Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If you cant say anything nice...

When we go out, I've just become used to attention. People cant not comment or ask about the kids. Its just the way it is. Most of the time they are good comments. But now with #3 bulging out, people have moved more towards the "your crazy" comments... But this last week, I think I had the rudest person ever. I just pulled in to South Coast Plaza just trying to get out for a couple hours when a very fashionable couple all dressed up for some event saw the kids and started making comments. The woman was disgusted that Jack didnt have socks on (YOU try keeping them on him...) She kept coming back to it... Then her husband (who was very nice) said:

"Look Honey, we could have twins..." He was very nice. Mrs Shi Shi I call her turned around and said to her husband..

"Honey, if we had twins, I'd look like her!"

HOLY CRAP. I couldnt believe it even came out of her mouth. I had actually showered that day and although my hair was up, I did it on purpose, and I had make up on. I was frazzled, yes, hence the trip to the mall in the first place, but I didnt think I looked that bad...

Im not going back to South Coast. Atleast not for a while.

Monday, November 2, 2009