Thursday, February 26, 2009

What to do?

What do I do when they are both awake? Im having kind of a hard time figuring out how to spend my day. When they are asleep I can put them down and do my thing, but I feel like when they are awake I need to be paying attention to them. And I can, one at a time, but now that they are staying awake more at the same time, how do I do it with both? Sometimes I feel like all I can do is lay them down together, but thats the same as them being asleep. Any ideas? How do I do them both? Maybe it will be easier when they respond more. They are being more expressive, making more noises...

A new trick

They have a new trick. They are grabbing on to things and holding on. Mostly, my finger and ALWAYS when we feed them. I hold the bottle and they usually grab on to my pinky and dont let go. Its SO CUTE!

Jack talking the Grandma Becky on his Iphone :)


At one of the new mexican grocery stores I happened in to (the panaderia smelled SO GOOD I just had to go inside) I bought a few little pastries and when she gave me change she gave me the most wonderful thing... the HAWAII QUARTER! I have been collecting them and this is the LAST ONE! YEAH!!!!! My friend Todd gave me the map when I came home from my mission with the first two years done and I've been collecting since 2002. So now it goes back on the shelf with the uncut money sheets, 2 dollar bill, and the collectors "American Eagle" edition silver dollar.


So now that Im a stay at home mom in this lovely city of Santa Ana I've been taking walks. Every day I go someplace new. Its amazing what I have been finding. Lots of new grocery stores and I've been practicing my spanish alot with people that run in to. I've been wondering where to find blessing clothes for these two, and I found this kind of ghetto store that looks scary but I walked past and they had the most beautiful baby clothes. Mostly for catholic baptisms... but I dont think there is any where else to buy blessing clothes around here. But Im kind of excited. A little tux for him and beautiful dresses. This is kind of a bad pic, but I really liked this one. Totally decked out with beading. So even though its ghetto mexican, I dont think I could find a better deal anywhere else.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kind of a bad day

So its been kind of a bad day. Last night I only got 2 hours of sleep. We started out ok, but then I got the worst gallstone attack yet. 650 mg of Vicodin and 600 of Ibuprofin just barely took the edge off so I could breath but not enough to stop the pain. 4 hours of pacing and writhing on the floor later it just barely started to get better. No more stabbing, it just felt like I got kicked in teh gut. So I take more meds and go in and lay down and all I hear is Jack. The last few days I've had a runny nose and I tried to be really careful with the kids but since Im the only one here during the day... Poor Jack is all stuffed up and coughing and gaging and is just miserable. So when I finally did lay down, all I can hear is his suffering which is my fault. Shortly after thier 7 am feeding (which I had to solo since CT had to leave early) I guess I decided that I needed to throw up too. That hasnt stopped since and its now noon. We're just dry heaving now.

The good news? The GI surgeon called this morning and I have a consult appt on Thursday. Not soon enough but the best he could do.

The kids will finally get thier RSV shot. Hopefully its not too late for Jack.

Poor Claire must have known my mood during thier feeding just now and was being extra smiley. So much so I actually had time to grab the phone and take a pic. They still arent smiling yet, this was a gassy smile and 2 seconds later she spit up, but I dont care. No matter how crappy my day... That smile just warms my heart. She truly made my day. I thank God every day that they are such sweet good babies.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sweetly Simple Photography

My sister has decided to open a photography studio. She does great work. She came down to visit and took pics of the kids. She was a godsend. I really wanted to get thier newborn pics done but I didnt know how to justify the expense. Check out these lovely pics... We took hundreds but these are just a few of my favorite.




