Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good news. My bathroom scale is a piece of crap. :) HAHA. After todays doctors appt Claire officially weighs 6 lbs 7 oz and Jack 7 lbs 5 oz. They are both doing great and the doc was unconcerned about either of them. So even with the slow eating, she's still gaining enough weight. What a relief. And they are finally on the chart. I didnt see where, but they made it on. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Tonight we had family home evening in the back yard. My loving husband had the genious idea to actually use the Christmas present he bought me. So babies to bed and we went out back and burned stuff. Yeah! for burning stuff! Thanks honey for the gift. Both the thing itself and for the time just staring into the blaze.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Negative time

Something I didnt know about premie babies is the negative time (atleast thats what I call it. I think its technically called "adjusted age"). This means all those baby mile stones like smiling at 3 months... we dont start counting those until they are term babies, or reached the 40 weeks. So since my babies were 6 weeks early, they have to reach thier official "birth day" until we can start watching for the milestones--which is still 2 weeks out since they are 1 month as of Tuesday. So my darlings wont have thier 3 month smile until they are 4 1/2 months old. At first I was kind of bummed about that, having to wait longer to see these things, but now I look at it as a blessing. I get to have little babies longer. I get to keep the little cuddly wobbly headed warm balls 6 weeks longer. Which now I think rocks.
I've had so many thoughts on my mind lately. So many things to share.
My sister Sally came to visit for a few days and brought her camera so we could get some pictures. My poor kids stuck in there and we got some great ones, including this one. Not only did Jack pee on his own face but he nailed Claire as well. They both peed several times and both pooped. Claire projectile pooped on me and Jack did it to CT. Just more laundry. (sigh)
If anyone wants to know how we're hanging in there, really, we are blessed. These babies are SO SO good. They dont really cry unless they are really hungry. I think being tired and figuring out the night schedule is the hardest thing. But they are pretty consistant. I have to say though that I"ve married the most wonderful man. CT has a couple times now just taken the entire night and let me sleep right through it! I feel bad he's doing so much but I have to say its done wonders for my emotions.
Concerns? Claire still is slow at eating. Jack has always been such a big eater, and now according to my unofficial bathroom scale, he's pushing 8 lbs! Almost double what he was when we brought him home, but Claire is stil sitting at 5 1/2. Not good Claire Bear. She needs to eat. She doesnt know how to breath and eat at the same time. So she takes much longer and usually falls asleep 1/2 way through.
We've decided to formula feed only. They are taking 20 3-4 oz bottles a day. I cant keep up with that. So we scrapped breast feeding. As for diapers? We've almost gone through everything that everyone was so generous to give us. At first they were leaking all over the place, but we found pampers work the best. We havent had an accident it 2 weeks now. But we do fill the diaper genie once a day. I'd say 16-20 dirty diapers a day too.
Over all, we're doing ok. I'll get some more of these fabulous photos up when Sally gets them all processed and done. We are excited about them though. Thanks again Sal for coming to visit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have to say I was on percocet when these videos were taken--Hence the retardedness. Well, maybe I was always retarded, but this is my excuse this time ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Videos of the twins... in HD

We finally got some videos up of the twins. Try them in full screen mode... we hope you all enjoy!

Claire and Jackson Part 1

Claire and Jackson Part 2

Claire and Jackson Photos... YouTube removed our soundtrack for copyright infringement :(

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More photos...

G&G Robinson

Grandma Becky and Aunt Rochelle

Claire smiles and Jack shows just how wide he can open his eyes.

The first family portrait since the arrival of the twins

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To keep or not to keep... The belly butt stump!

This is the Flia Zurita. My favorite fam in Argentina. One day while sitting here at thier little mesa they were explaining to me a few of the things they do with babies in Argiland... one being shaving thier heads so the hair will grow back in thicker. Hna Nellie told me she kept Marcelo's hair (the oldest son in the front). She went back to the bedroom and brought out a little white hankie and unfolded it. There was a little lock of black hair. There was also a weird little black thing that I picked up and was looking at. I asked her what it was and she told me it was Marcelo's belly button. I asked her to repeat it thinking maybe I had misunderstood her (it was my first area). But nope, it was his belly button stump. I was so totally grossed out. Well, my peanuts have both lost thier belly butt stumps. My dears, I didnt keep it (still totally grossed out that she still had it after 18 now 24 years...) but I did think I would take a pic. Claire's is on top, Jack's on bottom. "Der you go". The pic will have to do.

Monday, January 12, 2009

1/2 a days worth...

More pics of Jackson and Claire

Well, the kids have been porking out on their bottles and are growing like weeds. Jackson still loves to check everything out with his wide eyes and Claire is a pro at snuggling in after her feeds.

Here are some more pictures...

Claire nuzzles up to Jackson in their new crib!

The Nursery............................................ Jackson meets Nana Robinson

Jackson loves to stare............................ Claire loves to cuddle

Jackson is recovering from his bath-quite a traumatic experience!

Jackson lounging in the boppy

We are finally managing the double twin holding technique

Mom, Claire (left) and Jackson (right)

Dad napping with Jackson (left) and Claire (right)

Claire is out for the count!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Honey, We're Home...

Well, Im sorry this is late, but we brought the babies home Wednesday night.
These are thier little take home outfits that Grandma Becky got them and they just about drowned poor things...

Jackson, as always with his eyes wide open and thinking... "what the heck" (seriously, click on the picture and look close... Kind of freaky Jack!) and Claire Bear zonked... as always as well.

They have been good little kids since they've been home. Went to the docs yesterday and they are both growing and doing just fine. Claires cheeks are filling in and Jack is developing a lovely double chin. And this is me since then. HAHA. Just kidding. Although I am feeling awefully like Im in a fog. But Becky and my Mom have been so great and Mom came yesterday to spend the next week and 1/2. So we are under control. :) I'll try not to be such a slacker in posts. This one has been in the works since Thursday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Big 30

Saturday was my the big 30 birthday for me! It wasnt exactly how I ever imagined my 30th birthday, I have to say it was much better. I spent the morning being discharged from the hospital. We finally made it home by about 5 pm. My inlaws came by with dinner, a cake, and presents. But really, we were all too anxious to get back to the hospital to see the kids of course. Both CT and his family gave me very nice gifts, but to be honest, the best part of the whole day was a bowel movement and sleeping in my own bed with no one waking me every two hours to take my blood pressure! I AM old! My how the things I appreciate have changed :) HAHA. Probably the best birthday ever.

Christmas and New Years?

So yes, Im trying to catch up. It takes babies to get CT to blog finally, but seems thats all he wants to blog about :) So for records sake, we did celebrate christmas! HAHA. It was a quiet one. We just stayed here and CT's sisters came home. It was a very adult christmas. We ate well, slept in, didnt open presents until almost noon... It will be the last Christmas like that for a long long time :) I gave CT a new camcorder (just in time!) and he gave me a fire pit to satisfy my pyro tendencies. Becky made all of us beautiful quilts. New Years was spent alone in our hospital room. We watched the ball drop, at least I vaguely remember something like that... Percaset does that to me :)

Update on Claire and Jackson

We are now going on day 5 of the NICU and Jackson and Claire are doing very well! They have graduated to room three, which is their last stop before they come home. The twins are done with their phototherapy and have don't need their IV lines anymore. Dad got to give them their first bath before mom fed them and they both decided to pee in the tub... we hope that they don't make that a habit. Though the doctors won't say exactly, they think that they should be able to come home in the next couple of days!

Here are some more pictures.

Thursday, January 1, 2009