Monday, January 25, 2010

Family in Town

We were so lucky to have my mom come and stay with us for the last 10 days. The twins just LOVED her. She was so helpful keeping them entertained while we were able to settle in and get a hang on how to do 3 kids :) My dad and sister came at the end too. We put Dad to work fixing things around the house and Sally brought her camera. These are just a few shots she was able to take. We miss you all already and I have to say, 10 days isnt long enough. Thanks Mom for all your help!

Fort Max

The play yard was the kids birthday present. It works better protecting Max from Claire. So we turned the play panel outside,Max stays in, kids stay out. (Max is on the floor under the jungle gym). Here are the two of them showing thier disapproval. They were both yelling and there was actual foot stomping from Claire (see next post). HAHA.

Time Out

Yes, we have a naughty stool. And Claire's little bum should be GLUED to it! Little stink. I admit that her drama and attitude are all mine. Genetically its my fault. But HOLY COW. She is NOT nice to Jack. Her latest funny is to crawl over to Jack and while he is crawling, smash his face into the floor. We have hard wood floors. And when I tell her no, to anything, she starts waiving her hands wildly and yells, or she'll whack me. Tonight I held her on my knee for a little time out and there was whole body fish out of water flopping while yelling her disapproval. Geez.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Any resemblance?

I've been WAITING for Claire's hair to grow so I can put cute little pony tails in it... This was my attempt today. This is as far as we got before she cried at me.

Her new word is "dugadugadugaduga" which all I can figure is the sound you make when you tickle someone... Love her.

Tender Mercy

Yesterday I nearly killed the twins. Yup. Parent of the Year is definitely mine. These cute lanterns that hang above thier cribs... I accidentally pulled one half way down then didnt think about it. We put the kids down for their nap a few hours later and again didnt notice. I could hear them in thier jumping and playing like they normally do and I thought I heard noises I couldnt identify. I can usually tell what they are doing ie banging or dropping bottles... It suddenly came to my mind " can they reach that lantern?" So my mom went in to peek and check. She found them with both of thier little hands on this broken light bulb still screwed into the socket! They had ripped the lantern off, broken the bulb (glass all over the floor and Jacks bed!) and were fighting over this!

The Tender Mercy? All if would have taken was a quick stick it in the mouth which happens every day! But they didnt do it. Another one? For some reason the lanterns werent on. THEY ARE ALWAYS ON. We arent sure how they got unplugged. The plug is behind Claires bed. They apparently were off before they touched the bulb because it would have burned thier little hands othewise. No burns, no cuts, no electrocutions... Im grateful for a Father in Heaven who is aware of me and my children.

Monday, January 18, 2010

In all her Glory...

I've told some of you about our stroller... we didnt want a triple wide or long, so this was our only option. And they seemed to love it. Claire sitting up front as queen bee, happy as can be with the new view :)

PS We're all doing much better. Max is an ANGEL and sleeps most of the time, which is giving me time to figure it all out. By the time he decides its time to stay awake hopefully I'll have a few more things figured out :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Rock

When I met CT in the mission we served for 6 crazy months together. He was that one solid thing I could depend on. He was constant and stable. I often refer to him during that time as my rock. If you read the next post you will see that the crazy has returned but even though he is busy with school and interviews and trying to provide, my Rock is still the same. Thank you Honey

We're Home

So we came home on Tuesday. And the Crazy began. First, did you know it was possible to love someone even more then I thought possible. When I left to go to the hospital I loved my two Crazies (said with much affection about the twins). I missed them in the hospital but when I got home... They suddenly werent my babies any more. They were my toddlers. First they were HUGE compared to Max, and so smart and funny.... Such expresive sweethearts. I love them even more.

And I am completely in LOVE with this little black haired baby. I dont know where he came from, I cant figure out who he looks like, sort of like Claire did... but I cant see anything of either one of us in him. And the black hair... Maybe its because I dyed my hair black the entire pregnancy and it sort of sank through? (My mom said thats not it, or else it would have red streaks in it! HAHA) But I love it! So soft and his cute little pointy nose....

