mommy wants one anyway :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Icecream Cones are Yummy!

This Can't Be Comfortable

Raspberries anyone?

Back to Green Bluff Farms. This time we picked a box of raspberries, hung out with Charlie the Goose and Bacon the Pig. We like it here.

Here Jack's running away again!

No sometimes means yes. How to decipher when no really means no or if it means yes-there is a way. No for reals no is a double no no. Or a really loud mad NO. No = yes is a very consice and matter of fact no. Almost a nope. :) Maybe a yup?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Story Time

Every Tuesday the library just two blocks away has story time. I have been terrified to go. I know it would be SO FUN for the kids and good for them, but lets be honest... Im terribly out numbered. Jack wont sit still, Claire HAS to sit on my lap, and poor Moomers... He just needs a little attention. Well, the library for the younger class has a strict 1:1 ratio. I wondered what they would do when I walked in 3:1? This morning since CT was home we decided to go and try it. All in all went pretty well. As we sat there we brain stormed about how I could do it on my own and I think we have a plan. So maybe next week we'll try it by myself. This is Jack not sitting still and walking right up to the guy.

Pig Out in the Park 2010

Spokane never ceases to amaze me with with they do! Yes, Pig Out in the Park. This marks the end of summer. Remember when I first moved to CA and had to declare it fall the end of September even though it wasnt anywhere close to it? Well, barely September and its definetly fall around here! I LOVE IT! YEAH FOR SEASONS!!!! We first took the kids. We tried our first Roller Coaster ride. They both cried the whole time. It was just a little boat that went side to side. I think they were a little scared and could they have sat in my lap it would have been better. But as it were, they cried the whole time. It was fun, but decided we needed to go back as adults. So last night on our date we went and pigged out. BBQ Chicken, Rice, Gyros, Funnel Cakes, Kettle Corn, Coke.... Needless to say we both had tummy aches by the time we were done. I guess thats what happens when you eat garbage. But it sure was yummy! We caught the last concert, Prairie Flyer, a little blue grass country band. Really fun. CT even danced the last dance with me even though he was embarrased and we were the only ones. We were even able to catch a late night movie! Best part about it? Free babysitting. I love babysitting swaps! So I get to go babysit tonight while our neighbors go out. Oh well, totally worth it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

And when we're not at the park...

We make forts out of the most recent order.

This one had two rooms, a couch and a tv painted on the wall. They loved it!


No Im not pregnant. We've already got triplets! Atleast I've resorted to just telling people that when they ask. All eat and bathe at the same time. What were they laughing at? Daddy making the cup fall off his head by sneezing. He's such a good dad! Mooms is even just days away from crawling (doing the rocking thing) and eating big boy foods like hotdogs and bananas and cheese and yogurt. He weighs the same (within a lb) and is the same height (within an inch) as the other two.

Mt Spokane Park

We drove to the highest peak around the other weekend. It was a beautiful view of the whole valley. You could see into Idaho and Canada! There are lots of lakes around here and you could see like 12 of them from the top (including one in Idaho, thats how I know we can see that far!) What did the kids do? Put rocks into piles. :) I guess we tried right? :)