Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cat update

HAHA. So although this is what most people voted for, I havent shot the cats yet. I read online that cats hate mothballs and citrus. So I've spread these two things around the back yard... I'll let you know how it goes :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4th Street

Still in search of the perfect blessing outfits for these two, we were given the suggestion of 4th Street in Santa Ana, the Quincinera capital of Southern California. We decided to try it out. Its like walking down a street in Mexico City! Both sides of the street for about 5 blocks are just covered with fun hispanic stores. Mostly dress shops and pawn shops. Or shoe shops. We were cracking up so much! The dresses were amazing. Both for the babies but WOW for the quincineras! Bright blues and greens and reds and HUGE hoop skirts!!! I couldnt think of a single occasion in my caucasion world that would justify wearing a dress like that but when I think of one, I now know where to go because they were AWESOME!!! But our favorite store was this lingerie/cowboy boot store! HAHAHA.

Radiology Dept at UCI

The other day we were able to take the buppies to the radiology dept at UCI and introduce them to everyone. It was so nice to see everyone again and I met Sandy, one of the fabulous women that CT gets to interact with almost every day. She gave Claire and Jack the nicest little handmade blankets and this cute little beanie for Claire. Im so grateful that he is able to spend his days with such caring people like Sandy, Ryan, and Dr Hasso. I looked up the meaning of "salt of the earth" in and it says :

an individual or group considered as representative of the best or noblest elements of society.

That about sums up atleast those I know in the radiology dept. Such good people.

Is it even a contest?


American Quilts at the Bower Museum

For Christmas we gave Becky two tickets to the Bowers Museum to go and see the anitque quilt exhibit. I was so lucky she invited me and the babies to go with her. It was a quick trip (we spent too much time dining and Mimi's, haha) but it was fun to see all those really old quilts, some like 150 years old and all hand done. Amazing. That will have to be my next undertaking is a quilt. :)

Ahhh... Sweet Claire...HAHA

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Match Day

Not that kind of match :) Today the four of us got up early to go to Match Day at UCI. Match day is where medical students learn where they will spend the next phase of med school, thier residency. Match Day occurs simultaneously at medical schools nationwide. So it started at 8:30 here at UCI and 11:30 back east. Literally at the same time. At UCI, students march up to a podium one at a time in front of family and friends and open an envelope containing a notification of acceptance to a particular residency program. This year was CT's class. Everyone except the few who stayed behind to do the MBA and a few other things all found out. It was so excitig to watch them learn where they will be going. I was so SO nervous for them and even more nervous and crazy feeling that that should have been us. And it will be next year! One very fast moving year left! OMGosh. We both felt kind of bad too that it wasnt us. It would have been nice to be done and moving on. But the good news is that most of our closest friends are staying with us and will go through it with us next year. And the MBA will be worth it. So Match Day 2010...let the countdown begin.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Family Car

So on one of our adventure walks we found our new family car. Its the BMW Isetta... what do you think???

What baby?

Claire was helping me do laundry. I left her like that for 2 minutes and I came back and she was asleep! I took a break from Laundry.
Quick update: 11 weeks old yesterday.

Jack weighs 11lbs 6 oz. and is 23 inches. 10% percentile. If you consider they are premies then he would be in the 55% percentile for a 6 week old baby.
Claire weighs 10lbs 1 oz. And is 23 inches. More like 7 or 8 percentile. And again, 50% is for a 6 week baby.

They are growing for sure. They weighed 4.5 lbs when we brought them home. I thought this picture would show that... They started in premie, today I retired all of the newborn stuff (Claire finally reached the toes). They are officially in 0-3 month stuff. And it looks HUGE. :) And I admit, its a little big on them, but better then busting out of the toes :)

They are being a little more needy lately. It makes me busier. They are found thier voices and if they cry I respond. Tricky! They dont just sleep all the time. Much of the day is spent awake. Sometimes I think to myself when they are both crying at the same time that this is crazy! But then I think of the alternative of going back to work, and well, at work I spent all day dealing with crying whiny teenagers who want to be doctors and dont qualify. It brings it all together. I would MUCH rather stay home and play with my whiny beautiful funny babies :)

Me? Im feeling ok. My mom and Nancy came to help after my surgery and they were SO HELPFUL AND ARE SORELY MISSED! Especially Monday when it was just us again. I felt like I was out of my groove. But hopefully Im getting it back again. Yesterday I overdid it. I had been feeling pretty good, so I went on a long walk (it was 80 degrees, I couldnt help it). I woke up pretty sore this morning. To thank them for all of their help we took them to La Creperie, a swanky "bohemian" restaurant in Long Beach. Everything is made with crepes and super yummy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"The Black Day of Bad Luck" Friday the 13th gets a bad wrap! Most people think of it as being a terrible day, one of superstition and bad things happening. Friday the 13th in my family--good things tend to happen.

Two years ago, October 13, my handsome nephew Layton was born.

