Monday, September 28, 2009

We're being robbed again...

Yeah, or so we thought. So Saturday night Claire started crying in her sleep at like 11:30. I went and got her up and CT went to make her a bottle when we heard a strange noise. I asked to CT if it was him in the other room, after he said no, it kind of sounded like people rustling in the bushes right outside the front door. I ran and locked it, Claire in arms, and CT came to check it out. There were a couple guys on the porch. HOLY CRAP. But then we noticed it was our neighbors... it was midnight for heavens sakes, but we went out to see what they want and found that the big beautiful tree out in front of our house decided it didnt need one of its limbs any more so it dropped itself ON MY CAR! Thank heavens it was just the back of the car, CT and the guys next door lift the limb and I was able to move it forward, but the whole driveway was blocked. So 1/3 of that enormous tree is now gone. Could have been worse, a couple scratches on the roof of my car isnt bad considering. We were blocked in Sunday but they were here bright and early this morning to clean up the mess. Thankfully it was the cities tree and it was thier job to clean it up :)

Pacific Symphony

This weekend we were so lucky to get to go to the symphony with Ryan and Becky. The Pacific Symphony plays in Segerstrom Hall, a beautiful building. Midori Goto was the guest violin soloist and we heard Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto and Brahms' Symphony No. 1. Loved it. Midori was amazing. She debuted with the NY Philharmonic at age 11. She's now 36 and the chair of the strings department at USC and brilliant. Her violin is from the 1700's and on a lifetime loan to her. How cool was that! We had dinner before at Jerry's Famous Deli and all this without babies! Thanks to Susana, Jose, and Irma for baby sitting for us and Ry and Beck for the good time out!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Almost 9 month old Stinks!

These two stinkernoodles just make me laugh every day. (Even yesterday). We had thier check up--J is 1/2 in taller then C but C weighs 1/2 lb more then J. She weighs 18 lbs but they both feel like they weigh 40!

This pic was taken this afternoon. Neither wanted to go down for naps, so I stuck my head in to check on them and all of a sudden this little face pops up over the edge of her crib! I knew the day wasnt far off... but it was so funny, almost jack in the box like. I guess the padding is coming out and mattresses going down! Hmmm....

Jack has 3 teeth and Claire 1 with the next almost there!

They eat all sorts of foods--working on different textures. Jack seems to struggle more with it. Claire will eat anything I put in front of her... including paper. Their favorite thing to do is rip of anything put in front of them. No magazine is safe in our house and Im sure more then a little has been ingested.

We have an awesome schedule. They sleep 8 to 8. Naps between 10 and noon and 3 to 5 (most days anyway, but some we just through the schedule completely out the window.)

Claire is officially crawling. Still working out a few kinks, but getting from point A to point B she does very well! She's sitting herself up pulling up to things. J is happy to just sit on his tushy and watch. But he has learned to take his toys back. They like to pull each others hair.

Baby #3 is doing awesome. Bouncing off my ribs and insides... I think these two made enough room for him to do back hand springs!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Palm Springs during the Summer

HOT HOT HOT. We went to a med student conference at the beautiful La Quinta resort. We got to stay in our own little vintage casita from the 1920's. But did I mention it was 110 degrees and 100% humidity. Miserable. The morning CT had to go to the conference I tried taking the kids to the swap meet. I thought if I went early we could stand it a little while. We lasted all of 20 minutes at 9 in the morning before the kids were red faced and sweating. Time to go back. We tried swimming the night before and the pool was hot. Two best things? Air conditioning in our room! COLD. And Just how cute my kids are in a swim pool. I will never say Im ungrateful for the chance to go to Palm Springs, but I just like it better when its 40 degrees cooler :)

One of those days...

Today I was really PREGNANT

Today I had TWO TEETHING babies

While I was putting Jack to bed, Claire decided to throw all my curly fries on the floor and have those for desert...

I think we will both go to bed with heart burn.

Eyelashes and all things soft

Claire holds her own bottle like a champ. Jack on the other hand is too busy playing with his eye lashes! The minute the bottle goes in the hands goes up, one to the eyelashes and the other to his hair. And he just softly caresses his own head and blinks into his hands... its really cute. At night he wont go to sleep without having his blanket up around his face all soft and fuzzy. Just wish he'd hold his bottle, especially in places like the mall... but he's getting better.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crab anyone?

We have the coolest neighbors. For Daniels birthday he decided to have a few friends over to have a crab bake. HE WAS SERIOUS. He invited 25 people and bought 25 crabs, 4 enormous lobsters, 10 lbs of huge shrimp, clams, oysters, sausage, potatoes, corn, all the drinks we could ask for and chocolate banana cake to top it off 3 hours later. It was AWESOME! I ate 2 crabs myself plus my share of everything else. Holy Cow. We need to do this people. Anyone game?

Dr Lee

Yesterday we went to visit Dr Lee. This man works miracles. He was our fertility guy. He had never met the kids so I thought I'd better take them in and show them off a little. It was so nice seeing him and his staff again. We had been with them for so long, I almost miss them :)

Lots of new tricks

So while we were gone and over the summer the kids have lots of new tricks. They sit up, eat food, sit in high chairs now, Claire is about 10 minutes away from crawling... she sits and rocks, ready to take off. But we love this one... Jack's first tooth. Its so hard to take pics of it... this was the best I could do and its even out much more now.

They play pretty good together but Claire has decided that whatever toy Jack wants she wants too and takes it, and then she'll just drop it. He started out with this book, she took it, and ended up with it. Stinkernoodle. He is learning though to take things back. When do I start the "you need to share?" lessons? HAHA.

Jumping the Gun--literally.

I have to put this story in just because I think its funny. Yes, those are squirrels. I kill squirrels. (To those who live in Orange County, they are varment. Pests, and destroy crops, and we have a ga-gillion this year. ) Dad pays $1.50 a hide. Good money. While I was home these two young men, my nephews Austin and Isaac, would come over every morning at 8 am sharp and ask what time nap time was that morning and inform me they had arranged for a babysitter so we could go shooting. So off we went, my .22, Austins pellet gun, and Isaac with literally a "red ryder" BB gun. (No there's not a compas in the stock, nor a thing that tells time... rip off! :) )

One morning Austin had shot one, I had shot one, and Isaac needed one. We were standing by a huge wood pile when a big fat squirrel popped up right on top right in front of us maybe 6 feet away and just stood there. I really wanted Isaac to get one so I said "why dont we all shoot on the count of 3". That way if either of them missed, I would kill if for sure and I could give Isaac credit. (shhh... dont tell him that.) Stupid thing still standing there we all get down and I start counting... "One... PING!" WHAT THE! Isaac had literally jumped the gun and shot after one. I dont know if he hit it or not but it took off back down his hole. That cheap little gun wont kill anything. The BB's literally bounce off its prey (yes, I tested it.) DANG. Had he just waited, it was the most perfect shot... So instead we told him that he for sure hit it and thats why it ran and now its down in its hole bleeding and will die down there (no way it was dying any time soon, even if he did hit it. Maybe gave it a bruise.) He was so excited about that fact that he wanted to dig around the hole and then shoot down the hole to finish it off.... No Isy, lets wait... or let it die on its own. :) Funny boys. I sure had fun shooting with them every day. And then later that week I went coyote hunting with thier dad at midnight. Took a few shots, but the wretched thing got away!