Friday, February 20, 2009

Im addicted

Im addicted to Spanish Novelas! They are GREAT! And my latest just ended. Not sure what Im gonna watch at 2:00 am now! My justification is that its how I practice my spanish ;)
You know who else we'll miss? Good thing he's coming to LA ;) Welcome Conan.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Picture Window

So now that I stay home I spend a lot of time in my front room feeding babies. I sit in my chair and watch out my picture window and its so funny what I see. These are two of my favorites:

The twelve year olds that make out in front of my house every day. :) When school gets out they dont go straight home, they sit and walk up and down my block in front of my house for a good hour around 2:30. They hug and hold hands and make out like they did today. Its so funny! I want to tell him to just leave his backpack on my porch while they do it since it looks kind of heavy :)

The second are the street vendors. I happened to get both in this shot. There are the ones that walk around selling icecream and tamales and cotton candy... I thought this little neighbor boy was so cute standing on the wheel to look in the icecream cart. Then if you look behind them you'll see a white van. It has a loud speaker and plays music and drives up and down the streets slowely selling chips and icecream and soda... We call it the pedofile van. HAHA.

Wall of Wisdom

After many long months of waiting I was finally able to pick up my diploma and finish my "wall of wisdom". Atleast thats what I call it. It demonstrates what with my life the last 11 years. Now the funny thing is, today is also the day I had to tell my office that Im not coming back. So my wall of wisdom will go towards cooking, cleaning, but most importantly, raising babies. I always joked with the masters in criminology when people asked why... If my children take after me in any way, they will need a parole officer as a mother :) But now that these babies are here... Im so fortunate that its not gonna be like that. They are too good :) But the wall of wisdom is up anyways. Although CT wasnt very happy that I claimed that little space in his den. He shouldnt worry, his diplomas, although he'll only have 3 too, are worth much more then mine.

A Litter

So one thing about Palm Springs is taking the kids out so much we had LOTS LOTS LOTS of people stop us to look at them and ask questions (atleast they were kind enough to not touch). It always went like this:

Oh--let me see your baby

Oh--You have TWINS! How special.

Are they a boy and girl?

Are they identical? (Um... you just asked if they were a boy and girl... which automatically means they ARENT identical... but whatever...)

Do they run in your family? (Um do I go into the whole Im adopted story? SO luckily it does run in my mothers family. So we just say yes. )

CAN YOU IMAGINE HAVING 8??? Now really, this is where the conversation gets old. We dont have 8, we wont ever have 8, what do I have to do with the woman that did have 8? I usually answer "I feel bad for that woman" and try to change the topic quickly. But one day a woman said...

"Well, atleast its not a LITTER." refering to the woman who had 8. Now my question is when does my "Twins, how special" turn in to a litter. When does multiples come a litter? 4, 5, 6 ??
I was just so shocked at how rude to me and that poor woman that was! I couldnt even think of a come back.

We love Palm Springs

We were so fortunate to be able to spend the long weekend at Palm Springs. It was so much fun and so relaxing. The kids were so good and everyone was so excited to meet and play with them. They were able to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Parson. Grandpa Jack was so excited to meet his name sake. Little Jack truly has big shoes to fill. Jack Parson is one of the most kind and loving people I know.
They were also able to meet Aunt Dottie and Uncle John.
We spent Valentines day there. We spent it mostly at the swap meet and then we all stayed in for dinner. I bought them these cute little VDay outfits and wouldnt you know that they both blew out by noon! So much for that! Good thing Aunt Ashley got them back up outfits!
Grandma got this funny smile out of Jack. The kids just loved all of the attention!
We had to bathe them while we were there of course so we just used the sink. Since it was a double sink and we had Grandma Becky and Ashley that both wanted to bathe them we just did it at the same time. They are getting better with baths. Now that they are a little fatter I think its not such a shock on thier systems. They dont cry as much. Jack doesnt at all. He just relaxes and enjoys.
The week was just lovely even though it was a little colder then we would have liked. Gotta love Palm Springs! The only fatality all week was my poor phone. !!! It fell 6 inches and shattered! I've droped it before, so 6 inches was really sad. It must have hit just right. The touch screen still works and the scratch cover I had on it kept the peices there so I"ll keep using it like it is. The phone itself didnt cost as much as it costs to fix it!