Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Docs Visit

Jack just chillin.

4 months old this last tuesday.

Claire is 23 3/4 inches and 12 lbs 3 oz.
Jack is 25 inches and 12 lbs 15 oz.

They jumped a whole line on the curve--from 5th to 10th percentile :)

Good and Bad

Lets start with the bad: These have been my children for the last 2 weeks.
Especially Claire. She's been throwing these screaming fits that last for like an hour and nothing will console her. She did it at my inlaws, she did it at the beach, at my office, she did it here, day and night, and I wondered how I would explain it to the doc. No problem, she did it there too....

REASONS? WHO KNOWS! The doc thinks she's just being bothered like cold hands kind of stuff. I disagree. I havent nailed it yet, but I'm working on it.

We tried taking them to the beach when it was 95 degrees the other day. (Im practicing for Lake Powell). This was the result. I dont know if it was the heat, the sand, the breeze, the not having pants on... but the screamed the whole time. Jack too which is not normal for him. Wailing.

Claire spits up a lot. We had her on some meds, but they made her loopy. I took her to the doc she said said to try giving her 1 tsp of THIS is her bottle just to settle her tummy. NOPE. The result was more crying and now THROW UP. She's not ready and we wont try it again for a while. Regular spit up was better then that!

Im sure these didnt help. They are officially 4 months old. The first round of shots didnt do a thing to them. Oh, they felt so sick and weird for a few days. Especially Jack. He was just limp and droopy eyed and warmer then normal but not really a fever.

I KNOW this didnt help. They HATE tummy time. They cry every time. Claire just up and decided to do a baby push up (first time ever and never since) and rolled head first off the couch. I had felt the big soft spot in the middle but never the crack up to the forhead. I THOUGHT I HAD DONE THAT TO HER!!!! But I didnt. POOR THING.

THE GOOD OF THIS: People ask me if they are aware of each other. Normally crying doesnt make the other budge. They sleep right through each others cries. This time however was different. After she fell and I calmed her back down, I went to see if Jack had woke up. He had, but it was different. He was super tense, laying very still, eyebrows knit, looking very focused and concerned. He knew something was different. He KNEW she wasnt ok. It just took a minute to calm him and he went right back to sleep. But he KNEW. What a darling.

Poor things.

THE GOOD: THEY ARE SO CUTE! Thank heavens for that. Claire will cry/laugh. She hurts but is so good and tries to be of good humor so she is crying but then a smile and laugh will come out then cry again.

Once asleep they will sleep through anything. We walked to the Gypsy Den for dinner again and it happened to be Flemenco night. You know, stomping and clapping... they slept right through it.

Jack giggles. Not just smiles, but giggles. The ONLY time he does it though is right before his bath which he loves. He's really ticklish. But I cant catch it on video because whenever I try to have CT come tape it he stops and looks at him and doesnt laugh. But Im trying to get it.

I cant think of anything else good tonight. Its been a long day. But I know there are, I just cant remember them. I'll post them later when I remember.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sorry, I've been having technical glitches for the last 3 days. So FINALLY, here's the pics...

This year Easter was great. We blessed the babies. My family came into town on Thursday and we spent Friday and Saturday at the beach. Friday we spent playing in the tide pools down at Laguna and Saturday couldnt have been more lovely. We built a fire to keep warm by because the kids were going to get in the water no matter what. But not a cloud in the sky. Not too busy, enough wind to fly the kite, dolphins coming super close to the beach, sand castles, birds, smores... Could I say more? My two darlings were so good and slept just about the entire day in thier carseats in thier little red tent.
Saturday morning the Easter Bunny came to my house and besides all the candy, my darlings got thier Bumbo Chairs. They are holding thier heads up so good!

Then Sunday was blessing day and a Beautiful day. They were blessed with such beautiful things, amongst them are a desire to learn and obtain the most education available to them. To have a passion for and be a force for good. They would understand and recognize the spirit and accomplish great things... Afterwards we had nearly 40 people at the house for lunch. Im so thankful to all of you who came to support us and be with us on this special Easter day. We had several from my office come, and Susana and Jose even came to the blessing at church. They were so helpful in helping us with the tables, and bringing food, we dont know what we'd do without them. We had family and friends travel from all over to come. It was such a lovely day. Too bad I didnt take very many pics. But we got a few. :)
My little soldier... His suit had a little jacket as well. I just think this is a funny picture.
Do you think they were tired?

The Critchfields who decided last minute to fly in... They get thier own set of twins in August :) We had several people from my office come to support us as well.

