Thursday, July 30, 2009

What can I say?

How could it get any cuter then this? I would say that Im biased, but Im not. I really dont think you can get cuter. Look at those little faces for heavens sakes! Sally does wonders. If you want to see more you can go to her website or even more here: password is trimble.

Love them.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh, this will never do!

They have learned to wiggle out of thier chairs and the travel swing. No more just setting them in. Buckling is a must now. They dont love it, but whatever.

6 months old

Yup. On June 30th they turned 6 months old. We hit the docs office for thier shots and check up. Quick stats:

Jack is 15.1 lbs and 26 1/2 inches.
Chunky Claire is only 25 inches and 15.6 lbs. She finally beat him weight wise.

Tall little buggers, without adjusting thier age, they are in the 75% for height. Adjusted age makes them 90%. HAHA. Wonder where they get that.

We got the go ahead for solids. Cereal they didnt love. Bananas either. Jack looked at me like "how could you!" and Claire thinks everything is bitter I guess. The applesauce went over better tonight. Atleast for Jack. Claire again, thought it was bitter. Doing the eye twitch and everything. Very funny.

Happy 4th of July

A little late. But we had a great day. The 4th around here isnt like what is was at home. Home started at 10 AM with a parade and didnt end until a fantastic firework show followed by a stake dance. Here, we didnt start until 5 at a bbq with a few friends, then had to travel somewhere to find a crowded firework show. I miss home. But this will do for now.
We went to a restaurant parking lot to watch the Disneyland firework show and I have to say I was disappointed. They didnt do anything extra then then the normal show. Sad.
We should have just come home because it was like a war zone here! Fireworks are legal in Santa Ana, we bought a little bag ourselves, but people around here bought the illegal big ones. EVERYONE HAD THEM. Best show I've seen in a long time in my own front yard. So many we thought they must have been legal. They werent.

We may have had the only American flag up on the street but these people love thier fireworks! Turned out to be a fun 4th afterall.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Insanity? Maybe. Miracle? Definitely.

I've learned that we cannot create life when we want it nor can we stop it when it is supposed to be here. Having said that, yes, we are expecting #3. After 5 years of heartache and the miracle of modern medicine we were finally blessed with the twins in December. Now, without a thought, we are pregnant again and this baby will be due Jan 19th. They will be exactly 1 year apart. 2 weeks difference in my due dates. We are 12 weeks, THERE IS ONLY ONE baby (I dont know how to do one baby :) ), and we are all excited about it. Crazy? Maybe. Miracle? Without question. One of life's tender mercies.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

San Fransisco--Our First Family Vacation.

When we moved to California we made a list of things we have to do while we live here. San Fransisco and a few other things thata way were on the list. So after finals we packed up and went. I'm going to do the pics and the quickie version. CT really went to do a little work at UCSF and Stanford, but most of the time we tried to be as TOURISTY as we possibly could be. I dont think we could have done any better.

Day 1: FIRST PLANE TRIP! They did pretty good. Except people didnt want to sit by us and we couldnt sit in the same row because there were too many people and not enough air masks. They dont make planes for multiples.

CT ran to UCSF, we checked into the hotel on Fishermans Wharf and settled in.

We tried 1 hotel crib prison. And the hotel people didnt believe me when I said I needed a second one.

After CT returned, we called a mission companion and his wife. John and Brooke were also our neighbors in Provo while we were at BYU. CT and John were APs in Neuquen together. They litterally lived just a few blocks from where we were staying..what are the odds in such a large city. It was fun to see them and meet thier little boy, Blake.
DAY 2: Palo Alto, Stanford, San Jose, and Sausilito
We rented a car day 2 and headed down to Stanford so CT could have his meeting. I was just going to hang on the grass with the kids. GOING TO. When we got there they were hungry so I started milling around for the bottles that were SUPPOSED to be in my diaper bag. Formula, water, no bottles. Where the @#(*$& is a pharmacy QUICK. It took me 45 minutes to find one and by the time I did Jack had screamed himself to sleep. Poor things!!! I cant believe I forgot the bottles!

When CT was done and babies were happy again we took off and drove down to San Jose to see the Winchester House (aka Crazy Lady House). It was one of the things on our list. This lady thought the spirits of everyone killed by a winchester gun was haunting her house and the only way to make them stop was to continusouly build on to her house. So for 38 years, 24/7 she was doing construction. This is the house where doorways open to no where and stairs lead into cealings and walls. Two side by side staircases that lead to the very same place and strange sayings in stain glass windows that no one knows what they mean. Very funky.

On our way back, since we had the car, we drove across the Golden Gate Bride, drove Lombard Street, past Mrs Doubtfires house, and got lost in Sausilito.

Wow... this post is taking a long time. So I'm gonna sumarize and cut out the pics... I've got them if anyone wants to see them...
Day 3: We just hung out at Fishermans Wharf. We walked Peir 39 and went to Ghiradelli Square. We had crab for dinner and finished the day off with a double blow out from the kids! Thanks for that darlings!
Day 4: Our final day and we made sure to pack it full! We rode the cable cars, went to Union Square, walked through China Town, and finished up with Alcatraz. The kids got thier first sun burns (which later the Doctor was actually please with because she said I was getting them outside and they were getting thier vitamin D.)
We couldnt end the day without another blow out in the Airport after we had checked everything. Claire-Bear was our only family member that left SF with a SF t-shirt. It was too big, but it was clean and absurdly expensive :)
The darlings were very good fliers. We were all happy to get home. When I took Jack into thier bedroom he got really excited to see thier paper lanterns over thier cribs. He knew he was home too.

Little William

A few weekends ago CT ditched us and went to Charlotte NC for a conference, so we decided to go to Valencia to visit my aunt and uncle and my cousin Robin and Paul who was thier with her kids. This is little William who is just a month older then the kids. I think he looks just like his dad.
Anyways...we were going to try to take the kids swimming for the first time.
We got them all ready. But on the way to the pool this is what our swimming expidition turned in to... 2 sleeping babies and a storm. I guess the swimming will have to wait.