Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet the SkyWalker Family

For Halloween we couldnt resist being the Skywalkers :) Very few people I think know enough about Star Wars to understand the whole thing. I was Padme, CT was Anakin, and J&C were Luke and Leia. The buppies even had light sabers. :) We had our trunk or treat this week and then tonight we went to our neighbor Susana Sandovals for dinner. We were so lucky that Grandma came up to spend the evening with us. We didnt take them trick or treating because it was way past bed time when we got home, but I think they had fun anyway. We all did! (Sorry, our camera is on its way out...)

The first of a few "lasts" that will be coming...

5 years ago we attended CT's white coat ceremony where he doned his white coat for the first time and we began the insanity of medical school. Yesterday CT officially finished the last day of his rotations. So we went out to celebrate at our favorite pizza place Gina's. There are things still to do... take step 2 of the liscencing exam, interview for residency, match, finish MBA, and the biggie is graduation in June. But this is a good day. He gets to stay home with us now and study for step 2. :) YEAH!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Girl likes SUSHI!

Big Baby

So this is what I'm destined to have. Had an ultrasound today and my baby is 3 weeks bigger then its supposed to be. I wanted another 5 lb baby (ok, maybe 6)! Its already 4 lbs and I have 3 months to go!!! WAAAAA.

Yes, we went to Hawaii

We spent the most wonderful week WITHOUT BABIES at the Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island in Hawaii. Christopher went to present at the AAARAD and SCARD conferences. Those stand for Radiology something...HAHA. It was lovely. He spent the morning in meetings while I lazed around the room or the pool and then we would play in the afternoons. I already posted about the volcano and we snorkled with the turtles both at the resort and off at a public beach. We drove all the way around the Island and read and swam and at fantastic dinners at Tommy's and Ruths Chris and Roys. All people who should be congratulated for thier divine menus.

We couldnt have done it without our wonderful parents who dared come and take over for the week. Ry and Becky took the first shift Mon-Friday morning and my mom came and soloed it till Sunday when Dad joined her. We got home early Monday morning. As insane as it sounds, we were ready to come home. Who ever thinks laying by a pool in Hawaii gets old... Well. We were ready to come back. But it was SO NICE! Some much needed rest before the insanity gets worse :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Quest to overcome a 4th grade fear

I grew up in Fillmore Utah 2 miles from 4 different Volcanoes. Pavant Butte, Black Rock, Red Dome, and White Mountain. The last eruption was 600 years ago making this lovely big black slab of rock. On our field trip in elementary school they told us that the volcanoes werent extinct, just DORMANT=little kid translation=I will soon die in a burning Mt St Helens explosive death when they decide to erupt again. Ever since I've had nightmares of rivers of lava coming towards the house and us not being able to escape... you get the idea.

So being on the big island with the Volcano National Park... what better way to confront my fear. So off we went yesterday. I think this is what I was expecting...

But this is the reality--saftey from atleast 1/2 mile away. We went at night so we could see the glow of the lava as it hit the sea. The Vent in the park was pretty quiet. The glow wasnt quiet as bright as this. But by the sea, even though we were a ways away, it was spectacular to see the billowing smoke and the glow...

Maybe to get that close up I'll need to go back to school to become a geologist. Did I get over my fear? I dont know. I didnt dream about it last night, and the reality is I dont live by the volcanoes anymore. And they havent erupted in my 30 years on this earth or for the last 600 for that matter, so I think we're pretty safe. :) Next time maybe we can do it by air or sea or maybe hike in and see if we cant get a little closer :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Aloha from the big island!

Just finished snorkling with the sea turtles and settling in for some sun...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boy Names?

We cant seem to move past Max. It was on our list last time and we kind of stopped talking about names in general, so if we dont start again, it will be Max. Which isnt bad, but we need to consider other names too... So I've listed all of the names we like... HELP!!! :) Please vote for boy names.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sleeping Issues

So our wonderful sleeping children have not been doing so the last couple weeks. Jack was always the champ, and now he's decided he doesnt need to sleep through anymore. No new teeth to blame either. So last night he bawled for 45 minutes at 4 in the morning. Hopefully that wont happen again. And Claire..
Poor Claire. No, her leg isnt broken. Ever since she decided to sit up on her own, she does it all the time. She will do it in her sleep, and then fall over like this. Sometimes she whines because she not comfortable of course. So she's been waking up and sitting herself up. The other night we peeked in at midnight just before going to bed and she was standing up like... K... Get me out now... Not a peep out of her. Just waiting in the dark. Who knows how long she had been standing there! So, HOW DO YOU TEACH HER TO NOT SIT UP IN HER SLEEP??? This is just NUTS!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The comedians

This must have been an inside joke that Mom and Dad were not aware of...