Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Spoiled. I think thats the word for the day. We were all spoiled. Thank you all so much for your generosity and the wonderful gifts. And Santa... boy, he outdid himself. The kids slept in until 8:30, which was a gift in itself, and then we got them up and were all excited to see thier reactions... it was less dramatic then hoped. In fact, they looked more confused then anything. But then Jack saw that enormous dump truck and that was it for him. Thats all he needed. Max got the pony, and Claire, the giant tiger on the couch. You can also see Barney sticking out of Claire's stalking... once she found that it was all over for her too! They all recieved so many fun toys and clothes. Lots of the classic wooden toys, and trucks, and transformers, and a barbie, and some discovery toys that are awesome. One of thier favorites though is this big tent system with hundreds of balls to fill it. We all got some clothes to freshen up our wardrobes and I got some beautiful peices of jewelry. Christopher spoiled me again this year with the help of his mentor, Dr Hasso. After years of writing a textbook together they finally finished it and turned it over to the publishers just after thanksgiving. To thank me for my patience Dr Hasso bought me an IPAD! HAHAHA YEAH!!!! And Christopher bought the accessories to go with it. I was super excited when I opened it. I didnt think there was any way EVER I was going to own my own! Its a beautiful thing. :) I framed Christopher's diplomas now that we have them all, so the world can see what a smartie pants he is. Or at least so he can see it when he's having a dumb day and remember that he is in the top 10% of the top 10% of the top 10% of the smartest people in the nation. (Yes, he's good enough, he's smart enough, and dog gone it, people like him--SNL, Michael Jordan, an inside joke.) The Wall of Wisdom has been put back up. His are the 3 on the left and mine are the 3 on the right. Although same in #, he outranks me. I still need that JD to catch up... one day...

The kids liked opening presents, but they would get distracted. They would open one and want to play with it... in the end CT and I finished opening them for them or else it would have taken all day. Somewhere in there we fit a little monkey bread, breakfast, a couple trips to time out when they wouldnt eat thier breakfast, more time out for fighting, another break for calming down... You know, everything that comes with 3 toddlers. Then we just got down to the dirty business of playing.
That evening we were invited to have dinner and fun at Mike and Melissa Peterson's house. Mike is a fellow resident and they, us, and Heidi, Seth, and Taft Herway were the only ones who stayed and had no company. So we got together and had an amazing feast and games and all the little kids just played. It was a great way to spend the evening, with friends.
At the end of a very long day, what better way to close Christmas 2010 then curled up asleep on the couch with my snuggle bunny Jack Jack. Merry Christmas Everyone.

Making Cookies

Just a little video of our cookie making.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a fun day at the Trimble house. Since we have no family here or visitors or we didnt go anywhere, I decided that unless I made this day different then it wouldnt be. I didnt want it to be just like every other day. So I got online and got some ideas. We started with being crafty. The kids like to "dip dip" so I got out the glue and anything that would stick to paper. And we made stockings. Max immediatly stuck his entire hand in the glue and then grabbed a cotton ball. I left him that way because A) he played with it, and B) he would have done it again. I think the stockings turned out cute, with cotton balls, noodles, and gold fish.

Then the kids colored christmas pages and watched Barney and helped me make the cookie dough for the afternoon activity of making Santa's Cookies. This is when Max discovered the true joy that is chocolate and ate my whole bowl of M&Ms. :) And the kids are less scared of the mix master, so they actually joined me for a minute.

After naps we all sat up to the table and rolled out our cookie dough and cut them up. This is thier favorite part. We practice on play dough all the time.

Then I gave them each a little cup of frosting and a knife and they did thier best to frost them, Claire actually did an ok little job. But it became apparent that it would be easier for me to frost and them to decorate. And decorate they did! They were really quite focused on thier job.
Then Daddy came home WAY early and surprised us! I thought he was going to have to work until 6:30 that night, but we lucked out. So he got to spend the rest of the night with us. He is doing interal medicine right now which is the worst rotation EVER. Long hours, 6 days a week. We were very happy to have him home. And Jack, well, what good is making cookies unless you partake. This was not his first cookie, and I dont know how much dough and frosting he ate before that. But I think our offering turned out pretty good.
We had a nice family dinner of funeral potatoes and ham steak.
And then we told the nativity story and 12 days of christmas on the flannel board. A favorite around our house. They get really excited whenever I get it out. Off to bed early little munchkins because Santa was getting close to our house! They all went to bed and fell right alseep. I think we had a pretty fun day.

