Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a big Sandbox

So this is a cute picture of my friend Allison's son Sammy. When I first glanced at it I thought "Wow, thats a really big sandbox, I wonder where she got it?" Stupid me. I havent been out of California long enough to realize that that's the BEACH! Im an idiot. I guess sandboxes have been on my mind. I've been in the market to find one for the kids for something ANYTHING to do before they drive me crazy. After searching high and low I finally gave in and just bought the cheapest one I could find. I think it will do.

Just a note: Claire LOVES her puppy leash. She wants me to put it on all the time and she wears it around the house.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Who's Who

I love this girl. Since we moved here she has been exceptionally interactive and lovey. Very funny giggly. She was never ticklish, but for some reason she suddenly is now.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

2nd Weekend in Spokane

Spokane is the home to the planet's largest hoopfest. There are 6,700 teams, 3,000 volunteers, 200,000 players and fans, 428 courts spanning 40 downtown city blocks. So we cant live here and not participate in the festivities just a little. So after thier nap we loaded up and drove downtown to see what the fuss is all about. The entire downtown was shut down and the streets full of baskets. We didnt do much besides walk around... a quick stop at the play ground and at the enormous radio flyer wagon slide. But yeah, it looked like there were 200,000+ people there. Since its 3 on 3 we decided we have our town little team. Maybe they'll like basketball...

I dont think Max was impressed. This was his expression the entire time. But it must have been a good day for them too, after a little corndog dinner at Sonic, they couldnt have been cuter watching Barney right before bed with thier little balloons. Such sweethearts.

Girls Night Out

So this was my last girls night out with the lovely ladies of South Coast ward before we left. We tried to do this well, maybe once a month. But this time was the last time for 3 of us, all moving the same week. The Old Spaghetti Factory was so fun and the company was way better. Molly, Lynelle, Yadira, Goldie, Corrine, Lisa, Kristi, and myself. Its with this same group of ladies that we had park day every friday too. The kids LOVE the park and it was so fun to see them play with these darlings...

Jack discovered Max's Crib.

These two love each other too :) Actually the twins ADORE Max. Jack is such a cuddler he would have stayed there all day and max was just all smiles. The first thing the twins do when they get up is go pound on Max's door. So I get him up and they come over and hug him and give him thier version of a kiss. Its really cute. And Max is so excited to see them too. What would we do without that darling boy?!

These two love each other

We went for a walk down to the end of the culsdesac and Claire gave Jack a ride back. She really did walk him the whole way both of them giggling the whole time. Cute cute cute.

Helping Daddy

Monday, June 21, 2010

I just dont know

Why is it that one child will eat thier scrambled eggs and the other acts like its poisen and has a super gag reflex. Yummy cheese and all... Claire will eat both thier eggs (3 total) then finish the toast and yogurt as well...

Claire's first word...


Saturday, June 19, 2010

New House

Here we are. All moved in and all the boxes put away. Here are some pics of the front room, if you've ever seen our bedrooms, they are exactly the same. Except CT's desk is in our room. I'll post pics of the kitchen when its done. But we got here and I couldnt have done it wihout mom's help. She watched the kids while I furiously unpacked. The kids did a pretty good job. The flights went pretty good, one to SLC then another here. A guy told me to put Vodka in Jack's sippi when he started crying. I almost ripped his head off. Then Claires ears wouldnt pop so she cried the last 10 minutes. I was really happy to land. But once we were here, even though the cribs were set up, you should have seen thier reactions when I set up the slide. They were SUPER excited but then they were WAY EXCITED to see the paper lanterns when we hung them above thier cribs. I think that and laying out the living room rug, then it felt like home. Claire just laid on the rug and wouldnt get off. It was pretty cute. Max baby finally has his own room with a real crib and not just the pack n play. The back yard is pretty big but pretty boring. Just a big square of grass. But its nice grass unlike the last place. Front yard is pretty big too, but no fence. So anyway, here we are ... settled.

First weekend in WA

Our first weekend here in Spokane we decided to take a short road trip to Coeur d'Alene Idaho and to the park and lake. It was a nice sunny day so we let the kids get wet in the fountain and on the shore. Mom hung out with Maxie boy and Claire and Daddy went to check out the old car show.

Moving Day

After graduation but before the move we took a day off to relax and spend some time with my parents and Shelby. So we hit the pool at thier hotel. It was so fun, the kids LOVE the water and Claires non swimming diaper was ENORMOUS. It was cracking us up!

I've never been so unprepared for a move as I was this one. I will give you 3 reasons... Im so thankful to everyone who helped that day. We started packing early and we picked up the truck later that afternoon. I luckily had Shelby and Lidwina (our wonderful WONDERFUL babysitter) there with us all day to help. Karen and Connie came to help pack boxes and the Elders quorum came to load. Chris Talataina (Lidwinas brother) and Tony and Kahn Thach and Ian Miller all were so unbelievably helpful. Tony (not pictured) was like spiderman in the truck playing tetris with all the boxes. We ALMOST didnt fit. And this 26 ft truck plus both cars were full to the very brink of exploding. I think we need to downsize a few things....

Christopher and Ryan took off the next day, Tuesday, and Mom and I stayed with Becky with the kids for the week. We puttered around, played, and tied up loose ends like cleaning the house. The pic is of Mari and Marissa, two of our 3 amazing cleaning ladies. I will miss them dearly as well. I always new that atleast every other wednesday my house would be spotless. There was a moment when I locked the house for the last time and walked away. Lots of memories in our Miracle house. It took an army (thanks Lisa for helping) to get us to the airport and Mom and I were off! The flight to SLC went amazingly well. Then we had to quickly change planes and then another hour flight to Spokane. Thank heavens for the stroller that I almost checked. That one didnt go as well, and then when the guy behind me told me to put vodka in Jack's sippi I almost went crazy all over him. In the end we survived. More on the new house and moving in next... (well, unless you already read that part :) )