Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I couldnt help but copy this pic... Thanks Bri... Seriously--- AMEN!

We moved--the miracle house.

We did it. We abandoned student housing. I wanted to wait to post it until it was official. So here's a pic of the house. I"ll post more of the inside when I get it all together. Its taking FOREVER. But we love it! We just couldnt stay where we were with these two coming. And really, it was one of those meant to be things. I had certain requirements (1st floor, washer dryer...) and CT's only requirement is that it not cost more then what we are already paying. After months and months of searching I decided it was an impossibility. What I wanted was impossible for his price. No where, no how. Forget it. So I had resigned myself to stay in student housing. We had already looked at this house and they were asking several hundred more and we had to turn it down. But then a week later (during my mourning period) they called us back and offered it to us for literally $16 more then what we were paying! $16. How could we say no to that?! Then I felt embarassed and humbled. I had studied it out, done my part, but had not bothered taking it to the Lord. I hadnt thought to ask for the impossible. It was impossible. But why couldnt he meet both our needs. Which he did. He took something I needed, totally out of our price range, and gave it to us for exactly our price. So the lesson... ASK FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE. Miracles do still happen.

One of the other best parts about this house are these two beauties! My mother loves me, but I think she loves these two babies more.... Thanks mom! I went in this morning to put in a load before work and it has the lovliest chim "briiiing bliiiing... Good morning, I love you" Is what it said to me. (Ok, not really, but the lovely chime... ) It was a happy day when they were delivered UNTIL we found out that the GAS HAD BEEN TURNED OFF! So we moved in on Friday and Saturday but I didnt get gas until yesterday. I think I've done like 20 loads already. I LOVE IT!
Here's our empty apartment. Looks just like it did the day we moved in. I have learned that I tend to be sentimental. I complained for 3 years about that stupid place, the stairs, the no dishwasher, no storage... and now that I dont live there anymore? Pangs of sadness from moving on... but then I go back and look at the washer and dryer and Im over it. :) This is a pic of Micah Page unloading the last box out of the Uhaul. Thank you all you diligent men who came to help. James Johnson is a tetris master! He managed to fit everything into the little UHaul so we only had to make one trip. And now that we have a back yard, maybe we can have you all over for a little BBQ... :) We appreciate it so much!

Had another ultrasound yesterday.... She said that both are about 3 1/2 lbs now. I have started getting the pitty looks from people. I didnt think I was THAT big yet... Maybe I am. But what I did decide is that if this were just 1 baby, I'd be done. Nice 7 lb baby. But no. I've got 2, and they are only half baked :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

28 and 1/2 weeks

For anyone who wants to see (Adrienne and Lindsey), Here's the belly pic for this week :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Prop 8 Continues...

It was inevitable that our lovely temple here would be protested as well. So this Sunday it finally happened. Protesters started showing up at 7:00 in the morning to stand on all four corners of the intersection into the churches property. Even though the first ward doesnt start until 9, someone had the foresite to have our guys there early. 6:30. They had to turn all the protestors away and tell them to park somewhere else, because it was private property and if they wanted to come and protest thats fine, the parking is reserved for church members. When we got there there were atleast 100 strong and the good elders quarum were out standing guard. So they never actually came onto the property. There were several police officers there as well because they kept standing out in the road. But once inside the building you couldnt hear a thing, so if they thought thier chanting was going to interupt services, it didnt. Once in, its like you forgot they were out there. The thing I felt the worse about is there is this lovely lady that has been investigating the church for a while and we walked in with her. She didnt understand what it was all about so when we told her she felt like it was very unfair since we're not the only church that voted yes. What I felt worse about is that the protestors when she tried pulling in stepped in front of her car and was yelling at her and taking her picture. She was so nice about it, and understanding, and I dont think it will deter her from coming back, but I just felt bad. She shouldnt have to put up with it, no one should, I just felt extra bad for her.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I want to know who the freak said it was ok to have 90 degree weather on NOVEMBER 15TH????? Whoever it was... We need to have words...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Beautiful Thing

When we moved here three years ago it was at $2.63. I thought that was bad. But yesterday it only took $45 to fill up my 20 gallon gas guzzeling but Lovely SUV. THAT is a beautiful thing...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gothic Halloween

Every year I try to get more and more people in my office to dress up with me. It seems Im the only one who loves being a freak for a day! :) I've gotten Sherry (the hippie) the last 3 years and my friend Hetty who isnt here, but this year I got the temp Amber (the witch) and Jenna (who dressed up as her guitar hero avitar, very creative!) I was so excited! We did the wards trunk or treat on Thursday and CT was almost embarassed by me. He asked me if I was really going to go to the church dressed like that :) Then on Sunday apparently they all talked about me in ward council. Friday was fun like this all day at work, and then we went to a dinner party and handed out treats to the kids. The goal was to get a shock out of my mother in law and when she opened the door she reached for teh candy jar because she didnt recognize me at all and when she finally did, there were no words. Again, objective completed. The kids that irritate me most are the ones that dont bother dressing up. There were 2 hispanic kids who came not dressed up at all and wanted candy. They wouldnt do a trick for me so I asked them what they were and they said "canadian". I almost corrected them and said "mexican" but I held my tongue and just gave them the candy. Someone asked me if they thought my costume would affect my children, I sure hope so. I hope they like halloween and want to dress up. Its just getting CT to do it with me. I decided this is the last year he gets away with not. I will give him credit for thursday though, his tshirt did have a skull on it. Rock and Roll, not halloween, but I think its the best he could do :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Throw up juice

Thats what I call this stuff.... Nasty. I need to figure our how many calories are in this thing... 10 oz? When I did the test a few years ago I thought I figured it had like 4500 calories in it? Thats even sicker! But another friend figures it only has like 300. 300 sounds better!