This year, Friday, March 13th, brought another darling into our lives. This is Davis Ryan Parker. He is Christophers sister's son. Poor thing was 5 days late and arrived just in time, 8 lbs and some change is enough! What a sweet baby. I have to say Im jealous of the hair and skin tone! I wanted my babies to have CT's olive skin tone and curly hair. They are both fair and just have a little hair. But this handsome young man got both! I cant wait to meet him next month!!!! CONGRATS LINDSEY AND FORREST!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Best part about Surgery

I love these socks! How lame is that?! But the best part about surgery are these socks. They are thin, but super warm and I love wearing them around my house. I have hard wood floors and these socks have traction. I now have 3 pairs, one from each of my surgeries. I did have one other procedure but I dont think they had the socks. It was before I realized how glorious they are. Anyways... they are my souvenirs and I LOVE them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've never been so excited to have surgery before. I thought maybe the only one would be to get a pair of these, but this... this beats that by far :) I officailly dont have a gallbladder or those retched stones anymore :) This morning I came in with them and now I wont be reunited with them until the resurrection. Its ok, I can live without them. I didnt have this many stones but a "reasonable amount" whatever that means. Im just so grateful to be done with that. It was done laproscopically through one port in my belly button. I've had 4 surgeries in the last 4 years and I think I need to be done for a while. I got to have this one in the new UCI hospital though and its really nice. My mom and sister in law Nancy came to take care of the bupees and CT. They all came to visit me today which made my day. And I get to stay the night in a lovely painfree state thanks to vicodin :) Im sorry this post is so boring, I guess Im a boring poster on drugs :) I'll have to post the other things I've been thinking about later when I'm feeling more normal... so until then... But just so you know, all is well.

Buds, Buttons, and Bows

So the Jane, this ones for you is for Janie Hick. She was talking to my mother in law about babies with flowers bigger then thier heads. I thought of this one. I think its super cute to take professional pics like that, but I would have her wear that every day :) So why do I have it in the first place? I decided to go ahead and sell headbands online. You can visit the shop at I dont quite have everything up, but almost. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dead little Kitties

This is our back yard. I LOVE our back yard. CT gave me that fire pit and I bought some furniture, made pillows for the chairs... I bought myself some gardening shoes and tools and I come out here almost every day to do something. Plant new plants, move rocks, rake leaves, trim trees, pick oranges and kumquats. The fig tree and plum tree are blosseming. Even the overgrown neighbors vine thats killing my lemon tree is lovely and fragrant. The kids come out with me when its nice out and hang out in thier bouncers or help me work in the baby bjorn.... I love it. LOVE IT. I should anyway... except EVERY morning I come out to find THIS... THIS IS CAT POOP. WE DONT OWN A CAT. The same negligent neighbor has 3 and they have chosen MY back yard for thier litter box. SO every morning when I come out to stretch and breath in the fresh air and blossems, that is NOT what I smell. I ALWAYS SMELL THE MORNINGS DEPOSIT IN THE LITTER BOX! They dont go out under the vine in the back where I wont notice, oh no, they go in the grass right by the patio behind the chairs. So instead of stretching I have to inspect the lawn to find it. Its always there. More then once I've found it by stepping in it... And once I scoop it away it takes a good hour for the smell to leave. If they dont cut it out or if I dont find some way to get rid of them, soon... very soon, they will be DEAD little kitties. Any ideas besides a silencer for my .22?

I"ve been HACKED

So this post is going to reveal the truly lame side of me. I play computer games. Im a gamer. I've had a world of warcraft account for a few years now. I play mostly to hang out with my brother and sister in law in Utah. I havent played seriously though for maybe a year. Actually, since I found out I was pregnant. The game is still there though and so are my characters and everything... waiting for me to come back whenever I do. I had some very cool high level (62 in case you know) characters with all sorts of gold and wicked cool swords and stuff... This isnt my Character, but similar, I would post a pic of mine but I CANT! Last night I got several emails confirming changes to my account that I didnt do. Changing my password, transfering characters, spamming other people... and because of that last one, Administration banned my account! I'VE BEEN HACKED! I'll save you the details of the hoops I have to jump through to get it back. I dont know if I'll ever get my characters and everything back. People steal your "Chars" and steal your gold and items and now Im SOL.

The good news? There's no way they could get my personal or credit card information. So thats safe.

The BAD news... somehow they got my password, which Im again LAME and have used the exact same password for everything EVERYTHING since I was in high school. So it took me 2 hours last night to log into every account I have with anyone and change my passwords. Good thing I have a list of subscriptions I have.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I posted yesterday about the woman who rear ended the school bus. Well, today I found myself right behind one and I just started laughing. How can you miss this???

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They are almost too big to do this anymore! What a sad day!

Today's adventure

On todays walking adventure we walked to Sev to get myself a Coke Slurpee (LOVE THEM since being pg. AND they have less calories then real coke. YUM!) Then off to see if we couldnt find a house for rent for some friends. I crossed the street to Sev and on the way back only 5 minutes later, there had been this little accident. This woman rearended a school bus. Now, WHO DOESNT SEE THE BIG YELLOW SCHOOL BUS in fron them them??? I dont know, but it was pretty funny. All the kids from the bus were running around, it was an adventure for all of us !

Jack can feed himself

Well, sort of anyway. This is called a Podee. Its a bottle with a straw basically. Just stick it in his mouth and set it down and it just works. Worked pretty good. Although he was kind of slow at eating and fell asleep half way through. I'm going to try it again, or maybe when he's more hungry and wont fall sleep. Anyways--lovely invention.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Non commital

The other day I sat myself down to make some headbands for Claire. Poor thing needs to be a girl. :) But I just couldnt decide which flower to put with which headband and what if I didnt want it that way after... I just couldnt commit. So I decided to put snaps on everything. That way I can interchange them and as she grows I can get bigger headbands, but keep the flowers. Less waste. I think they turned out pretty cute. I took her to the docs today and they told me I should sell them on ebay. I was looking and no one does it with snaps. Lots of clips, but no snaps... what do you think? Should I make a bunch and try to sell them??? I personally think the buttons turned out cute. She can wear them with polka dots.

"ohhh--Im tute!"