Sunday, May 30, 2010

I might not kill him afterall

This is the first night Jack has slept through in nearly two weeks. He was for sale. Christopher left for Boston for a week and that same night he decided to wake up several times a night screaming. I just couldnt figure it out. Hungry? Thirsty? I took him to the doc to make sure it wasnt an ear ache.... I couldnt figure out what the heck but between him and Max waking up at night...and without Christopher for a week, we almost didnt make it through. I thought maybe he just missed CT. But it was weird, he would cry for like 2 hours in the middle of the night then all of a sudden stop and look around like "What are we doing in the living room?" Strange, so then CT came home and still no change, so we thought night terrors and he wasnt really waking up all the way? I finally decided to try the amoxacilan the doc gave me just in case. First night, he sleeps through. Maybe he had an ear ache afterall... I guess I wont kill him afterall. But after an insanely bad week, I got my prize... read on... A late mothers day gift.

Ward Family

We've lived in the South Coast ward for only a year and will miss it dearly. They have truly become our family. They've been so supportive this year, lots of support with the kids, babysitting, different families taking them during church. I dont know how we are going to do church in Spokane. Who's gonna watch our kids? Almost every Sunday there is a get together at someone's house. This last sunday we went to the Weisingers house and they have a pool. I started by putting the kids feet but I should have known that was not acceptable.
So I had to run home and get our suits. The water was FREEZING and thier lips were blue but they LOVED it and were so upset when I got them out. We will miss this ward dearly.

Don't Get LasagnaOnYa

Eagle Eye award

Smarty Pants Christopher got an award for being the best Radiology student all year. No surprise there really. But they gave him a couple hundred $ at the bookstore. We got a new camera with it... these are just a few pics that we've taken on our adventures this week. Walks, Grandma's house, and playing in the back yard...

Mothers Day

So one morning after another sleepless night I "informed" CT of what he was going to give me for mothers day... a night without babies in a hotel all by myself and a day at Glen Ivy Spa. Well, this past Thursday and Friday was my day and it was AWESOME. I just stayed at a Best Western, it had what I needed, a comfy bed and black out curtains. After I checked in I decided to take myself to a movie, Shrek 4, (Im digging the whole 3D thing). It surprisingly was very appropriate. Wont spoil it, but Shrek is frustrated with his 3 babies and that life isnt what it used to be... I get it. Off to bed for me and I slept in until my landlord called at 9:30 and woke me up, darn her! But then off to the spa. Mud baths, green slime moisture treatments, and an 80 minute massage that left me melted was the best ! (I dont know why I dont do THAT more often, not a mistake I will make again.) My biggest worry all day was what time was I going to eat lunch, which gossip magazine would I read next, would I have a pepsi or pina colada in the lounge pool (ended up getting both), and which pool was I going to visit next--saline or mineral baths... Rough. I didnt get there right when it opened (too busy sleeping) but I was probably the last one out. Took myself to dinner and home just in time to kiss the darlings in bed. And no, not one phone call or txt from CT asking for help. It was an amazing day honey, thank you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walk... Now.... Mom... Come on already....

Without fail after thier baths they come out in the living room and climb in the beast all by themselves and stay put until we go on our walk. If I try to take them out massive fits are thrown. I will have to say I probably wouldnt walk as much if they didnt. Claire's face? I don't know, she pulls it all the time. And yes, she usually gets the front because she sits back and kicks Jack is she sits behind.

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad

Mom's was last Tuesday and Dad's was today. Love you both.

Another Last

We had dinner at the Gypsy Den last night with G&G Trimble and Peter and Ashley. Too bad we didnt take any pics with them :) HAHA. But the kids really loved the fountain outside.