Now the truth? I feel great. Recovery from the C section this time was even easier. I'm 5 days post-op and am up and running. Truth? I came home to two SICK babies. Well, coughing still, and throw up and fevers (Jack hit 103 last night...) and ear aches (diagnosed today). It has been hard to be here, all I want to do is cuddle with Max but these two need me. Physically Im up for it, I have to be. But emotionally its hard. Max just sleeps all day (thank heavens) but I feel bad. I feel bad for the twins, like I should know how to make them better instantly, I feel like I should know how to love them all at the same time, I feel like I should know how to do everything but I really dont know how to do anything. I have my moments where I sort of fall apart emotionally. Breast feeding ? HAHA. I was going to give it an honest shot this time. But alas... First... Who has time with the crazy in this house. I simply CANT take 45 minutes every 2 hours to feed him (as much as I would like to) and 2nd, my milk isnt coming in again, didnt with the twins either. Maybe (as with the twins) its a blessing in disguise. I know its "best" for Max, but not compared to what I would have to sacrifice to do it. Impossible. I will miss the cuddle time but we have to survive.

Relief. I have to publicly thank Ryan and Becky. I left last friday and said "be back in an hour". Now, a week and a new baby later... they have been taking care of my sick children this entire time. And there is no one more capable then they are. You hope that when someone else takes care of your children, that they will love them...No one loves my children more then they do and Im so grateful for all of thier help. They pretty much dropped everything stayed here the entire time I was in the hospital and have been here every day since. I couldnt have done any of it without thier help.
Sorry, Im rambling. This is my update. We are home, we are all on meds, give me a few days to get us all better and we will be on top of the world again. We are surviving. Sick, healing, emotionally tired, physically tired.... HAPPY.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Announcing Max Christopher Trimble

In our second annual family tradition, we are proud to welcome Max Christopher Trimble. I will attempt to tell the story, though I know that it will fall far short of Suzette's blogging skills. I am hoping that she will come back and make sure it is up to her standards of excellence.


I was in Atlanta on a residency interview when the call came. Originally, I had planned to attend my interview on Friday, go to the aquarium on Saturday, and fly back on Saturday night. Max had different plans. Just after I finished my interview on Friday, Suzette called and told me that they had sent her to labor and delivery for concerns of preeclampsia. After 45 minutes on hold, I convinced Delta to switch me to the flight leaving later that evening. A 30 min MARTA ride, a 5 hr plane ride, and a 30 min car ride later I was on the other side of the country with Suzette. I thought that I had made it just in time; it turns out that I made it in PLENTY of time.


Suzette had decided to attempt a VBAC and was about 5 hours into labor when I arrived. We kept waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting....... and waiting. 24 hours after they started the induction, she had only progressed 1cm. Amidst the fatigue and frustration, we struggled with whether to continue with the VBAC, or go with a repeat c-section. The frustrating thing was that both were options with risks and benefits. It was totally up to us and we could decide at any time to throw in the towel and go for a section.We hoped for a quick recovery of the VBAC, but wondered how long to wait.


As our doctor was explaining these risks and benefits of both options, we finally decided on a plan. We would try for 4 more hours. If Suzette had not progressed into active labor, we would call it and go for a c-section. There, the decision was made and all we had to do was wait to find out our fate. We hung out, watched Harry Potter and waited as the clock ticked closer to 10:00. The doctor walked into the room at 9:55. Despite our best hopes, no progress. We were going for a section.


Things work pretty quick when a c-section is decided upon. Max was born at 10:52PM on January 9th. He weighed 8 lbs 3oz and was 20 in long. The neonatal intensive care unit was there just in case, but Max was breathing fine within a few minutes. Both he and Mom are doing great!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday yesterday to me :)

Happy New Year

I've decided Im a party person. This whole staying home by ourselves on holidays like New Years or the 4th of July isnt ok with me. Even with kids... I've decided that we need to have a party. So maybe next year, because this year we just stayed home. I did buy these little hats, which were kind of fun, but then we put the babies down at 8 and we just snuggled in for a movie. Maybe its a good thing because Claire woke up at 10:30 with the CROUP and fever of 102! Poor thing scared me to death. Couldnt breath, coughing and barking.... Now they both have it and are on the mend... I highly recommend that if you can help it, marry a doctor. Because if it hadnt been for him, I would have been on my way to the ER. Poor thing couldnt breath! I was freaked out, but he got out his stethescope and had her diagnosed in a matter of minutes. Next year, no croup, and a party. Ya'll are invited.

Saturday, January 2, 2010