Friday, March 19, 2010

Maxie Boy

So I feel bad I dont post much about Max. This is all he does all day :) We did go to the doc for his 2 month appt the other day. 24 inches and 13 lbs. He grew 4 inches in 2 months and gained 5 lbs! I wish I had chunky babies. I guess 4 inches weighs 5 lbs because he's just as skinny as he ever was. The twins are too... wirey, not squishy chunky. Oh well, guess we'll have to have another one and try again :) HAHA! This is NOT an announcement. Just a thought :)

Pics of Match Day

Thanks to my friend Dani for snapping these... I didnt even bring a camera. We did bring the video camera and we'll post that later, but here's a few shots...

Breakfast before and just waiting for our turn. Ry and Beck came along with friends from my office. Susana, Jenna, Dani, and Samilicious. So thankful for thier love and support! (And yes, I understand why the rest of you couldnt come. Its ok :) )

CT walking up and reading his letter

Us right after he read it
Hanging out after the pressure was off ;)

More good weather

We spent this morning swinging at the park with some friends, came home for a nap, and just couldnt stay inside with this fabulous weather. So at first I thought a little water to splash in would be fun, and they had such a good time I thought heck, I'll just get out thier little pool. They LOVED it! The diapers eventually came off too they were so full of water! We did this for probably 2 hours today! Little darlings :)


Carousel at South Coast

Our first ride. I think Claire will be our ride girl... She got a HUGE grin and giggled the whole time but Jack spent the whole time looking up at the gears that made it go up and down. Like Hey... How does this work. If he could have crawled up the pole and taken it apart he would have :)

We love the back yard and 85 degree weather...

We love dirt and swings too :) Atleast Claire has stopped eating the dirt!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

From Sea to Shining Sea

Today was Match Day. We've worked and waited 5 years for this day and its come and gone now. The results? We will be doing our residency at the University of Maryland in Baltimore with a 1 year pitstop for internship in Spokane Washington. It started at 8:30 this morning with a little breakfast and then they start handing out little white envelopes. You walk up to the stage, put a dollar in the jar, and open the letter in front of everyone. After much debate, CT took Jack up with him. I think everyone wanted us to take all 3, but Claire, Max, and I just hung out in the back waiting for the news.

Are we excited? Yes! Are we nervous and a little surprised? YES! But truthfully, I think I would have felt just a little bad had we gotten Utah. I say that only because I've always thought it would be really fun to go live somewhere totally different for a few years. Besides my parents house, I've never lived this long anywhere, and it would have been silly for us to not take this opportunity to go somewere totally fun. The kids are still young enough, we can just up and go without too much hassle, and its only for a few years, then the kids will start school and we can settle down for real. So really, if we are going to do it, now is the perfect time. :) And I LOVE DC. Been there a couple times, Virginia... Everything is so close. So yeah, I'm REALLY excited to live there.
And Spokane... I lived in Montana 10 years ago, just an hour from there, for a little over a year, and spent many a weekend in Spokane. Im really exicted to go back. He applied there for me too. It kind of feels like Im going home a little. So really, I got my two choices :)

So thank you Peter Anteater, thank you UCI, and thank you SoCal for the wild ride. We are moving on to Testudo, the Diamondback terrapin (a fancy name for a turtle :) ), another ocean, and many new adventures. My motto in life seems to be "Here I Go..." So, once again, Here we go....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Date Night

So, in an effort to be more active, Date Night consisted of dinner and a movie, but only after we went Kayaking in Newport Back Bay for an hour. It was awesome! You could kayak up to all of the private docs and houses. Holy Cow, I dont know what these people do for a living. I guess the only question is would you give up a back yard to have a private dock? Maybe.... :) Down 12 lbs :)

Yeah, Im Cute!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rocking Chair

My mother painted this rocking chair and cradle for me when I was really little. We've kept them and now Clairie gets them...well, she gets to play with them. Little darling. Being a mom rocks!

A Whirlwind Weeked

This weekend we blessed Max. All of my family came, and Christopher's sister Lindsey and her darling baby Davis... Lots of friends and neighbors to support us as well... Tons of people all over but we had so much fun! Max was being loved on the entire time and the twins were totally entertained by all the cousins. Today at the blessing we had about 50 people, literally 1/2 under the age of 13. HAHA. Fun weekend, the kids museum and swimming pool, and the Santa Ana Zoo. Lots of fun had by all!

Santa Ana Zoo: The Monkeys were our favorite ;)
Playing and downing bananas with our cousin Davis
Discovery Science Center: Lots of things for little hands to do. They LOVED it! And since they can walk we put thier leashes on them and let them wander. Even better! Max stayed home with great grandma...
The happy grandparents and great grandma Leah. We counted, today Grandma leah had 19 of her 45 GREAT grandbabies here today.
4 generations, the happy parents and our darling that slept all day ...

And Sweet Max blessing was so special. For those who arent members of the church, Christopher is an Elder in the Church and was able to bless Max himself. He blessed him with a strong body and mind, for a thirst for knowledge. He blessed him with a love to read the scriptures and that he would gain direction in his life from it. He blessed him with the desire to love and serve others. And encouraged him to build a relationship with his grandfathers, to learn from thier examples, and try to emulate them.