Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today during breakfast I just had to laugh at myself. I was sitting on the footstool feeding Max, giving Claire a horsy ride on my crossed leg, while Jack so meticulously picked the bandaid off my other big toe. I can entertain 3 monkeys at once.

Whirl Wind Summer

I have been missing for the last month. On Vacation. We were only here 3 weeks before I took the kids and we went to Thompson Falls, Sun Valley, Fillmore, Lake Powell, back to Fillmore... You get it... 4 weeks, thousands of miles, lots of fun. Read on if you like, I tried to blog so you'd read in order that we went. But we're happy to be home and finally settling.

Thompson Falls, MT

A little story about myself... I went to Weber State right after high school but I was too interested in boyfriends and parties then in studying Biology and after one year I was suspended and told not to come back for a year. What was I supposed to do for a year?! I found a job as a counselor at Spring Creek Lodge in about the smallest town in Montana called Thompson Falls. I loaded everything I owned into my tracker and with enough money for gas to get there and $50 I left and drove up there hoping to secure the job. Well, I did and spent just over a year there and I loved every minute. I eventually convinced my best friend Casi to join me and we rented a little house for a grand total of $250 a month. I spent a lot of time in Sandpoint, Coeur d'Alene, Missoula, and Spokane while we lived there and now 12 years later I have returned to the north west.
These are a just a few pics of Thompson in 1998.

This summer I took myself and the kids for a month long tour and family reunion run and our first stop was to drive through Coeur d'Alene, through Sandpoint around Lake Pend Orielle (the second most beautiful lake on earth after Lake Powell) and then down through Thompson. We drove Blue Slide Road past Spring Creek. We stopped and had lunch at the RimRock Cafe where Casi and I would have breakfast every time we got off shift. I always had biscuits and gravy and they made some for me this time, just as good as I remember. We drove down to the island where Casi and I used to run and hang out. There used to be an old rickety bridge that you werent supposed to walk on but they have apparently just replaced it with this new beautiful one. The kids had fun running up and down and looking through the bars and the river below was just as beautiful and green as I remember. We had chocolate huckleberry icecream at Big Bear icecream, visited the dock down by the river, and of course drove past the old house. It was empty and the grass was dead, looked really run down like its been empty for a while. Kind of sad. We also drove past my first apartment before Casi got there, it was in the old school house. It was such a walk down memory lane! I loved the time I spent there. Its such a beautiful area, the mountains, lakes, and rivers...I would be happy to stay there forever, except it has a population of about 100. :) HAHA. We always said we wanted to go see it, show CT, but I never really thought we would. But now we live here and it wont be the last time I visit.
These are a few of the pics from this trip. And PS I went back to Weber after the year, changed my major from Bio to Criminology and got straight A's ever since. Graduated with my AS in Crime, went to BYU, and then went back and got my Masters in Crime as well. I have to thank Weber for that. :)

I Love this pic of Jack, he looks crazy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sun Valley 2010

First stop after Thompson and a night in Missoula, SUN VALLEY!

This picture actually has EVERYONE in it. This one looks good, but the second one is more like it :) What a goofy fun family we have!

So fun to see everyone in Sun Valley and to have CT there with us. I was looking at these pics and they seem to be the same every year, we just all look a little older. HAHA.
But some things we tried to do different this year was taking the gondola up Baldy and eating at the restaurante up at the top of the ski run. We couldnt take the kids up the chair lifts to the very top, next year we can, but the restaurante was fun enough. We loved couples night out. AND while we were there we celebrated our 7th Wedding anniversary. We didnt really go out on our own. This year I got mine and CT's rings redone. His ring resized and finished and my stone put back in its original setting and redone. 7 years baby! I cant believe most people call it quits by now, we are still just starting.
We always have a girls lunch that I think began with my bridal shower 7 years ago, well this year is was Ash-e-ly's and Leslie's turn (which I think Leslie and Drew got married today).

Take a break

Between Sun Valley and Lake Powell we took a week just to recover at my mom's house and just let the kids play on the deck and around the yard. And yes, Clairie and I painted our toes the same.

Lake Powell

As part of our wonderful trip, the kids and I were able to go to Lake Powell. I couldnt have done it without everyone's help. There were just too many of us, too many of mine. But with everyone's help, especially Nancy, we survived it without incident. The first night the kids were crazy and I had had it, so I put them in their cribs on the top of the house boat (which was under the slip) and went and got in the shower. Of course just then a super storm only the likes Lake Powell can produce came up and lightening struck super close... Flash, Clap... My kids on top alone in thier cribs. Nancy saved Claire from her crib and Claire stuck to her ever since. They were pretty good friends. We spent the week with my immediate familiy and a few of my super favorite other people, Dale, Roe, Al, and Paigie. Love them!
The kids didnt mind thier life jackets, liked the wave runners, and had so much fun playing with cousins. And we all got to use the water trampoline that we all bought each other for Christmas.
But with all the kids, instead of hard water play, I refound the joys of playing in the sand on the beach. And we got the kayak down, so when the kids were sleeping, I slipped away quietly to get a little exercise and enjoy the scenery.
The last day we went back to Annie's canyon to visit this slot canyon which is normally too high to reach (thank you Lake Powell for filling back up again!). It was a stormy day, so the chanel was choppy, but wouldnt you figure, up Annie's--Glass. Last year my mantra was "Somewhere in this world there is a place called Annie's Canyon." My happy place. This year its "Even on a stormy day, there's still glass in Annie's." Amazing.