The Art Corner

At the Mobius... I was hoping they wouldnt find this little room, but en fin, they did. We kind of took over all of the stations. It was just as messy as I supposed it would be, but they liked it and maybe I'll have to let them come back afterall. :) This post is mostly for Grandmas because I dont know anyone else who wants to sit and watch my kids paint for 2 minutes. But here you go... They do like to watch themselves.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A special visit

Last Sunday we had a very special visitor come all the way from Southern California just to visit us! Sandi Reilly is one of the wonderful people that Christopher interacted with in the radiology department at UCI. She is family. We had such a wonderful day catching up and exchanging gifts. She was so thoughtful in bringing the kids presents and myself a little something as well. We have a long time running inside joke about shooting squirrels. So resisting to buy me a taxidermied squirrel she brought this cute magnet. I love it! Sandi, thanks so much for the visit, we loved seeing you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Im not ready for this...

So they just wouldnt go to sleep today. Lots of laughing, more then usual. So I peeked after like 1 1/2 hours... THIS is what I found!

And THIS is how she did it! STINK!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So I consider myself an educated woman, I do have a masters afterall. And Christopher is a Doctor. Yes, Doctor. We have 3 beautiful children, all who happen to be very young. We have a nice house, nice cars, nice things, I try to look presentable every day, I keep my kids clean with shoes on... I think I have it together. I choose to stay home with my children, I think that best serves them then me getting a good job, which I could easily get and ease our financial burdens. But because I dont, we just happen to qualify for WIC. You know, they dont pay residents very much. So please, when you are in line behind me in the grocery store, dont look at me like Im a suck on society. Dont sigh, and tap your foot, and be impatient because the WIC checks take a while to check out (I didnt invent the system). Dont whisper to your daughter and tell her to never be like me... Because A) I can hear you, and B) I think Im doing ok. And you... your bahavior makes me feel embarassed to be me. I kind of already feel like a freak most days anyway. I have a MASTERS and am married to a DOCTOR. Did I mention that? Menace to society I think not. What if Christopher were to treat you like that next time you have to go to the ER? He wouldnt. Because we arent like you.

Sorry, had a rough couple days. Just had to put it out there. I feel better now.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dancing to Christmas Music

Sledding at Manito Park

The kids LOVE sledding. So every time it snows we head down to Manito Park that has some pretty easy for kids hills. Christopher won these sleds in a white elephant game, he stole them, and then guilted everyone else who even thought about stealing them from us :) HAHA.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Smart Daddy

So all three kids have been having diarrea like no other... Im sorry TMI. But keep reading. We have been going through a case of diapers a week, thats 250 diapers in 7 days, 36 diapers a day, 10 diapers per kid... Ridiculous. I know. I just couldnt figure it out, until Christopher noted that I had been feeding them Activia. Sometimes a couple times a day because they like it. The stuff doesnt do a thing to me, but geez, NO WONDER THEY HAVE LOOSE BOWELS! For heavens sakes. The minute I stopped feeding it to them, the diarrea cleared up. Maybe I can save a buck on diapers now, but who's gonna eat the weeks worth of yogurt?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Date Night

Spokane Chiefs Game
The last few weekends we have been able to go out on dates. The first was to the Spokane Cheifs Ice Hockey game. Who knew I was a fan... but it was AWESOME! Especially the all out punch fight that happened. Did you know they can just keep punching each other in the face until one of them falls down, regardless of how long that takes? These two were knocking each other out for quite a while. It was so cool! Even better that we won in overtime. We were invited by some group of lawyers to use thier box...A box is the way to go! The only thing we can figure is that they are trying to recruit doctors to stay in Spokane and this law group was trying to help us see what we can do if we stay, plus put thier names out there too, reaching across professions to be friends. It was really nice to be wined and dined. :)

White Christmas Resident Party
Then last night we went to the resident Christmas party. We had a nice dinner (which after changing locations 3 times ended up being in the hospital cafeteria, yes, I rocked sequins in the cafeteria.) And then off to the Theater to see Irving Berlin's White Christmas. Did you know that its really difficult for a theater to put on White Christmas because of the rights? Well, since Mr Bing Crosby hails from Spokane, of all places, our little theater is able to do it. It was an amazing production and a fun night out with all of our friends. Yeah for Date Night!