Saturday, June 13, 2009

We met an Apostle

They are redoing the stake presidency in my inlaws ward. So Richard G Scott came to do it. I took the kids tonight to the adult session to hear him speak. What did he talk about?


Jacks newest trick is to hollar at the top of his lungs. He's totally happy, just LOUD. So I ended up getting up and going out like 8 times and Ashley had to take Claire out about the same amount. Then they fell asleep, then they woke up, then they cried, then they started giggling.

I heard something about all we have is our character... really sure...

After is was over we did get to go up and shake his hand. The kids shook his hand too. He thought they were cute. :) Of course they're cute. Even when they are cranky.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Instead of escargo or caviar, Claire decided the frog legs were her favorite.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best baby sitter ever

Best babysitter is going to target and getting down thier display activity centers and just putting your kids in them for a while ! :) We were trying to decide which one they liked better... I think we ended up leaving them in there for probably 20 minutes. We got the one Claire is in because Jack eventually stopped playing with his and was looking at hers :) HAHA. Thanks Becky for the new toy.

Were we being robbed?

The other night, we were finally going to bed at 2AM and just settling in when we heard a rumbling noise. I thought it sounded kind of like our garbage cans being moved or maybe the garage door going up. We both laid there dead still listening, a little freaked out. It happened again, a little louder, Christopher thought it sounded like someone was dragging a boulder across the cement. (not likely, my story sounded better.) Then we saw some lights flashing in the window... I was sure we were being robbed, those were the flashlights and they were in the garage. OH MY GOSH. We laid there a little longer, then CT peeked out the window... We finally went outside to find an amazing LIGHTENING AND THUNDER SHOW. GEEZ! How embarassing. The thunder was so loud it set of peoples car alarms! I guess you could say it doenst happen much around here. I remember the last time it did, 3 years ago, right after we moved here. I should have known what it was, I grew up with lightening shows all summer long. So this is my question--what does lightening strike in the city? At home it strikes hay stacks, trees, even horses. But here? I dont know.

ps... the babies slept through it, amazing!