Friday, April 23, 2010

We Love Park Day

And the fact that Aunt Ashely went with us. We had so much fun racing down the slides. She beat us almost every time but only because of those wicked long legs of her :) The slide is our new favorite. We are practicing for the slide on the house boat. Gotta start em young.

After we went back to grandma's house where we found the secret garden. Shhh... dont tell Grandma.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Couch Potato

When I came home from "my time" today I found this cutie sitting here laughing at Lydwina, the babysitter.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I need to leave CA

So we had a little LITTLE earthquake tonight. 2.7. Just enough to rattle my windows and shatter my nerves. I need to leave this state before it falls in the ocean!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hair Cuts all Around

Jack thought it was really fun to play with my hair, twist his fingers all in it, and it was so adorable and tender that I let him until he tried to walk away with his hand still all tangled up. So time to get the mom bob I guess. Quick decision and the hair came off, more then a foot of hair. It seems to be my cycle though, long, short, long, short... But it hasnt been this short since the 8th grade :) (Sorry, these pics of me were taken really late... not my best :) )

Maxie got a hair cut too. You know baby hair falls out and he just had thier weird side back patch left so I thought I'd buzz him, a very Argentine thing to do, but turns out I buzzed him REALLY close. Sorry baby! He looks like a little cancer baby! Thank heavens its starting to grow back. On a better note, my darling is so sweet. He coo's like a little morning dove. Some times he kind of sounds like a pigeon, but usually a dove. And when he gets made, he still just coos. Just a little louder is all.


A friend of mine told me that you just have to let them make the mess to learn to use utinsels. They wont let me spoon feed them anymore, Claire will sometimes, but unless Jack can put it in his mouth himself... He wont eat it. So this is my attempt. Put them in and gave them yogurt and a spoon. I dont know if we'll do it again... Maybe we'll try it in a little more controled manner. I dont know. But I think they had fun :)

Waiting for Daddy to come home

Grapes anyone?

They love grapes but if I dont cut then up, they chew on them for a minute then spit them out again. They went through a whole container one day...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gotta Love 'Em


Even with the biting and crazy, Gotta love these two!

Fun... For them...


Again, Claire is the guilty stink this time, but dont get me wrong.... Jack likes to stand up too and they can get out of the straps! About ready to move to duct tape.


Claire is a BITER! Especially when she is tired and Jack has something she wants... 5 times in the last 24 hours, and the day isnt over yet!

This one... THis one drew blood! Dang her hide!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is better then a box?

A box with foam peanuts in it!


Thank heavens for the restoration of the preisthood on this earth and a faithful home teacher. Last night all 3 darlings got blessings for the sick and this morning, no fevers. Just a little runny nose and thats it! Miracles do occure :) Thank you everyone for the suggestions and sympathy. Today is a better day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Everyone loves a Box

Too long in Santa Ana

We decided we've lived here too long. This is what the kids did to my mustang when they got thier hands on it... :) There's nothing left but rims. The tires and hub caps (which it actually had) are long gone :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break, Easter, and Sick Sick and more Sick

Spring Break first... Right after the match we headed to Utah to console my mother :) It was a great week with everyone. We tried to get it all in and I think we did a pretty good job. Drove Monday, Tuesday went to SLC to see the Critchfields and the rest of the evening with Uncle Dale and Aunt Roe. The next morning we were so excited to go to my Grandma's new spa. Ridiculous she's never met the kids! RIDICULOUS! And all my fault, so it was important to me that we get there and spend a little time. So this is Great Grandma Peterson and my darlings.
Then off to the Pizza Factory for lunch with the Parsons! HOW FUN to see you all! The kids had fun and we couldnt get Jack out of the arcade. Thanks to Kennedy and Paigie for taking him around. Even Grandpa Jack took a turn with him.

After a quick nap, we then had dinner with the Trimble's. Its been 5 years I think since we were able to attend a Trimble family dinner at Melanies. And then on the road again back to my parents where we were happy to stay for a while and not put the kids back in thier car seats! Little darlings were sure troopers.

We just spent the rest of the week hanging out there. Family pics of course, but then just lots and lots of play time with the cousins. We took them out on the farm to see the cows. I think the kids just had a blast! So much fun infact that my neice Katie fell asleep upside down she was so exhausted. Sorry Katie, but this was just too funny to not take a picture of!

And you know what happens when you visit family with lots of kids running around? Inevitably we will get sick, and sick we got! Everyone but CT. Even Maxie was feeling hot this morning. So Easter didnt happen at my house. I was going to hide eggs with a few M&Ms inside and just see if they figured it out. Jack especially loves chocolate. But no dice. We were all dying in bed with fevers, coughs, runny noses,throw up, ear infections... the list goes on. So Sorry Kids, no Easter. But I figure you are still too young to remember and feel gyped. The good news? We are on the mend after a day at the docs today. My head doenst feel so much like its swimming and the kids now have meds for thier ailments. I think we will survive. Maybe. :)