This is Claires dress from 4th street and the bonnet that my mother bought in Belgium for me 4 years ago. She's been saving it for me for this day... The dress on the end was a runner up, but I think she looked too much like a cake. :)
Proud Grandparents :)
And even Prouder Parents :) What cute babies we have!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Return to 4th Street

I just thought I would fill in a few blanks from my 4th street visit. I went back tonight with my neighbor Susana. We went to buy thier outfits for thier blessing this Sunday. Susana is such a sweet lady, she bought Claires dress for her. Wanna see what they look like? Too BAD. You'll just have to come or wait until I post pics... HAHA. They are awesome though! So we walked the whole street again and I took better pics. Before I took a pic of the Lingerie/Boot shop... here's the AWESOME boots! Then we went and looked at the AMAZING dress that I would have no reason in my caucasion world to wear. I decided it was my Spanish Novela dress and if I were to ever star in one, THIS is the dress I would wear... What do you think? Haha

We finished the evening off by eating at the Gypsy Den. A swanky place where both sexes have long hair, strange opinions, and eat hummus and tea. It was so yummy! THANK YOU Susana for the fun afternoon shopping!

Jack's Smile

So Jack isnt as generous with his smiles. He is more of a coo-er. So I tried to take a video of him doing that and he started then went crossed eyed and stopped. It was actually pretty funny, I thought it would do, until I looked at it and realized I had been recording his chest. As you can see in the previous post, my video/getting baby to smile skills dont mix. :) SO tonight I happened to catch this one right in the middle of a GIGGLE! WHERE"S THE VIDEO WHEN I NEED IT!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Smiles Anyone?

This is very common now... after 3 long months of waiting, I get smiles :)


They are starting to notice noises and textures and things... I bought them this little sun tent from IKEA. When I laid Jack down in it it crinkles against the grass. He just went crazy kicking and looking around listening. It was so funny to watch him learn.

Seperate Cribs

We always knew they couldnt sleep together forever... I guess I just thought it would have lasted longer then this. I've told many about how they tend to wiggle until their heads were touching during the night. Well, last week we found them like this... They had wiggled so much they were completely sideways and both kicking off of the ends of the cribs banging heads in the middle. That was thier last night together. So they now sleep seperate. The first night they woke up every hour... They missed each other. The second night it was every two and now a week later they are back to thier every 3-4 hour schedule. Still not fabulous, but I"ll take it. Poor things. Either way, when they were sleeping vertically side by side thier heads and feet touched each side... I guess it was just time.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So this is no longer me. After nearly 4 years, yesterday was my last day at work at UCI. I had to go back for a week to wrap it up and finish training other people and now Im done. It has been a pleasure to work with these lovely ladies and they will be sorely missed. Good thing I know where to find them...

Speaking of famous people...

Tonight I blogged about having to see someone REALLY famous for me to recognize. We then went to dinner to Panera in Newport before a temple session and guess who walked in. Yes, actually famous enough for me to recognize them. Kobe Bryant lives in Newport Coast. I tried to get a pic with my iphone... I had a plan... CT would stop and eat some free sample bread and I would pretend I was texting but really taking his pic without bugging him... but CT DIDNT STOP TO EAT THE BREAD! HE JUST WALKED OUT. So no pic. But he was there with his family and dog.

Sister Tinkerbell's Mom

So I love my iphone because Im always taking pictures of random stuff. This Sunday I just couldnt resist when this sister walked into Sunday School with her DOG. ITS NOT A HELPER DOG... In relief society the teacher actually called on this lady and called her Sister Tinkerbell's Mom. It was all I could do to not laugh out loud.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A step up from 4th Street--RODEO DRIVE

Last week we took the buppies to Beverly Hills. None of us had ever been there before and our good friends the Bindels just happened to move like 3 (ok, maybe more like 4) blocks from Rodeo Drive! So we packed up and went. It was so fun to walk around the shops... It actually kind of felt like we were walking around South Coast mall (our mall just down the road)... We started with Donald Pliner shoes and these are my favorite... $400. Only in my dreams... Arent they beautiful! And we saw Will I Am. Its a good thing we were with Tiffany because I would have never known it was him. It would have to be someone REALLY famous for me to recognize them. And we drove past the "apartment" where Richard Gere saved Pretty Woman at the end. Turns out its not a ghetto apartment building but Beverly Wilshire Hotel right on Rodeo. Not exactly ghetto (the building behind CT feeding Jack). We can all now say we have been to Beverly Hills and shopped Rodeo Drive... Thanks Tiff for the good time!

Who do they take after?