Monday, October 27, 2008

Yes on 8

I have not posted anything here about the Yes on 8 campaign because anyone who stalks my blog either doesnt live in the state or you are already voting yes on 8. I was telling my sister about what we are doing and promised to post pics so she can see whats up :) So Prop 8 is the marriage act, to keep marriage between a man and a woman and not between any two random people. Its a very hot topic here, was 8 years ago when it passed the first time, and here we're at it again. The church has joined with many other churches, organizations, and people in an initiative to help it pass, CT and I have been helping with what we can. First we started with making a few phone calls to people who live in this area. Then we put up 30 road signs along one of the busiest streets here in Irvine. Within 2 days all of our signs were stolen and CT was so SO upset about it! After all our hard work. If people are caught, it is theft, and they will be charged for it. Some people have wriggled out, some havent. Its so low, we dont go take down thier no on 8 signs! So after that happened we posted a Yes on 8 in our appartment windows where no one could take them down. Our neighbor around the corner then put this homemade sign up to counter. And even last night shortly after coming home we heard someone down in the parking lot yelling about our sign. Whatever, I didnt really hear them, but CT did. Sorry, we're not taking it down! We put a bumpersicker on my car, and this last Saturday we were able to go help with the honk and waive that was happening all down PCH. From Seal Beach to San Clemente a 50 mile stretch... We were on a super busy intersection holding our signs :) Many many honks of support, and some people giving us the finger... Whatever. One funny part was this crazy guy in our ward starting talking to the people in the cars directly, one girl unrolled her window and said "I made out with a girl last night and I like it" I dont know if she was quoting that new song or not, but his reply was "Thats ok, just dont call it marriage!" Very very funny! Andrew's gonna get shot ! :) Umm... what else. I sure hope it will pass, its overwhelmingly supported here in the VERY conservative Orange County, I just dont know how the rest of the state is looking. But there's the lowdown...

"Do you enjoy Luxury? Ja-gu-ar! " --Will Ferrell, SNL

We apparently do! Or atleast we cant get enough of it when it does happen to come our way. After last weekends lovely stay in Vegas, we were so excited to hear that we would be able to spend the majority of this last week staying in the Marriott Villas in Newport Beach!!! How could we be so lucky! Scott, Christophers uncle, has a timeshare there and wasnt able to come so instead of just loosing it they called to see if we would want to go stay! Thank you so MUCH Scott and Al for the lovely week! We swam and watched the sun set over Catalina and BBQed and there was a beautiful firepit (although gas, but still) that we could go light and put our feet up and look at the stars... What a lovely week and weekend!

Introducing Colin Cheung!

Hetty Ha, my partner in crime here at work, had her baby on Oct 13th! More for my sakes, I wanted to post his cute little picture here... Now imagine this but with 2! YIKES!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sibling Rilvery

Today we got to go get another ultrasound. Its all cool to see them move and stuff... I mostly go to make sure they're hearts are still beating, like the constant bouncing around in there isnt enough... Today however our little boy was being very quiet and not cooperative. The Nena however was quite the camera hog. She's got these longs legs that were wrapped in front of her face and clear above her head. After a while I guess she got frustrated too because we saw her kick her poor brother in the head! This pic shows his little profile and those are her feet and toes right there! I think its kind of cute, but poor thing, if there's ever any questions as to who's in charge or who takes after who... We have proof! If you want to see the video from today, it should be in the video bar to the right.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New name post... We're getting closer...

These were the results for the last names poll. Now we're down to like 4 sets...

Elsie Kay (Girl)-- 16 (64%)
Sevalla Belle (Girl)-- 3 (12%)
MariElle (Girl)-- 5 (20%)
Jackson (Boy)-- 7 (28%)
Ryder (the rest are boy)-- 5 (20%)
Blake-- 4 (16%)
Houston-- 1 (4%)
Hudson-- 3 (12%)
London-- 1 (4%)
Max-- 5 (20%)

25 W 4 D

Just for Ashley--Here's the latest belly shot.

Vegas Baby Vegas

We were so lucky to get to go to Vegas with my parents this weekend. It was supposed to be a girls trip only but Sally and Nancy couldnt in the end, so we invited boys. They were just as fun. We did the Freemont Experience (old school vegas redone) and ate an absurd amount of crab legs at Mandalay Bay. We shopped all day long Saturday and went to the Venitian to finish it off. Had a fabulous dinner there too and then did the Blue Man Group. Our review? It was entertaining, probably not worth what we spent on the tickets, would have been MUCH better on acid. And there's no real take home message. Just art. I think my dad wanted a take home message :) But fun anyways. Now we can atleast say we've done it. Then Sunday we got to go visit our good friends the Hawleys... They are the kind of people that you make friends with and no matter where you move, you still manage to remain friends with. They are Keepers for sure! CT played with Bella and we got to meet thier new babita Sophie. In the end, way too short of a weekend if you ask me...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

I have missed Disneyland. We didnt have a pass all last year, but this year we got one and its open for us cheapos with the cheapest passes... We were so lucky to go last Friday and with the Bindels to top it off! But I think going ANYWHERE with the Bindels would be a rockin good time! Zaylin entertained us all night long with his extensive vocabulary, but his word of choice and very apropo I think was "People." Yes, Zaylin, there were way too many people for sure... Still... Worth it.