Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do I look like a GIRL?

See the Lady in the orange shirt behind him? She's not "well" in the head. CT and I took the kids to Pizza and this lady was so weird. She kept coming up and asking questions.

"Is it a boy or girl"


"What is her name?"


"She has pretty eyes. What a pretty girl, she looks like a girl... what big ears."

A few minutes later:

"What a pretty girl, look at her big forhead... WHats your name? I saw you in your car... My brother is getting married."

Are you going?

(Dazed look, brain reset) "Going Where? I saw in his pictures, he looks like he's married... Have you been somewhere this year? My name is Bethany, no Beverly, well sometimes it could be Bethany, my brother calls me Bethany..."

And on and on and on... all the time looking at Jack and refering her to as a her... We were happy Claire was hiding in her carseat... she never noticed her.

A pretty bad day

The other day was a really bad day... I went through 4 outfits, poop, pee, massive throw ups... My parents were coming and the house wasnt quite ready, I needed to go grocery shopping and right in the middle of just about getting ready, the sink decided to clog and commenced an enourmous flood and mess. Called the land lord who came with her husband to fix it. Its kids bed time so they decided to both start screaming of hunger the very same second, the land lord tells me the gardener DIED. All in like 30 seconds. I never did get to go grocery shopping... in the middle of the mess I had to ditch the kids and all the mess and people in my house to get my parents from the airport.... Crazy bad day, especially the last 2 hours.
Amongst the chaos... my sweet Claire decided to roll over for the first time. I just happened to be standing there and caught it. Thank heavens for the Iphone.

Body World 2

Sick I KNOW! My parents came to visit for Memorial Weekend. To celebrate my parents birthdays (Happy 60th Dad!) we took them to Body World 2 down in San Diego. This is X Lady, by far the sickest exhibit EVER. THey cut her face down the middle. There were some other very cool things, I think CT was in heaven. But yeah, this one...
It was fun to have them here. They came to church with us and then Monday we went shopping for thier birthday presents. Jack was trying to fit ALL of these rings in his mouth.

Jury Duty

Why is it they dont call me to Jury Duty until I cant do it??? I actually want to go be on a case. Call me crazy. But now... I cant "be available at 45 minute notice." Rats. I apparently had an acceptable excuse to be excused.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jumping Jacks

They have decided they want to sit up all the time now. Much more interesting world I know. But the only thing they have are thier bouncers and bumbo chairs. They are kind of boring. So I busted out this jumping thing. First day they both hated it. Didnt get it, didnt want it. Cried. Maybe they were just tired. So we tried again today and it went a little better. Jack looks so little in it, his head barely sticking out of the top. I need to get one of those little activity centers.

Surfing anyone?

I bought this little surfboard with the mini boppy to help them with tummy time. Before it took 10 seconds for them to start screaming. First day we did 4 minutes! Totally worth the 10 bucks I paid for it. Now they are both getting in thier time without screams. Jack without it and Claire with it. Jack will even fall asleep on his tummy now. That would have NEVER happened before.

I thought this pic looked like he has green spiky hair.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Moms a Cuck

Anyone know how to spell Kook? Cuke? Cook? Kuke? I googled it and I cant figure it out :) Lets go spanish and its Cuc. Easy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Genius on our hands

So Jack got bored reading the wall street journal and decided to read the lotion bottle while getting a rub down by Grandma :) He was telling us all about it too.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jack's Laugh

What can we say... he truly LOVES his bath time.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Helping Mommy

Claire was crying so Jack was so nice and offered to hold his own bottle while I took care of her. He sure loves bottle time. You should see him get excited when he sees it. He almost starts giggling and puts his hands up there, its a fight to move them to get the thing in his mouth and the longer it takes the more excited he gets. I cant explain it, you just have to see it.

A little Girl

I wanted to pierce her ears, except Daddy wont let me. So we painted her her hands and toesies instead. Love this sweet girl. I must be the only one in the world who has ever done this because people freak out (in a good way) and say they've never seen it before. Hmph.

Sushi Anyone?

Gotta bring them up right :)

Grandpa and Jack enjoying a little double double roll.

The 6th Grade

Oh, it came back to me. I swore I'd never go back to the styles of the 80s but somehow they seem to have come back to me. I wont give in!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Roach Motel

This might have been cute in Wall E but



I asked CT to come and catch it and the little bugger was too fast and now we CANT FIND IT!

Fun Cockroach facts: They can CLIMB WALLS AND CRIBS! AND they can run 3 miles an hour!
They can hold thier breath for 40 minutes! (There goes flushing it) and they can live A WEEK without thier HEAD!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Help Me Help Me--Mommy put me in the shopping jail again!

HAHA. One of them has to go in the bottom of the basket.
Claire is doing better. I made an executive decision to change her formula again to the super expensive kind. That was 3 days ago and not a screaming fit since. She seems much more calm. I ran out tonight and CT wants to put her back on the regular "sensitive kind" to see if she screams tomorrow. He's not convinced. But I am. And like the rest of you, WORTH IT.
She's also closer to sleeping through the night although it seems she's more hungry faster with this new stuff. AND she's grabbing on to her toys. Jack still just bats at them.

Jack-Jack (from the Incredibles)

Love this pic of Jack. He's like--Ugh--Mom took me shopping again! HAHA. Love this boy. He's rolling over already and will just about talk your ear off with all the coos. What a crack up. Eyes wide open as always. And ALMOST sleeping through the night. Like 10-6 ish. Getting better!